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They happily cuddled for a long time, whispering words of love into each other's ears. However, Ikuto got up and poured a nice hot bath in the huge tub, and they both got in. Happily, Amu leaned back against Ikuto and knew that she never wanted this moment to end.

"Ikuto?" Amu whispered. "Yes my little strawberry." He answered back quietly, making her blush bright red. "Hey!" Amu said while whirling out of his embrace to face him, "Don't call me that." "Why not?" Ikuto asked, smirking. "Just… Just… Don't!" "Aww, does Amu not like her nickname?" Ikuto rhetorically asked while sliding a bit closer to her in the tub. "No! It's just…OH!" Ikuto had quickly slithered around her in the tub (ok author here, just pretend like the tub is big ok? Thanks!) ,wrapped his arms around her, and bit her ear. Amu's blush, which had just begun to fade, came back full throttle, making her creamy skin look as bright red as a lobster. After a tiny struggle to get out, Amu settled back in Ikuto's arms, pretending to be disgruntled when actually she was extremely happy. They stayed that way for a few seconds before Ikuto quietly asked, "What did you want to know Amu?" "Oh… I've forgotten." Amu said while looking down. "No you haven't," Ikuto stated, maneuvering them so that they were side by side with Amu under his arm, "What is it?" "Well… It's just… Why do you like me?" Amu hurriedly rushed her question out after some hesitation.

Ikuto's eyes widened a little bit in surprise and then, letting his mischievous side take over, decided to tease her. "Who said I liked you?" He asked while pretending to furrow his brow in confusion. Amu turned pale, her mouth dropped open, and she froze, but only for a second. "YOU IDIOT! WHY DID YOU SLEEP WITH ME IF YOU DIDN"T LIKE ME!" With that Amu jumped out of the tub and tried to find a towel to wrap herself in. Ikuto was shocked, just now realizing the big mistake he had made. Amu, when she couldn't find a towel, gathered her clothes up, quickly threw them on, not bothering with her bra or panties, and ran out of the room. Ikuto swore and got out of the bath. He threw on his cloths hurriedly and ran after Amu saying "Hey. Hey! I didn't mean it!"

Amu was heading for Utau's room so that she could grab her stuff and get the hell out of the house, but instead of going into Utau's room, she went into the door beside it, which happened to be Ikuto's room. She immediately turned around to run to Utau's room, but instead of air she met the hard chest of Ikuto. "Shush. Shh. I'm sorry Amu, I was kidding. I wasn't thinking." Ikuto murmured while holding her against him and stroking her hair lightly. He tilted her face up and softly started to kiss her face. She was about to protest when she realized that he was kissing away tears, she hadn't realized she was crying. He kept on whispering fervent apologies in between kisses, and, even though she wanted to kill him, she just wasn't able to get mad. Once he had gotten all the tears he captured her lips in a passionate kiss. Ikuto didn't ask for entry, all he did was kiss her hard on the lips while holding her to him and caressing her arm. She broke the kiss off after a few seconds, not because she was mad, but because of lack of oxygen.

"Why?" She asked quietly up to him, staring into his eyes. His brow furrowed as he tried to think about how to answer her question, he finally decided on "Why… what?" "Why did you tease me? Do you like me? Why did you have sex with me? Why do I feel like you're going to leave me, and go back to being a player? Why are you thought of as a player? Are you a player?" Ikuto's eyes widened at the barrage of questions, "We should go sit down, this might take a while." He said while motioning towards the bed. He went to it first gently pulling Amu with him, until they sat on the bed, and automatically assumed a cuddling position.

Ikuto smirked down at Amu and said, "Well, in answer to your first question, I teased you because that's my automatic response sometimes. Also, I have a mischievous side that usually takes over when I deal with emotional stuff. For your second question, yes I like you, I might even love you. For your third, I had sex with you because you are utterly irresistible without knowing it. Fourth, I will NEVER leave you, not even if you tell me to leave, I will always stay near you whether you like it or not. And fifth," he paused and looked off in space trying to remember, "there was a fifth one right? What was it?" Amu giggled and softly repeated slowly, "Why are you thought of as a player? Are you a player?" Ikuto smirked and said, "I am thought of as a player, because I am hot. I, however, don't consider myself a player." Amu frowned when she heard his answer, "You're not that hot." She stated firmly. "Oh really?" Ikuto purred.

