Raining Passion

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Chapter Two


Usui fought the heat going throughout his body as he heard the sound of clothes hitting the floor. She was not making this easy for him. However, he would hate himself to no end to know that she got sick and it was all because he couldn't control his hormones. But him knowing that Misaki, the woman he loves, is naked in the exact same room as him, made them go haywire. He wanted this guilty pleasure to end as soon as possible.

"Um… U-sui?" Misaki called as she searched through the dark room in hopes of finding a hint of where he may be.

"Hmm?" Usui turned but before another word could be said; his vision went blind by the light and the exposed body of his beautiful girlfriend…

"M-Misaki!" Usui whispered, his voice going hoarse in bewilderment.

"U… U-sui?" Misaki stammered, her cheeks were brighter than a rose. She raised her small hands to her petite frame in hopes of hiding her exposed body from the widened eyes of her shocked boyfriend. She would have been amused of bringing this reaction but all triumph was lost as her mind was filled with nothing but the current situation at hand.


Usui was silent, all that could be heard were the silent rasp breaths exerting quickly from his figure. His emerald eyes darkened with lust as he surveyed the beautiful body in front of him; she was his feast in human form.

He bit his bottom lip in anticipation as she unconsciously ran her moist tong around the edge of her candy-sweet lips; they were torturing his own with the need to ravish and suck the rather plump treat. His hands started to shake slightly at the thought of running his strong hands over her well-shaped curves that ran for miles in sweet smooth and creamy bliss. His darkened eyes watched in a trance as her small yet well-formed breast bounced slightly as she took in each silent deep breath. It didn't help him one bit considering the fact that small water droplets ran down teasingly over each dip of her body. Everything, including all rational thoughts left his mind; only his gorgeous Maid remained.

Misaki was embarrassed; her cheeks grew a shade brighter as each second went by. A shiver whacked her form as she watched Usui's eyes devour her form; it was like he was eating her from inside out. She watched as his emerald orbs glinted over with something she couldn't quite describe but it gave her a foreign sensation of pleasure.

"Eh? What the hell is wrong with me?! I should be beating the livings daylight out of this Alien. But, my body won't move… Why won't it move? Ugh! Get a hold of yourself Misaki! You are better than this. You're not called the man-hatting Kaichou for nothing!" She mentally scolded herself for her weak showing of rejection. She needed to get a grip on reality. There has to be a smooth way out of this awkward situation… But, how exactly is she going to do that?

All thoughts were ceased as her back was roughly pressed against the wall. A muscular-like barrier slammed against her front, causing her to gasp in surprise. She felt her wrists being pulled upwards and pressed against the cool surface of the wall. A pair of eager lips pressed and moved deliciously against her own; her golden eyes widened.

Usui pulled back reluctantly and studied her form. A fierce stab of guilt shot through his body for devouring her like a hungry beast. But, Kami… He couldn't resist the alluring woman in front of him.

"U-Usui?! What are you-" Misaki was unable to finish her question as the same smooth lips captured her once again in another heated kiss. She felt large hands press and move against the skin of her hips, causing her to unconscientiously release a breathless moan against his lips. This action only encouraged him to go further.

Misaki finally gave up all attempts on pulling away. UNTIL…

"H-hello? Is anyone in here?" A familiar soft masculine voice startled both teens and they immediately searched the room for the said person.

Shintani Hinata walked through the room; his eyes darted around in search of finding either food or any student with food.

He walked further in to the room; he was oblivious to both of the unmoving teens in the corner.

"Huh, why is there water all over the floor? Somebody must have been wet…" Shintani carefully avoided the water puddle and continued on with his search by heading towards the cabinets.

Usui couldn't quite keep the low chuckle inwards as he heard Shintani wonder aloud. "I told you Misa… You were wet." He thought with a small upwards turn of his lips.

"Ugh… What are we going to do? It's bad enough that Usui saw me like this! If Shintani were to see me… Oh, it will be the end for sure. We or I at least need to find a way to sneak out the door, fully clothed, all the while avoiding getting caught by my childhood friend! Think Misaki. THINK!" Misaki thought to herself, she clutched to her boyfriend unconsciously, trying desperately to hide further in the corner.

"Aw… Why doesn't the Nurse have any food in here? I guess I'll just go…"


"Huh? Who was that just now? … WHA- MISAKI, USUI-KUN?" Shintani gasped in surprised as he found both teens in the corner.

Misaki's body heated up in embarrassment just as tears began in the corner of her eyes. She would drop to the floor if she wasn't unconsciously grasping the damp material of Usui's uniform top. However, the said man she was holding on to surprised her with his next actions.

Usui clutched his beloved to his side and moved her to a certain angle so his rival wouldn't see one bit of what was his. His beautiful maid held tighter to the death grip she already had on his shirt, if any tighter he was sure that it would rip apart. He watched in shock as his girlfriend was vulnerably shaking. It was so out-of-character for the known Demon President. He would have found this adorable if it weren't for the current situation.

"W-what are y-you two doing?!" Shintani almost shouted. He unconsciously moved to a different angel in order to see both of their faces properly. His action only made Usui angrier.

"Leave. Don't try and look at something that is certainly not yours, Shintani." Usui finished in a low dangerous voice. He pierced in to the shocked eyes of the current offender all the while clutching on to his naked Misaki possessively. His nails dug in rather harshly in the dip of her hips but, she didn't seem to protest as she was trying to hide further in to his body as if hoping that she could somehow become one with him. Well, the very thought of her becoming one with him wasn't really such a bad idea, to him at least.

