My cat, Ginger, went missing. Today, my sister asked, "Where did kitty go?" I was working on chapter 3 of Sanctuary, so I had Animal Crossing on the mind. I literally screeched and hurried to type out an answer to my sisters question. Eva(it's not her name, but I want her to stay safe.), this is for you.

"Where is she?" Eva whimpered from the kitchen as she sipped down chocolate milk. I was on the couch, sadly typing into the laptop. A shiver ran down my spine in sadness, and a salty ball of tears was caught in my throat as I recalled our cat.

Ginger was a stray cat our neighbor Sandra had found under the card table in her garage. She had pearl white fur with a dappled coat of brown and orange splotches. Her eyes were light green like emeralds, beautiful and insightful. She was brought to our house, were she was nursed back to health.

Much to our joy, my mother agreed to keep the gentle stray until her owners found her, and by the time we determined she was a hundred percent stray, we had all fallen in love, including my mother.

For three years we had owned the cat, and we had grown accustomed to the warm purr of her body against our own, and her soft yowls at the sound of her kibble. She was kind, even when my sister squeezed her until she couldn't breath. We remembered the cold evenings where she replaced blankets by being next to us, playing with our dog, Carlos.

And then one day, she was gone. Like a fog or a mist, or an orange flame in a lonely window murdered by wind, she was gone.

We waited. One day passed, then another, then a week, until it was three months.

We decided she was gone. And one day, as I hurried home from school in the rain, I saw a lifeless lump in mud. I hurried over, and much to my horror, I recognized the matted fur, and peaceful body that belonged to Ginger.

I cried. I had known she was gone. But to see her quiet body, to look at how happy she was to remain asleep, was like tearing out my heart and throwing it into a bonfire.

Slamming my laptop closed, I switched on my D.S. and hurriedly started up Animal Crossing. As I traveled around, I noticed a new animal. I hurried my character over. By now my little sister had joined my, happily watching the beautiful world that she considered to be Animal crossing.

The new character was a cat. It was white, with a dappled fur coat. She seemed to be soaking in the surroundings, her eyes closed. When I approached, she opened her eyes, smiled, and turned to me.

Her eyes were light emerald green.

"Hi! I'm Ginger!" Then she hugged me. "I missed you guys!"

The screen was blurred from the tears. My sister said, "What's wrong, Oli?"

With a grin, I whispered, "We found Ginger."