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"Nice of you to join us Ikuto," The teacher remarked as he looked up at the tall teen. Ikuto just smirked and walked to the back of his room to his desk, but slowed down when he saw who was sitting in the desk beside it. It was a girl, and he immediately looked her up and down to see if she would be worth teasing. She had bright pink hair with bangs that went to the small of her back, big honey coloured eyes, and soft skin that looked like it would blush easily. Taking all of this in, Ikuto smirked a little and went and slouched at his desk beside her, noticing all the while that she kept on stealing glances of him. Wanting to make an impression he slowly turned his head to her, stared right in her eyes, and said "It's rude to stare you know." The girl jumped satisfyingly, and turned a very bright red.

Amu jumped as the guy stared into her eyes. She quickly looked away, but not before noticing that he had deep midnight blue eyes, the exact same colour as his hair. "I wonder who he is," she thought. She had been at this school for three days now and she didn't remember seeing him. "After all, he is very memorable," she reflected, and then blushed again. "Just have to stop thinking about him," she thought to herself. And with that she turned her mind back to trying to look cool n' spicy. When she had first started at this school, she had been so scared that she had put up a barrier to try to look as if she didn't care. She had achieved her goal, but she wondered at what price. She had hoped to have friends, but the only friend she had was Utau, a girl that right now was passing a note to her.

"Hey Amu, noticed u being checked out by Ikuto lol :), ya like him," the note read.

She replied, "NO! I definitely do NOT like him... who is he."

Utau smirked a bit when she read the note, and then replied "He's Ikuto, my brother, he doesn't come to school very often, considers it a waste of time."

Amu was shocked and immediately started comparing Ikuto and Utau. Now that she thought about it, they had the same smirk. She wrote back "I can see the resemblance lol."

Utau grumbled a bit over that and replied "Whatever. Anyway wanna sleep over tonight"

Amu eagerly agreed, after all this would be her first sleepover after she moved. After class Utau and Amu made all the arrangements and decided that Amu would go and get her clothes right after school and then come over.


Amu stood in front of Utau's house and knocked. As soon as she knocked the door was flung open, to reveal a very hyper Utau. "C'mon," she exclaimed as she grabbed Amu's wrist and dragged her into the house, "we're going to have SO much fun, we're going to order pizza and watch a movie and…" She stopped abruptly as Amu dug her heels in, "What?" she asked quickly. Amu was staring wide eyed at the guy that was lounging in front of the TV. "Ikuto?" she asked quietly. Ikuto smirked and without turning said "Knew you couldn't stay away from me for long." Amu blushed bright red and tried to reply, "I-It's nothing like that you pervert!" This time Ikuto got up, slowly walked over to Amu, and looked right into her eyes before answering "What is it then?" Amu didn't have reply and, seeing this, Utau quickly jumped to her rescue. "Amu's spending the night." "What a coincidence," Ikuto said smirking "Kuikai's coming over too." Utau immediately blushed and said "Oh GOOD! We can hang out and play some party games!" Ikuto looked mildly alarmed and tried to say something but Utau cut him off saying "well call us when he arrives," and dragged Amu off.

When they got to Utau's bedroom Amu flopped herself on the bed, and Utau started pacing the room. "Oh crap," she said while walking, "Kukai's coming. What am I going to do?!" Amu saw she needed to be calmed down and did the only thing she could think of to distract her, even though she knew she was going to regret it. "How about you give me a makeover." Amu immediately winced as Utau turned around exclaiming what a great idea that was.


"Hey Utau! Kuikai's here!" Ikuto called up the stairs. "Coming!" was the fast reply. Upstairs Utau quickly turned to Amu and asked "How do I look?" Amu quickly glanced at her. Utau's almost floor length blonde hair was pulled into two ponytails, her huge violet eyes were shining with excitement, and she was wearing a cute short red dress. "Utau, you look beautiful," Amu said very nicely, and then, not so nicely, "now can we PLEASE go downstairs." Utau snickered and quickly bounced down the stairs. Kukai was goofing off with Ikuto and trying to find a fun game on the TV, but stopped as soon as he saw Utau. His emerald eyes grew wide, his mouth hung open a little, and he ran his hand through his already tousled light brown hair. Utau smirked when she saw his reaction and decided to have some fun, "Hey Kukai," she said happily bounding over. He couldn't help but notice that her boobs bounced a bit with each step, and smiled, not seeming to realize that she was waiting for an answer. Utau narrowed her eyes and leaned over him, giving him a magnificent view of her cleavage, and said breathlessly "Are you okay Kukai?" He seemed to wake up and started stammering out different responses, finally deciding on asking her to play a game with him. Utau happily accepted, knowing that both of them were competitive.

While that was happening, Amu was slowly walking down the stairs thinking. When she came to the last step, she didn't even seem to see Ikuto waiting there for her, and then walked right into him. "Oh," she gasped, but before she could fall, Ikuto reached out and grabbed her around the waist, and possessively drew her to him. He smirked and said "Now Amu, if you really wanted to be in my arms you could have just asked. No need to almost kill yourself." Amu blushed and immediately struggled out of his arms, and stomped away, calling "Pervert!" over her shoulder. Ikuto smirked even wider and followed after her.

Amu was heading for the bathroom, but, just as she was slipping into the door, Ikuto caught her and quickly spun her against the wall. "Going somewhere?" he breathed into her ear, making her shiver.

Meanwhile, Kukai and Utau were immersed in a game, each trying to outdo the other. "I am SO going to beat you!" Utau screamed. "Oh yeah," Kukai snickered back, "Maybe you should be watching your back instead of making threats." And with that he hit the button that ensured his win. Utau growled when she saw him win and quickly turned to him, glaring. Kukai smugly grinned, which was a definite mistake. The next thing he knew, Utau was lying on top of him, her face inches from him, boring holes into his eyes. Kukai and Utau stayed that way for a while before they realized how close they were. Kukai's eyes widened in shock before he realized that Utau was slowly lowering herself down, her lips mere inches away from his…

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