KWMS – Raining Passion

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The rain hit hard without a warning; it bounced off everything in sight. The sky flashed and the thunder rumbled in the wake, vibrating and shaking objects nearby. The wind blew fiercely, aimlessly scattering leaves and shrubs.

Ayuzawa Misaki swung her bag over her shoulder with a tight grip as she ran through the vicious weather. She picked up the pace as the rain beat down harder on her fragile body.

She growled in annoyance at the sudden change of weather. She was told that there was nothing but a chance of clear skies all week. Well, she could, now, obviously tell that there was somehow a big mistake in that report. If she had known that it was going to storm, she would have thought to have brought an umbrella before leaving her house. Who knew the weather could change so… Quickly?

"Sigh… I really hope Suzuna is okay. She may not have an umbrella either. But, seeing how it is Suzuna… I suppose she would make it through okay." Misaki thought, feeling unexplainable guilt. "Hmm… I guess I am at fault for giving the false weather report. But, I didn't exactly do it on purpose… So-"

Her mood lightened at the slightest when the building of Seika High came closer in to view. "Thank goodness…" Misaki thought with a sigh of relief.

She walked through the entrance of the building. She wiped her feet quickly as to not track mud carelessly throughout the halls. She became all the more enraged as small water puddles followed behind her as she walked to the Student Council room.

Everyone backed away quickly in fear as the "Demon President" walked to her "Throne" AKA seat. Her usual dark aura was floating around her and a hellish look was clear in her expression. Her upsetting mood quickly turned sour as she saw none other than Usui Takumi sitting at her desk. He wasn't doing anything in particular, just continuously staring out the window as the rain poured from the sky. It pissed her off even more when he didn't take notice to her not-so-sweet entrance.

"Grr… Baka Usui! What are you doing here? Members of the Student Council are ONLY allowed in!" Misaki let out a sigh of frustration before taken aback by his surprised reaction.


Misaki tapped her foot in impatience. "Isn't he at the very least going to say something? I mean seriously! I don't know how much longer I can stand here in this uncomfortable silence. AH! Perverted Alien…" Her thought was cut short at the sudden embrace given to her.

"Wah- What are you doing?" Misaki shouted, pushing against his chest to regain freedom.

"Huh? I am taking Misa-chan somewhere more… Private." He emphasized the last part with his signature Perverted smirk as he dragged her out of the Student Council room.

The remaining Student Council members watched the exchange and leaving of the two with confusion. They really were a strange couple…

Usui continued to carry his struggling Maid down the hallways of the school.

"Eh… WHA- NO! Stop… Baka… Per- ACHO!" Her face turned scarlet red in embarrassment as she sneezed on none-other-than Usui Takumi's Famous handsome profile. Her rejections and hesitation were forgotten for the moment.

"Hehe… Ayuzawa is getting sick. Hmm… Maybe I should get her out of those soaked clothes." He chuckled when her face turned even redder. Honestly… He didn't mind anything when it came to her. Even an embarrassing sneeze could be easily un-affected by him.

"HA! You wish, you Perverted Outer-Space Alien!" Misaki grew in more anger and embarrassment. How much redness can a girl's face take?

"Hah… At least she is back to her usual feisty self." Usui though with a small upwards turn of his lips.

She continued to thrash about as they walked down the hall and in to the Nurse's office. The Nurse wasn't in at that moment so; Usui supposed that he would just have to take care of his little Maid on his own.

"Hmm… Ayuzawa sure is noisy for someone who is getting a cold." He said, looking over his shoulder as he went through the drawers and cabinets in hopes of finding a dry towel.

"Well excuse me! I basically just ran through a raging storm and then I come here to be taken away by a Perverted Alien!" She growled in annoyance. She crossed her arms over her abdomen and sat quietly as she waited for what exactly Usui had planned.

"Haha, and you know there is something called an umbrella, right? You know… It keeps the person under it from getting, well… Soaked?" Usui stated in a humorous manner.

"Eh… Shut up Baka! I didn't know it was going to rain." Misaki mumbled, slightly annoyed by his words.

Usui turned around to search elsewhere but before he did, he stopped mid-way to look at her disheveled appearance. And he had to admit… She looked pretty good, even if she was just violated by the pouring rain.

The yellow camisole she wore underneath her white uniform top clung to her curves deliciously. Her long raven hair formed her face, sticking to her pinked cheeks. Redness could be found near the area of her nose from the few sneezes she recently released. She currently sat on a near-by stool; her golden eyes were closed in obvious frustration while her arms were slightly fidgeting in her lap.

Usui's eyes wondered from her tempting body to the task at hand. He let out a small sound of frustration as he felt his cheeks heat up.

Misaki finally opened her eyes, only to find Usui continuously and still looking through various cabinets in hopes of finding a towel for her.

She took in his rather stunning appearance. Even Misaki had to admit, he had a pretty well-built body. His gorgeous blonde hair and alluring emerald eyes to his lean and muscular form would make any girl fall for him in a short matter of time.

However, it isn't his looks that have her secretly head over heels for him. It is his undying support and kindness that he never fails to show. He is always there to help her when she is need of it. She may say that she can do everything and anything on her own but, honestly… She doesn't know where she would be today if it wasn't for him and all that he has done for her.

As she continuously stared at the back of the said person, she noticed that Usui, too, got wet.

"Sigh… He probably ended up getting soaked due to the fact that he was trying to carry my stubborn butt all the way here from the Student Council room…" Misaki thought feeling remorse for the Alien who was only trying to help.


