Author: Albert Green Jr.

Rating: T



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Note: This is an AU, of course, of the last episode of BTVS. A 'What If', as it were, if certain people came to their aide.

Please enjoy.


Friendemies (2.0)

May 2003

Sunnydale, California

Sunnydale High

"Buffy, duck!" Harris had screamed.

Buffy Anne Summers, Vampire Slayer, didn't hesitate for an instant. When Xander screamed liked that, it meant only one thing.

The young woman ducked as the clawed hand of a huge Turok-Han's swung passed the area where her head had been a second earlier. The vampire things were fast, but the Slayer was faster. As she regained her footing, the mystic Scythe in her hand seemed almost to move on its own accord, slicing the ancient vampire from crouch to head. The result was that the creature began turning to putrid-smelling dust before Buffy had completed the movement. The next instant, she had forgotten all about that demon as two more of its brethren jumped her. Also nearly forgotten was her stomach wound given to her by a vampire's claw that had almost eviscerated her from behind. But forgetting about it didn't mean that she could ignore it.

Nearby, Faith Lehane, known to some in another time line as the Dark Slayer, Slayer Sister to the Elder slayer – a name Buffy hated but it still stuck, but that's another story – dueled against two opponents of her own, dancing and jabbing, turning the ancient vampires into dusk even as more of them took the places of their brethren. Many of the baby Slayers were doing well, better than she expected and she was so proud of them but the odds were against them and getting worse by the moment. The look of determination mixed with hopelessness was etched on her face but it wasn't stopping her from destroying as many of those monstrosities as possible before she was taken. There were far too many of the creatures trying to swarm them.

Her fighting had taken her close to two potentials, well, full slayers now, as of two minutes ago, both of which couldn't have been more than fifteen years old, fighting for their lives with swords, hatchets and stabbing weapons against the kind of vampire that 'modern' vampires feared.

These abominations were the ancient demons, so-called primordial killing machines. True vampires they were, but of a strain that hadn't walked the world of man since the time of the beginning. Unlike the types Faith usually fought, these possessed only rudimentary intelligence coupled with the instincts of alpha-class predators. They were fearless and stronger than the far majority of modern vampires that the Slayer and her 'family' were used to combating. They were relentless and nothing except complete destruction stopped them from attacking prey, something that every human present was more than willing to grace them with. Death was the gift of the slayer and they were all dispensing that gift to every vampire close enough to ask for it. The first two dozen of the closest creatures had made it up the sheer cliff, all of them almost delirious with the anticipated taste for fresh blood. The unrestrained lust for non-Turok-Han blood had driven them mad. Behind them, climbing the mile high cliff were tens of thousands more, each one starving for the taste of freedom and the orgy of slaughter and fresh blood that would follow. California would be overrun within weeks and then the rest of the country and then the world would follow, drowned in an orgy of blood. The First Evil would win as it became corporeal and then nothing would stop it.

Sixteen potentials – no, they were all slayers now because of Willow, were fighting in a united fury that brought a smile to Buffy's inner Slayer. For the first time, the First of All Slayers felt her daughters united against a common enemy. They were young, all of them, just barely learning to function with their newly awakened powers. But they fought with a predatory ferocity that made the Ancient Mother proud. Knives, axes, swords and crossbows went against claws, fangs, and the insanity of mindless killers.

The few against the many.

Buffy Summers turned and threw the Scythe to Faith and dropped to the ground as blood flowed from her stomach where she'd been slashed. She had slowed down becoming more a liability than asset. Here a weak slayer was a dead one as no mercy was given and none received against this relentless enemy. Time slowed as she took in the brutal fight happening all around her. The vampires were focusing on Faith now as she was considered the primary threat. Bethany or Beth, who couldn't have been any more than sixteen years of age, went down under no fewer than three of the vampire clamped onto both sides of her neck and shoulder, ripping her apart in the process.

"How sad," whispered a too familiar voice. "You brought her here to save the world and the only thing she did was to die."

Buffy looked up to see a reflection of herself. The First Evil had taken her form once again and was mocking her in its hour of triumph.

