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Sasuke sat in the firm uncomfortable chair at the doctor's office looking at Sakura with a hopeful yet disconcerting look on his face. He was as about as scared of what Shizune was going to say as Sakura was. Sakura was having less luck maintaining composure as he was. Sitting there in the cold examination room, the nervousness and fear she was feeling since the miscarriage was showing. She was shaking; more than a woman who took a chill from the air conditioning should be, holding herself close while she was rocking back and forth. Tsunade had set up this follow-up once Sakura had recuperated so that they could determine if Sakura had kept her ability to have children. This meant so much to Sasuke, as he knew that without Sakura, he could never hope to restore the Uchiha clan.

Sasuke got up and took Sakura's hand in his. "It'll be okay." He said. "Lady Tsunade said that most women who have a miscarriage are able to have a healthy baby after it. You don't need to worry." Although deep down, Sasuke was ready to vomit with the nervousness he felt.

"Yeah…" Sakura said looking away from Sasuke pulling her hand from his. "…but what if there IS something wrong with me? We could never restore the clan! Never! Do you know how badly I want to help you achieve that dream of yours? I couldn't help you kill Itachi!" Sakura lamented so loud, her eyes starting to become moist with tears.

And he is still alive… Sasuke thought. But knowing that Sakura was in deep distress and his desires for revenge had to come second. "You can still do that Sakura-chan." Sasuke said. "I need some good medical skills to help me when I do ever face Itachi. You know that I am no good at it."

"Yeah. Who wanted to put ointment on a training burn? I would think you would know how to treat burns being an Uchiha and all." Sakura said cracking a playful smile.

"Well, my mom never had time to teach me." Sasuke said with a note of resentment. Sakura's face fell as she looked down at her feet with deep intent.

"But what if we are wrong?" Sakura said.

"How do you mean?" Sasuke asked.

"What if we are spitting in some higher power's face by us trying to have a child?" Sakura said tears dropping down. "What if we are wrong to try and restore the Uchiha clan? What if we are wrong to have a child?" Sakura said quietly as she looked at the ground, tears falling to the floor.

"We can't be wrong Sakura." Sasuke said. "We just can't be. No god or deity would allow what happened to my clan without some rebirth. They just would not."

Sakura looked into Sasuke's eyes when a knock was heard at the door. "May I come in?" Shizune asked

"Ready for this?" Sakura asked.

"No." Sasuke said but he knew that he was going to have to face the facts no matter what they were and it was better to get it done sooner rather than later. "But we will know and the anticipation will stop killing us now won't it?"

"That is true." Sakura said. "Well, let's face the music." Sakura then turned to the door and said, "Yes you may come in Shizune!"

Shizune walked in with a serious but blank expression on her face as she arranged some papers in Sakura's file. Sakura gripped Sasuke's hand digging her nails into his hand, causing some blood to seep out of the cuts she was making in his hand. Sasuke just bit his lip in pain. Take the pain. You know she needs to get this feeling out. Sasuke thought as Shizune sat down and placed her notes and Sakura's file on the table in the corner, just out of sight of Sasuke and Sakura. Shizune then took the notes and read over them as she sighed.

"Oh god…" Sakura said. As a medic-nin she knew the looks a doctor had while they had to deliver bad news to a patient. They never looked overjoyed when something good happened, but they always seemed to have a look that made a paper cut seem like a death sentence. Now Shizune was giving off that air and Sakura gripped Sasuke's hand even tighter.

"OUCH! SAKURA!" Sasuke yelled, not being able to take the pain anymore.

"Oh sorry." Sakura said as she took his hand and began to heal the cuts she had made on it. Once they were healed, she turned to Shizune and sighed. "Give it to me straight."

"Well I have some good news and some bad news." Shizune said. "This has not seemed to have affected your overall health and your recovery is faster than we could have hoped for." Sasuke and Sakura smiled at this news. Maybe they would be able to have a baby after all. "But there is intensive scarring on Sakura's uterus."

"What?" Sasuke asked.

"Scarring on my uterus?" Sakura asked. "Why should that hurt anything?"