She stiffened a little bit at the sound of his voice, and as his hand, which had idly been softly drawing patterns on her arm suddenly stopped. Ikuto abruptly flipped her over on the bed, so that he was poised above her with his arms supporting him on either side, his face about two inches from Amu's. "I'm not 'that' hot." he growled quietly, enjoying watching her eyes widen as she took in the new position. He then took advantage of her mouth, which had been hanging open slightly from her gasp of surprise. He mashed his lips against hers and swiftly explored her mouth with his tongue. But before she could react, he was gone, instead of his mouth being against hers, it was now attacking her neck, biting and sucking on it. Amu gasped in surprise at how swiftly he was moving, and then started to moan from the pleasure as his mouth moved from her neck, which now had even more red spots, to her breasts. "I-Ikuto." She managed to gasp out. He paused for a few seconds to peek up at her from under his bangs, innocently asking "Am I hot?" She tried to answer but her mouth was again sealed with his, but this time she quickly took advantage and as he was busy, somehow managed to roll him over so that now she was on top.

Amu broke the kiss and straddled his chest. Ikuto gazed up at her in lust and tried to go kiss her again, but she wouldn't come down, much to his irritation, and eventually gave up. She smugly smiled and said "Nope, not that hot at all." She quickly wished that she had never spoken those words though. Ikuto's eyes narrowed and somehow he sat up so that she was on his lap, sitting on his erection, and he was playing with her breasts; first taking one in the mouth while kneading the other and then switching. She moaned in pleasure and started to arch her back so that more of her breasts got in his mouth at one time. She also started to hump his dick just a little, making his hard member throb and jump a little, demanding attention. Ikuto groaned at that and brought his other hand, which had been on her back, down to her wet opening to start rubbing and pinching her clitoris. She was even hornier and wetter now, and eventually started to gasp out "Please…please!" He smirked and replied, "Please what Amu?" "Please just put it IN!" He smirked even more as his plan came together, "Not until you admit that I'm hot." She didn't wait a second, just swiftly screamed "You are extremely hot! Now PLEASE! FUCK ME!"

His eyes widened at her demanding request, but he happily lifted her up, putting his member at her entrance, using all of his self control to not thrust up into her. She quickly dropped down on to his waiting dick, screaming as it speared her. She then started to slowly ride it, still a little bit sore from their recent fucking. Her stared up at her, hardly believing that she was actually riding him, "and VERY well." He thought to himself. He couldn't help himself and he started to thrust up into her just a bit, letting her tight walls suck him in. She groaned when they started to move together, loving every second, and inch of him. He thrust up harder into her hot snatch, letting himself be overcome with the feeling of her velvety walls clutching his member, his dick tingling. Suddenly, he growled, sat up, wrapped his arms around her, and stood up, with his hard member still in her.

He was now supporting her while her legs had instinctively wrapped around him, forcing his member even deeper into him, making her gasp. He went over to the nearest wall, and almost slammed Amu's back against it; Ikuto's mouth then hungrily smashed against hers demanding that she kiss back, which she did with almost the same hunger. He started to thrust up into her again while they were still kissing passionately, their tongues dueling and exploring each other's mouths. Amu was almost scared by the frenzy he was in, he was pounding into her so hard her pussy was going numb, and her mouth was swollen and aching from his sudden assault. She had to pull her mouth from his as she gasped for oxygen. His mouth then trailed down her neck and started to nip at her collarbone as her hands twined themselves in his hair, forcing his head closer to her skin, while her head was thrown back trying to get closer to his hungry mouth. He started to thrust up into her much harder now, and his hands were now gripping her hips and forcing her to move up and down on top of him.

He stopped kissing her and just pulled back, moaning and grunting, to stare into her dilated eyes. Her mouth and eyes were hanging open as she stared back at him, gasping and yelping sometimes when his hard dick rubbed her g-spot. He started to groan louder as he got closer to cumming. "Oh god Amu… You're making me cum!" He managed to shout out as he started to speed up his thrusting. She was also getting closer and all she could do was scream as her walls started to tighten around his member, increasing his pleasure tenfold. He started to shout with her, telling her how good she felt and moaning as his member started to twitch inside her, shooting out white strands of cum. She screamed one last time and froze as her orgasm came. Both of them stared into each other's eyes as they both experienced the most intense orgasms they had ever had.

When Ikuto had finally finished, he softly kissed Amu and then let his now soft member slide out of her. She smiled at him as he put her down and quietly laughed. "What is it?" Ikuto asked with a small smile on his face as well. "It's just…well… I've never had this much fun at a sleepover before." She said giggling like mad. Ikuto didn't bother to reply he just drew her into a hug, letting his head rest on her head, and thinking about how much he loved her. Amu's giggles eventually stopped and she laid her head against his hard chest, sighing in contentment. And they stayed that way for a good long while, just enjoying each other's heat.

Utau and Kukai were doing the same thing downstairs. Kukai was on the couch with Utau curled up beside him, each softly smiling with contentment. And the whole house was quiet and happy as each person found true love.

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