"Oohh, I bet that hurts," it said. The white dress it wore began to leak blood at the site of Buffy's wound. "Oh, no! Mommy, this mortal wound feels all itchy. If I try hard, I can imagine what it feels like. It's all icky. Makes me so tired. Makes me want to lie down and rest for a bit. How does it make you feel?" it asked as it smiled at her as innocently as it could.

Buffy was having none of that. "It makes me feel like you're going to lose," the woman retorted.

The unliving image laughed. "You pulled a nice trick. You came pretty close to smacking me down. What more do you want? Look at you, you're so defiant. That's what I like about you, defiant to the last. You pulled a nice trick. You came close to almost smacking me down. What more do you want? Oh, well. The Seal of Danzalthar is open and it'll never close again. I'll make sure of that. You played a good game, but, it's game over. The world loses and it's your fault because you were too incompetent to win. You should have known that all of that blond dye would affect your, oh-so small brain."

Buffy glared at the First and smirked at it despite her pain. "Why should I listen to you? You're nothing but a spirit that can't shut up. And, for such an old, oops, I mean ancient creature," she corrected. "You have lousy taste in clothes. I mean after all this time, with all of your power, you couldn't think of something better than copying me?" Defiant, she stood, her strength returning despite the grievous wound, which was already starting to heal. "What are you the First of, bad taste?" She smirked reveling in the insults she now threw at the foul ancient. "Wow. That would really make you evil." She turned and in a burst of strength and defiance knocked several Turok-Han off the cliff back into the cavern. They fell smashing into the ground and trampled by their fellow vampires. Angered, but unhurt, they began the long climb back up the cliff and to freedom and the upcoming orgy.

"I will see you rot like the dead," the First hissed even as another vampire lunged at the longest surviving slayer in history.

It was a fact that Alexander, or 'Xander' Harris shouldn't have been in the cavern with the slayers in the first place. All of the young women were stronger, more powerful, and dare he say better able to defend themselves than he could ever hope to, but those small setbacks wouldn't stop him from trying. Apparently though his luck was holding true to form. He, despite being a mere man, was the self-designated 'keeper of the bridge', trying to make sure that none of the ancient proto-vampires got passed him in their attempt to get into the high school and from there to the joys of southern California and the rest of the world. At the same time he was blocking the Bringers that got passed Anya, Giles and the others from trying to enter the cavern and join the vampire horde thereby flanking the minis. If that happened then it was game over.

Trying to stop the creatures from getting access to the school had lasted all of a minute as two of the creatures attacked him and he found himself immediately on the defensive. His fight had pushed him towards the center of the fighting among the slayers. The good thing was that one of his adversaries was distracted by a vicious jab by one of the slayerettes, allowing him to slice through the thick neck of the creature with his trusty axe. The second vampire, bigger and stronger than the one he had just killed, was far more of a challenge, taking every ounce of technique and strength Xander had to counter the claws and teeth of the creature trying to eat him. The removal of one of its legs by his axe gave Xander the advantage he needed to kill the vampire with extreme prejudice. The stake he carried was jammed deeply into the creature, but apparently not deep enough. Unfortunately, the axe was knocked from his grasp as the wounded creature went after him one last time before its grievous neck injury turned it into dust. It lunged, wrapping its arms around a screaming and defiant Xander. It dusted just as its fangs touched Xander's neck. Xander Harris couldn't believe it. He'd actually survived combat against his second Turok-Han. It was still smaller than the really big ones fighting the mini-slayers but it was tough, tougher than most of the vampires that he had tangled with in the last five years. The price had been high though as the thing had certainly bruised his ribs trying to bear-hug him to get at his neck. The only good thing about that was that it had helped to push the stake through the tough sternum bone while bear hugging Xander. Putrid dust literally blasted over him as he fumbled to retrieve his axe. The axe was just out of reach and the young man wasn't defenseless, not with the weapons he was carrying but he needed that axe now, like Linus needed his blanket.

He hadn't even noticed as his fight with the second vampire had forced him towards the edge of the impossibly huge cliff. His sense of perception was off as the pain of his missing eye throbbed reminding him of the agony of it being ripped from its socket a few days earlier. It was there that his one good eye saw the truth, something that his mind had nearly rebelled against. This place wasn't a huge cave as were his first impressions, but a cavern about the size of the Grand Canyon, underneath Sunnydale, California.