"Hmm… The Prez seems to be abnormally quiet?" Usui spoke as he turned around only to find the said President in a state of day-dreaming.



Usui walked towards her, his patients was running low as she continued to remain silent. This wasn't normal-like behavior for her. He stood inches away from where she was sitting. Finally, after seconds of her not noticing his approach, he kneeled down to her level, looking in to her dazed golden eyes.

"Misaki." Usui called out quietly as too not catch her by surprise.

"Eh?" After a moment or two she blinked away the remains of her thoughts and came back to reality.

"Is everything all right?" Usui asked, worry was clear in his voice.

"Eh, why are you so close baka?!" Misaki shouted, pretty much demanding her right to personal space.


"I… Err… Gomen. It seems to be that I got you wet." Misaki finally mumbled, barely audible. She looked away nervously, only then she realized that she gave him the perfect opportunity to tease her. Her eyes widened with horror.

"Haha! You're so sly Ayuzawa." Usui teased, his smirk in place all the while doing so.

"GAH! Not your definition of wet, you pervert!" Misaki shouted, anger flowing through her.

"Ah, well… I can't help getting wet when I am with my Misa-chan." Usui pouted boyishly.

Misaki's face only grew redder; it wouldn't be long before it turned in to another abnormal color.

Satisfied with having that adorable reaction, he continued. "Hmm… I think Misa-chan is wet too. And, wow! She is more excited than I seem to be…"

"Grr… SHUT THE HELL UP YOU PERVERTED OUTTER-SPACE ALIEN!" Misaki shouted. Her voice travelled throughout the hall, scaring some students who had the displeasing experience of walking by.

"Hehe… I am only kidding Ayuzawa. There's no need to be upset now." Usui said, trying to calm his beloved down. But, his facial expression and chuckles told a different story.

"I wonder with you sometimes… Baka." Misaki took in a breath of much needed air, hoping that it will relieve some of the tension on her body. But, being around Usui only made the situation and the tension go skywards.

Before both could say another word, the power went out. Thus, it left both teens with a vision of nothing but pitch back.



Silence was spread between the two teens. The only visible light that could be seen was the lightning that clashed outside the window.

"ACHOO!" Misaki let out yet another sneeze as she growled in annoyance. It wouldn't be long before the sickness took full effect.

"Change." Usui said nonchalantly.

"WHA- What do you mean, "Change", baka Usui?" Misaki asked before sneezing once again.

"Change as in strip, take off your clothes." Usui said once again nonchalantly, although he interrupted her before she could throw a violent protest.

"You're going to catch a cold. So, it won't do you any good if you skip a few days of school while being home, in bed, sick." Usui explained, looking at the unclear form of her body throughout the darkness of the room.

"Err… I… Um- but what I am I going to change in to?" Misaki said, looking away in embarrassment. She knew he had a point. Plus, she knew for a fact that her schedule couldn't allow a few sick days. She was way too busy for that. And, she couldn't leave her mom or Suzuna to do all the work…

"Well, seeing how we're in the Nurse's office… I would say that there would be a changing of spare uniforms. I, luckily, ran in to a drawer full of them while searching earlier." Usui answered, feeling proud of his earlier finding. He was actually slightly surprised that she didn't put up a bigger fight. He actually was expecting violence or another round of screaming.


Misaki stood in silence for a few moments before she finally realized she had no choice if she wanted to make it through without getting sick.

"UGH, fine! But, I swear… I'll beat you to a bloody pulp if you even think of doing something funny…" Misaki threatened, finally admitting defeat.

"Oh, I wouldn't dream of it!" Usui said, feigning innocence. Although, they both knew it was a lie.

"Sure you wouldn't, baka." Misaki barked.

And, could you… Umm… Find the spare uniform while I am c-changing. She asked, embarrassed of what is to occur. She would feel a bit better knowing that he wasn't right in front of her while she was in such a state of exposure.

"Aww… But, I wouldn't be able to watch Misa-chan change." Usui complained, his boyish pout was returning to his face.

"Grr… Just shut up and do what I asked, you damn pervert!" Misaki yelled.

Although she couldn't exactly see at the moment, she knew Usui had gone elsewhere to find the spare uniform. She could hear the cabinets and drawers of the room open and close as he searched through their contents. It made her mood lighten by knowing that he was doing what she had asked.

"Sigh… I guess it is now or never." Misaki thought. She really didn't want to do this but, she didn't really have a choice on the matter.

Misaki reached down and pulled the hem of her soaked uniform top up with slight hesitation, her yellow camisole followed the shirt's fate as well. A shiver shot through her body immediately as her bare upper-body was exposed to the coldness of the room.

Although she knew that Usui couldn't see a thing, she covered her bare chest self-consciously as she snaked a hand down to the edge of her skirt, pulling it and her panties down in one swift motion. Thus, her body was now out in the open, bare.

Usui fought the heat going throughout his body as he heard the sounding of clothes hitting the floor. She was not making this easy for him. However, he would hate himself to no end to know that she got sick and it was all because he couldn't control his hormones. But him knowing that Misaki, the woman he loves, is naked in the exact same room as him, made them go haywire. He wanted this guilty pleasure to end as soon as possible.

"Um… U-sui?" Misaki called as she searched through the dark room in hopes of finding a hint of where he may be.

"Hmm?" Usui turned but before another word could be said; his vision went blind by the light and the exposed body of his beautiful girlfriend…


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