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"So you're a god now?" Zero blinked before answering.

"I've always been a god. I created this world, and I will destroy it. It is something you mortals will never comprehend." Kaname just blinked, he looked confused; but Zero couldn't blame him. He had just found out Zero's darkest secret.

"So I take it that you were the one who healed me and not Yuuki?" Zero snarled curse words in several different languages. Kaname; understanding a few of the languages; was not surprised at the venom in those words. Yuuki had lied to him, and if Zero hadn't killed her already, he would have done it himself right then and there. He was furious that she was even able to control him; nay, he was angrier at himself for being influenced by her. It was something that he'd never be able to forgive himself for.

Zero turned, noting Kaname in deep thought, but his mind was made up; he couldn't go back now. Kaname was to be his mate and no one else's; Zero didn't like sharing his loved ones with anyone else. Even if they were family. Breathing in deeply, he steeled his nerves, took the steps forward; the ones that put him directly in front of Kaname; and pressed their lips together. Kaname tasted like cinnamon and nutmeg. It was a perfect combination; much like him; and Zero was addicted almost instantly. Kaname snapped to attention, pulled him closer and ran his tongue along the bottom of Zero's lips. A smirk slid onto his face when he was granted permission into that mouth. To him; Zero tasted like chocolate with a hint of vanilla; a taste that he would never be able to get enough of. Just like Zero; Kaname was addicted from the start.

Sighing softly, Zero morphed forms. His hair lengthened; turned white; falling down his shoulders in waves; easily reaching the middle of his calves. Lavender eyes changed shades, and Kaname was mesmerized by the emotions swirling through them. There was the lust and love he was used to, but also the fear of being left alone again. Pausing in their heated kiss; Kaname picked Zero up; avoiding the wings as he didn't know if they were fragile; and placed his mate-to-be on the bed. It wasn't a fancy bed, but it was sturdy enough to bear the burden of to immortal forces coupling. It would work; and that was all Kaname needed, he might be a vampire, but it didn't mean that he'd be perfectly happy rutting on the ground. No; he was an aristocratic vampire, and he needed a soft bed so that he wouldn't cause too much discomfort to those beautiful wings of Zero's.

Again, he brought their mouths together, if only as a distraction as he slid his fingers to the sash that tied Zero's robe together. Sliding his nimble fingers into the knot, he swiftly undid it before flipping the robe back revealing Zero's pale skin. He was breathing erratically already; the sensation of Kaname's fingers on his skin was becoming too much for the god. After all, Zero had been along for many years and Kaname was about to change that. He would never leave his Zero's side. Tearing his lips away from Zero's, Kaname ran his tongue over his neck; receiving a delighted shiver. Slowly he slid his fangs into his skin, and Zero let out a soft sigh.

It didn't hurt as much as he had imagined and it was nice having Kaname's sharp teeth in his throat. He could feel the blood leaving his neck, but he really didn't mind. Kaname was gentle; not like Shuzima. He still could remember her drinking from him; that night that started it all. But he still had to thank her for something; after all, if she hadn't drunken from him and killed his family, would he have Kaname at all? It was a good question . . . but he really didn't want to think about it right now. All he wanted to focus on was Kaname pleasuring him.

Grinning like the Joker, Kaname ran his tongue over the God's right nipple. It perked up and he bit down on it lightly, earning a hiss from his lover. Gently he sucked on one while he pinched and rubbed the other. Zero was in bliss, and he had tangled his fingers in Kaname's hair. Standing up swiftly, Kaname discarded his shirt, undid his pants; and slid both his pants and boxers off. It was time for the show to begin.

Zero was staring up at him as he returned to the bed; his eyes were a glazed over lavender; but it made Kaname drool. He couldn't wait to be sheathed within that luscious body, and his member twitched at the thought, pre-cum already beading at the top. As he sat down on the bed, contemplating which position he'd take the God in; Zero made his move. He slid across the bed and ran his tongue across the head earning a groan from Kaname. Looking up, Zero noticed that Kaname's eyes were closed, so taking that as a sigh to continue; Zero took the whole thing in his mouth, opening his throat before swallowing. Kaname desperately wanted to buck his hips up, but a well placed magic spell took care of that problem.

Since Zero was in a sort of heat, his body had already started creating a special lubricant, and he was already loose enough. Pulling his lips off of Kaname's cock, Zero positioned himself before impaling himself on the rigid thing. A sharp intake of breath alerted him, and he looked Kaname directly in the face. The Pureblood's eyes were open, but completely glazed over; that was all Zero needed. Moving his hips, he ground himself into Kaname's lap, but it didn't last long. He was quickly flipped over, and Kaname slammed their bodies together. Zero cried out at the feeling of finally being filled, finally being complete with the person he loved. He would love to do that, to confess to Kaname completely, except for one thing that was currently blocking his ability to speak a complete sentence. The haze of lust had screwed up his vocal chords; so much so that at this current moment, he was unable to do more than moan, and cry out Kaname's name. That and other things like 'harder', and 'deeper'.

But it wasn't like they cared, they could understand each other and that was all they needed. They had each other, one the master; and the other the bitch. Not like Kaname would call Zero the bitch, he'd kill him. They moved quicker, a steady rhythm that increased; quickly becoming erratic as they neared their impending release. Zero came first, crying out Kaname's name as he sank his teeth into his neck. Kaname followed soon after, and he sank his fangs into Zero's neck. They fell together on the bed, still joined; and remained like that until Kaname managed to find enough strength to untangle them. Zero had already fallen asleep, but Kaname remained awake; tracing the marking they resided on the side of his neck opposite the tattoo. It was a dragon, the color of pale lavender, curling around a wine-red rose. And when Kaname looked in the mirror, there was an exact copy of the marking on his neck. It stood out quite a bit against his pale skin, but he didn't mid. It told others that he was taken, that he was now a mated man. The other members of the Night Class might not like it, but for all he cared; they could kiss his ass.

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