Number 5

A 7 yr. old boy sits in a small romm playing with his Chimeara peacefully. All the sudden a boom shakes the entire house. A man rushes the boy out of the house and onto an airstrip. They stand in a line with Eight other children a boy on his left and a girl on the right. The Elder says something quietly and they start running to the ship. A Mogadorian is running after them ready to attack...



I wake up drowning in sweat and gasping for air. I just had another dream. I had been having them everytime I go to sleep ever since the rest of the Garde found me in Texas a month ago, there were releved that I was Number 5 the last one they were looking for. I look around and find them outside training I haven't trained with any of them. Just hitting a tree with a sword.

"Well look who's finally up."Nine said. I swear he is the most annoying person in the world, Lorien or Earth.

"Shut up, James."I said bitterly. Crayton ahs us calling us by Earth names just in case. I'm Kol Gate. Four is Daniel Doe, Six is Jane Elizabeth, Seven is Marina Jones, Eight is Rebekah Martin, Nine is James Worthington, Ten is Ella James, and Crayton James.

"You're doing combat training today, Kol."Crayton said. "Againist who?"

"Well, to see how good you are everybody in the order of how good they are."he replied.


I had gotten through Eight, Seven, and Four with ease. And just beat Six all that is left is Nine. I started witha left and right uppercut combo scoring two hits. He returned with a punch to the face which was easily blocked. I decided to go with a double kick to the chest another unsuccesful block by him. He did a low sweep I jumped up and he fell on the ground after that it was smooth sailing to an easy pin. After we finished every body just stared with awe.

"Hello?" I asked snapping them out of what ever trance they were in.

"That was really... wow!"Marina exclaimed. "Now what?"I asked.

"What's your Legacies again?" Jane asked. "Invisibilty, Controlling Fire, Element Manipulation, Lumen, Force Field, Antigravity. My Master Legacy is Energy Manipulation."I replied. "And of course the things that all Loric Garde have Telekinesis, Enhancement, and the ability to Fly."I added. "All Loric Garde can't fly."Daniel said with a smirk. "Actually they can it usually develops in between a Garde's Sixth and Master Legacies. It's like a sign that the Master Legacy is on it's way."I said. As soon as I said that Daniel's smirk dissapeared.

"Right Crayton?" "Well...uu-mmm"he said stammering. "Yes."he finally said.

"Again, now what?"I asked. "How about we do you againist everybody else, but only using 1 Legacy to take out each person. They get to use one Legacy too."Crayton said. "This will be fun."Marina said. I smiled.

I stood in the middle of the circle that the Garde made. "Number order."Rebekah said. I sent Daniel flying back into a tree with telekinesis. Jane turned invisible, but I had a little secert since I also had Invisibility I could see her. She lunged forward I used my force field which she was sent flying into a tree when she made contact with it. I turned invisible and kicked Marina in the stomach sending her backwards too. For Rebekah I used my Lumen to blind her and do a left uppercut sending her to the left. James, I used my Energy Manipulation I took some of Daniel's energy and gathered it into a ball and sent it to James making him fly backwards into a wall.

"I still have Three more Legacies to use, Crayton."I said. "What now?"

"Dinner."he said. "Weapon only fighting tomorrow."he added.