It was impossible.

Yeah, right.

This was Sunnyhell. Of course, there would be something like this underneath Boca Del Inferno.

From what he glimpsed, it looked like the entire bottom of the cavern floor was throbbing; the floor moving in one direction, towards him, and that was just the first wave. The imagery shocked him, however what stunned him even more was the fact that he could see everything in the cavern below. It took a second to realize that there was light down there, enough to see clearly and furthermore, there was a glow in the far reaches of the cavern which was the source of the light. Only one reason came to his mind for that. It had to be a portal of some sort, allowing the vampire hoards and whatever else that the First had planned on bringing through access to Earth.

The others had to know what was coming.

"Buffy, Faith!" Xander yelled, just as a pair of hands grabbed him roughly by the shoulders.

The power behind them was strong and he panicked. Instinct took over. The axe came up as Xander tried to gut the vampire from stomach to neck. However, despite the power he'd put into the swing the weapon had been easily deflected by a sword of all things. It was a big one as well, reminding Xander of a scimitar more than anything else.

Great, vampire savages with swords.

"Good instincts," a man's voice told him.

Anticipating an attack, he turned swiftly, prepared to battle the new threat. Instead of a vampire, he saw a man. A smiling man with a strange looking mustache.

"But your form needs a bit of improvement, not much mind you, fine-tuning is a must and that comes from experience." Even though the man had deflected Xander's full attack he had at the same time pulled him from the edge of the abyss with minimal effort. He then jumped back and with that huge sword, decapitated a Turok-Han that had just climbed over the edge. Another vampire reached the edge and met the same fate. Three more of the creatures scrambled over the top and attacked the stranger who seemed to be having the time of his life and at the same time completely focused on his task of killing the undead assailants. "Just don't stand there, there are Turok-Han to kill," he yelled at Xander in an all too cheerful voice. "Don't let them tire you out. Save yourself for the mature ones. These are just the youngsters. Wait until the mature ones get here!"

Mature ones?

Oh, crap!

When Buffy glanced at the entity known as the First, it was doing something that Buffy would have never expected- its mouth was dropped open at the sight of the newcomers joining in the attack against its vampire army.

"Well, this is truly something unexpected, "the Buffy-First entity huffed.

From what Buffy could see of the First, the apparition glaring at the new group, was less than amused by their arrival. The fact that it had stopped trying to distract her while the vampires were trying to eat her gave an indication of just how serious this new threat was being taken. There had been real anger in the First's voice while he was speaking to the newcomers.

Faith had thrown the scythe to Kennedy who, after dispatching three Turok-Han had thrown it back to Buffy. The latest undead creature trying to kill her had thrown her into a wall before she could use her sword to destroy it. It was bigger than the others and with a start, she realized that it had been the smaller, faster demons that attacked first. That meant that the larger, more powerful ones like the one Buffy fought before, were coming…

"Why are you here?" the First had growled at the tall woman who for the life of Buffy looked like a vampire, in fact her slayer senses were shifting, almost seemed confused by what it was sensing.

Part of it was screaming vampire, the other part human and there was yet another part of her that was unsure. In short, she had no idea what how to categorize the woman. Whatever she was, the mature woman was beautiful, in a dark and deadly sort of way. The woman pulled out two long black blades from seemingly nowhere and allowed each to touch the ground. As they touched, the scythe in Buffy's hand vibrated. It seemed to want to pull her towards the woman as if sensing an enemy that needed to be destroyed. Was this woman some type of vampire or demon hybrid?

Just great, more enemies to slay.

But the First seemed pissed, very pissed at the newcomer, especially when the woman had said, "we disagree with your plans. Granted, you're amusing in a dark, evil sort of way, but you don't know when to stop. That's why we're here."

The evil entity, now completely ignoring Buffy and her group for the first time was furious. "If you think you can stop me, then you're fools." it roared.

"No," the woman had countered. "We're Addams."

