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Gravity's Child: Okay, so it's the start of my newest story, Somebody Different. Enjoy!


How long has it been since I've been down on Earth? Several millenniums or so, but I lost track long ago. Many years ago, this world was beautiful, but not anymore. People have corrupted it so much that us gods are no longer seen walking on the Surface. To be more accurate, we cannot be seen by human eyes anymore, as people are no longer able to view us with their own eyes. To them, we look like normal mortals, but it means that don't have to disguise ourselves any longer. I don't even remember my name, as it hasn't been used. Old memories ravish me, and I cannot stop the tears that fall down my face. Long ago, I once had someone I loved, but they betrayed me. And now I was back, back for the taste of revenge. Not on my ancient lover, but the one who stole my dearest friend away from me. She will pay.

Ahh, my apologies. I should probably introduce myself; however, it has been so long that I don't even remember who I am. Or at least my name. It's a change that I am glad to have. You are the first visitors I've had in thousands of years. Long ago, I roamed the Earth in the shape of a mortal, judging the humans* who lived there. It was very beautiful, and I enjoyed it down there. However, time has passed and I decided that I needed to check up on the life of the planet once again. To my horror, I found the once pristine planet a mere skeleton of what it used to be. All the forests were gone, the ground barren and black. Wars were being fought in every corner of the world. You would think that they would avoid the Arctic and Antarctic, however that wasn't the case. Planes were soaring through the air, shooting each other down. It was a scene right out of a nightmare that an over imaginative child might have. Except in this case, all of it was very real.

It's time, I suppose. I knew that I'd have to get around to it someday. Desperate times like this appear every billion years or so, but I never expected that I'd have to do it this soon. It was time to destroy the Earth. It's had happened twice already, however, humans were only around for the second one. Long ago, I used the first flood to wipe out the Dinosaurs as they were in the way of me introducing humans onto this planet. I created this universe, this planet, this sun and I will destroy it. Send the entire world into darkness. But after the first flood; which the animals survived due to Noah's help; I will have to wipe it out again. If some of the Vampires survive, so be it. But I am never introducing humans to this world again. Ever. That was the biggest mistake I had ever made. Humans were the worst idea ever. Vampires, not so much. They established an order, a way of life. They protect it, and stick to the rules. Humans didn't do any of that and I find it disgusting.

As I roam the Surface, I'm driven farther and farther away from the decision of not flooding the Earth. The fresh corpses of animals lie in the roads, cars driving over them. Poor things, shot down by people, scum, their lives cut so tragically short. Is that. . . Is that a human? What is it doing? There on the ground, a couple thousand feet below, a mortal drags the carcass of a deer out of the road and takes it to the woods. Intrigued, I follow quickly. No, not a human, a vampire. The ground is blasted apart, and the man drops the deer into the whole before burying it. Then it hits me. Familiar wine-red eyes stare into the sky and his brown tousled hair. It's slightly longer than his shoulders. It's him. Kaname Kuran. Older, yes; but it's still him.

*Vampires could die, so they where known as humans, or the more polite term, mortals. Gods were known as Immortals as they couldn't die from age or anything else. Therefore; to kill gods, they were put into Eternal Sleep, where a spell was cast over them so that they would fall asleep and would crumble into ashes, never to return. Fortunately, this spell was only known by the king of the Gods as this was his duty to carry out.