"Shut up!" A little spray of water.

"No you!" A little shock of electricity.

"You!" A big wave, and a soaking wet girl.

"Oh! That's it!" The girl, Thalia, yelled.

They were in a forest. It was mid fall and a little chilly out and the leaves falling off the trees were crunching under their feet. They stopped in a little field.

She lunged forward toward the green-eyed, raven haired, boy. A bolt of electricity hit the ground where moment before a boy was standing there. The exact spot where the bolt struck was charred.

"Just give it back!" The boy reached for the package in the girl's hand.

"No be quiet!" She said as she swung it out of reach of the boy.

"NO! I want it back." He tried again and ultimately failed.

There was silence and then a piercing scream that sounded full of pain. More importantly the boys scream.

"OW! What the Hades!" the boy screamed out. Thunder sounded in the distance.

"Sorry uncle!" the boy apologized as he struggled to get away from Thalia and grab the chips at the same time.

They boy broke free of her strong grasp and ran.

"Perseus! Give me my chips back!" Thalia whined.

She ran after him.

" They are mine! Not yours! Besides, you can go get more!" Percy yelled,

"No I can't. It's against the rules!"

"Then why do you have it!"

" 'Cause I can break them!"

Thalia was so close that when he tripped she fell on top of him. When he did trip though, he turned slightly to catch Thalia. When they fell their lips crashed together. It took a couple of moments before they realized what happened. Their eyes widened ,and they both turned bright red. Thalia got up and walked away like nothing happened.

Percy got up and chased after her yelling, " Give me my chips back!"

Thalia had a light blush on her face still and touched her lips as she heard him yell. Her other hand was around a bag of chips.

'Stupid Kelp-Head.' She thought as he came into view again.

She laughed as they began to run again through the forest chasing each other for a bag of chips. She knew they would never, ever , forget those moments.