She raised the twin blades and stared for a moment at two younger people accompanying her–her children, perhaps?–one young man carrying a huge double-bladed axe glaring at the incoming vampires with a look that would have made Hannibal Lector proud. The other young woman about twenty-something held twin swords very much like her mother's, but the weapons were curved shaped more like katanas. Like the others, these blades were pure black with silver inlay, and were very likely mystically enhanced.

The woman lifted her head and said to the two younger members, "remember your training, no dallying, there's too many opponents. Miscellaneous killing of the young slayers is not permitted," she ordered in a manner that tolerated absolutely no disobedience. There was a gleam in her eyes that reminded Buffy of herself when she was in the midst of her bloodlust, killing vampires.

Both of the women jumped into the midst of the undead and started butchering everything within reach. She turned to an old woman who reminded Buffy of some sort of crazed witch and said, "Mama, go help in the school. Lurch, go with her. Protect."

The huge almost zombie looking giant in a butler's uniform no less, nodded and said, "yes," with a voice that was unbelievably deep and lifted his huge oversized mace into a defensive position.

"This is better than I hoped for!" The old woman began cackling as she headed towards the school where Willow and company were established as the second and last line of defense. Lurch followed quickly for one of his size.

"Thing, you're with me," the woman said and to Buffy's shock a disembodied hand ran (or rather scampered) up onto her shoulder and latched on to her dress. For the life of Buffy, the hand looked as if it was surveying the battle and the woman. The zombie-hand thing sported a partial glove with small dagger like needles.

"You won't win," the woman answered in an almost musical yet very sinister tone. "We won't allow it." With those final words moved to support her children, the blades dispatching Turok-Han left and right.

"Your presence here is a mistake, Morticia," the First screeched. "You won't make a difference. I will see you all rot in this cave just like her," it said, pointing at Buffy. "I am forever," the First-Buffy turned to glare at the First slayer, "and no one will stop me."

Kennedy was thankful for the quick relief. Some unknowns had entered the fray and she was fighting alongside of a young man about her age maybe a bit older by about a year. He was obviously human, somewhat plump and the new slayer assumed that he was probably useless in this kind of fight. He was foolish to come here and now he had to fend for himself because she had no time to protect fools. But looks were deceiving as she quickly discovered. His movements, although crude and graceless to her eyes were nevertheless extremely effective. What she assumed to be fat was in fact muscle.

Every stroke of his axe caused damage or destruction and he wasted no effort in his attacks. In fact he was as good as Xander in fact better, despite being a mere human. The largest vampire she'd seen yet had rushed him only to be sliced into bits before crumbling into dust with the young man using a style that belied his seemingly crude technique. The axe itself was a thing of beauty. A vicious looking thing, it was made of iron with a silver coating. There were markings etched into it, runes of some type she guessed and Kennedy's jealousy flared as she glanced lustfully at a weapon she could easily use at the moment, instead of him.

But a quick glance from him told her everything she needed to know about the huge, hulking young man. He considered her inferior and how dare he imply that she was less than he was! Her inner slayer flared just as she froze in shock. One of the vampires had grabbed her weapon just as she had pulled back and was slightly off balanced. She been distracted by her own thoughts and in the moment's confusion she'd never even seen the second vampire slam his claw into her back ripping out a kidney while snapping her vertebrae in the process. Eyes glazed, she slumped down. The vampire, still holding her mangled spine pulled her back up, fangs extended for a feast before the others could get to its meal.

Smelling fresh blood, several other Turok-Han rushed towards the impeding meal only to be engaged by the two human siblings and an enraged Buffy. The Slayer started swinging the scythe at a speed so fast that any normal person would only see the weapon as a blur. But to her shock, the strange dark-haired girl had matched her ferocity with her own blade that sung with the wind. The girl was strong, had excellent technique, and was obviously very experienced in the use of her weapon. Buffy judges that the young woman was as good as Faith on her best day. But she wasn't one of the potentials that Buffy knew of and the unknown's style showed that she had far too much experience killing things.

"What are you?" demanded Buffy as both of them found themselves back to back against the encroaching enemy.

"Isn't it obvious?" the young woman retorted. Her voice was as calm as the sea and as cold as the wind.

It was clear that the stranger wasn't going to answer her question. Buffy's first impressions concerning this newcomer weren't favorable, not in the least.