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Sandra looked up from the computer and immediately her eyes fell upon the pile of possible replacements for Jack. She missed him, how could she explain it though, no she just had to carry on like normal, like nothing had ever happened. A tear fell from her eye and just this once she chose not to wipe it away, what did it matter she was on her own. She quickly flicked through the pile of job applications, she didn't really look at any of them, no one would ever be able to replace Jack and even if she did get someone new, the team would never be the same.

None of it added up how one minute they'd all been happily working on the Kirby case and then the next Fisher had barged in with his Victorian nonsense and suddenly Jack was leaving, and that very same day. It was also odd how Brian was acting odd. To anyone not really paying attention he was as normal as he could be and carrying on as normal, if you paid more attention you'd be able to tell how desperately unhappy he was and how he missed his best friend. Nothing made sense.

She decided it was time to leave, time to go home and lose herself in another bottle or maybe two of wine. It was what she did before leaving that was odd.

Sandra had had all weekend to think about what she'd discovered on that Friday morning and was fully prepared as the boys walked into the office. They needed to have a chat. She walked out her private little office and sat in her now favourite spot. Jack's seat.

'Okay, so who'd like to tell what's going on?!' she almost shouted as she looked from Gerry to Brian. She knew Gerry had no idea what she was on about he was as clueless as her, but she needed to make her point.

'With all due respect Sandra, what the hell are you on about?' Gerry asked her. She looked at him.

'Okay, Brian care to enlighten us.' She looked over at him and spoke with venom. Brian looked at her and took off his glasses.

'About what?'

'Jack.' Sandra hissed.


'Go on then.' Sandra prompted after he'd been silent for a while.

'But I promised.'

'He's not exactly here to find out you broke it, is he!' Sandra retorted.

'Erm well…' he was really struggling now 'he told me not to tell you and you can't get in contact. He has cancer.' She froze. This was exactly how she was when she'd found out the truth about her dad, history was repeating itself, only it was slightly different and he wasn't actually her dad although she thought of him as it.'

'No. No! NO! That's not true.' She ran through to her office and sat at the desk. Gerry followed her through.

'Sandra.' He said as he got nearer to her and began rubbing her shoulders to comfort her.

'No. It's not true, Gerry. It's not. Look.' She spoke desperately as she opened up on the computer what she had before.

'See, Brian isn't right.'

Hope this was okay. It came to me after tonight's episode and then my dad turned to me and said what if Jack isn't really ill and he made it up. I'll explain more about that at the end though as I don't want to ruin it now. Please just stick with it and there'll be more soon. Reviews welcome!

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