Shintani looked rather offended. Who was to say that Ayuzawa Misaki wasn't his? He didn't see a name on her that prevented him from one day possessing her. Usui's words struck a chord in him so, it was time to stand up and act like a man. It was time to take down the walls that obscured everyone from seeing who he actually is. He can also have a dark side and he was going to make sure that Usui Takumi learned that.

"If you don't have any other doings, leave. I think I told you already. Misaki is in a rather indecent state so, I am sure that she'd appreciate it if you weren't here." Usui finished with a low scowl. His face didn't look unattractive, even with something as nasty as a scowl. He could even make anger and annoyance look beautiful.

"Who ever said Misaki-chan was yours?" Shintani said, his bangs covering his eyes as he spoke directly to the teen in front of him.

Usui let out a deep chuckle. He was amused that the boy was even trying to put up a fight. How cute. "Amusing, but there isn't really any logic in asking a question that already has a known answer. Shintani-kun."

Before anymore was said between the two rivals, Misaki finally took action. She couldn't stand the two bickering at each other. It was bad enough that they did this almost on a regular basis but, her current state wasn't exactly tolerable at the moment.

"Will you two stop?! How many times do I have to say it? Stop fighting. It is annoying as hell so, I'd appreciate it if you two would stop. Please, just this once." Misaki finished, she grabbed an effective corner of a window curtain and wrapped it around her body. Being by a window was certainly helpful in a situation like this. She didn't exactly look decent. You could still clearly see the dips and curves of her body. But, it was something. And, it kept her body mostly covered in ways.

"Misaki…" Usui finished shortly, unsure of what to say. He felt terrible. He shouldn't have had an argument with Shintani when Misaki was in her current state. It was selfish of him when she was in need of help but all that mattered to him was holding his stand against his rival. Her priorities will always come first and he will be sure of that for now on. He will do anything if it comes to seeing that radiant smile spread across her features. Her happiness is all he needs as a purpose to live and to love.

Shintani lowered his gaze, his shadow obscuring his features. Crystal like drops formed faintly in the corners of his eyes. Before another action was done, he walked towards the door to exit. However, he looked back one last time at a bewildered Misaki.

"I… I hope your happy, Misaki." He finished with an honest smile and then he finally left the room leaving both teens to look after his despatcher.


"I… I hope you are happy."

Misaki thought about Shintani's departing words in her head again and again. He hopes that I am happy? What is that supposed to mean?

Misaki awkwardly started to walk away from the blond alien next to her but, her action was short-lived as Usui grabbed her hips and pulled her in for a gentle embracement.

"Usui, BAKA LET ME GO YOU PERVERTED ALIEN!" Misaki shouted shrugging against his chest in order regain freedom.

"Nah, I don't feel like it Misa-chan~" He purred out her name seductively as he held her struggling body tighter which caused her creamy cheeks to flush bright red.

"Of course you don't, idiot." Misaki sighed as she gave up all attempts on escaping.

"Aw, but I'm Ayuzawa's idiot." Usui whispered in the nape of her neck. He smirked when he watched the fine hairs there stand up on dead-end.

"… I hate you Usui Takumi!" Misaki growled out as she tried to once again escape his perverted clutches.

"I love you too, Misaki." Usui said with a wink which caused her cheeks to turn to the colors of flames.

Misaki's vision went blind once again as soft material was placed against the top of her head. She felt firm hands message her scalp with the said material, drying her damp hair in the process.

"Hey! I am capable of drying my- ACHOO!" Misaki was cut short as a sneeze wracked her form.

"Eh? What was that Misa? I was only drying my maid since she is still wet…" Usui carried off with his signature smirk.

"Err… I will kill you and your stupid pheromones!" Misaki growled, wanting to rip apart the alien in front of her.

"Aww… Misa-chan is so cute." Usui said, making Chibi-like faces.

Misaki snatched the towel in his hands and stomped off with a smug-looking alien following her.

She suddenly stopped dead in her track and turned towards the man in front of her.

Usui too, also stopped, wondering what his cute little maid will do next.

"A.. Arigato, Usui. I really, Er… Appreciate your help." Misaki finished off with a soft blush adorning her beautiful cheeks. She looked away, avoiding his face shyly.

Usui pulled her in to another warming embrace, smiling brightly at her words.

"You never fail to amaze me, Ayuzawa." Usui said soft as he rested his chin on the top of her raven-locks.

"And, here I thought that you hated me…" Usui pushed teasingly.

"Ah, shut up… Idiot Usui." Misaki blushed, trying to hide her face in his chest.


"I love you, Misaki." Usui said, cupping her cheeks lightly as he lowered his forehead to rest on hers.

"I… I love… I love you too. Stupid alien, I don't know why you're the only one can do this to me." Misaki said as she looked shyly in to emerald orbs.

"I'm glad Misaki. I'm glad." Usui whispered as he finally closed the gap between their lips.

Misaki's eyes widened in shock at the sudden contact but she soon found them closed. She shyly wrapped her arms around his neck as she felt his tightly wrapping around her waist. His firm yet soft lips moved against hers gently. A firm and gentle hand came and cupped her cheek lightly as she started to respond to the kiss.

A kiss shared between one couple. A single kiss that could be easily unnoticed by the world but, to them… It was only part of the beginning of what a, no. Of what their beautiful future holds in store for the two of them. After so long, two hearts finally beat as one. Who knew that the rain could bring so much passion between two teens hopelessly in love?


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