"Because it means that even if you did have intercourse and an egg was fertilized, it could not be implanted and stay. If an egg cannot implant, it cannot develop into a baby." Shizune explained. "The best chance you could hope for is if you fertilized an egg and it implanted in the fallopian tube. But then Sakura's life would be in danger. There is no way that both Sakura and the baby will survive. I am sorry but Sakura is pretty much infertile now. She cannot have a baby. It would be a desperate miracle if she did. I should have known when the surgery to help stop the bleeding took as long as it did."

Sasuke looked at Sakura with a look of blank shock on his face as he saw the tears start to well up in her eyes. Shizune could not have said what she just did. It was impossible, inconceivable to him that Sakura would lose her ability to have children and the only way that she would ever have a baby was if the baby grew in a way that would kill her. It was just too much for Sasuke. He let go of Sakura's hand and ran out of the examination room with rage in his face. The last time he felt this mad was when Itachi had killed his clan when he was younger. How could he go on now? The second part of his dream was taken away from him. There was always the chance he could break up with Sakura and go out with another girl with a properly working reproductive system, but he cared too much for Sakura to do that. Ino and Tenten were making winks and passes at him even though they knew he was in a dedicated relationship with Sakura. Sasuke thought of asking one of them out, but it was too mean and despicable a thing to do. He just loved Sakura too much.

"Why!?" Sasuke yelled in the waiting room as he kicked the door causing a woman and her young daughter to cower in fear. "What did I do to deserve this? And why does this have to happen to Sakura! She didn't do anything but help me!" Sasuke said as he grabbed a chair and threw it against the wall.

"UCHIHA SASUKE!" Tsunade yelled running over, grabbing Sasuke. "What the hell do you think you are doing to my waiting room?"

"But Lady Tsunade!" Sasuke yelled in rage, trying to break free of her grip. "I just got fucked over by life now! The dreams I have of restoring my clan are done and over with because you needed Sakura to work as hard as she fucking did!"

"Calm down! It is not the end of the world!" Tsunade said. "Sure Sakura cannot have a baby but who said you could take it out on these poor people? NO one did! You are going to have to live with it like the rest of us! Sure I am as crushed as you and Sakura are but you have to learn to move on! If you want, I can put you in contact with the adoption program, but you cannot have a biological child of your own. So what? Don't let poor war orphans down because are so intent on Sakura having a baby!"

You don't understand. You will never understand and you are the reason Sakura lost the baby! Sasuke thought as he turned to see Sakura standing there with fear in her eyes. "I'm sorry." Sasuke said as he walked towards her.

"Please don't be angry." Sakura said plainly. "I am sorry this happened. It may have been my fault. Shizune said stress can be a cause of miscarriage. I am sorry."

Sasuke walked over to Sakura and hugged her. "We can always adopt."

"Yeah." Sakura said. "Shizune said that to me. Look at these pamphlets she gave me." Sakura said holding up a pamphlet on adoption to Sasuke.

"This looks good." Sasuke said.

"Can I talk to Sakura alone for a second?" Tsunade said as she pulled Sakura away from Sasuke. She could see that Sasuke still blamed Sakura for the miscarriage and he would do anything to her in rage. She saw that he was becoming more and more unstable and may hurt Sakura. If he did that and did anything wrong to her, Tsunade could not help but feel like she had to do something and that something may wipe out the Uchiha clan.

"Sure." Sasuke said.

Tsunade led Sakura into her medical office and sat her down. She didn't know if Sakura would listen to her or even believe her, but she had to try and reach out to her. Sakura was her protégé and Tsunade could not stand to see her hurt. "I don't want you to quit being a medic nin. You are skilled. You did nothing to deserve Sasuke's rage or the miscarriage. You need to be aware of what Sasuke could do."

"He would never hurt me!" Sakura yelled.

"I don't know. But you need to be aware. I saw a Sasuke I never saw before out there." Tsunade said. "He blamed me for working you so hard. I know that you did not work hard enough to induce a miscarriage. I saw plenty of women in war who were pregnant who carried the babies well to full term. Things like this just happen. The measure of who we are is how we handle this. I know you can do well Sakura. Don't let this keep you down."

"I won't." Sakura said as she headed out of the office with a blank and cold look shutting the door.

"I pray you heed my words." Tsunade said.

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