Title: Stumbled

Summary: Andy's heart raced as she fumbled into the passenger's seat, the barrel of the gun never moving from her temple. She heard a noise from behind, and turned to see a little boy in the backseat, whimpering in fear. Her stomach dropped—what the hell had she just stumbled upon? Set immediately after 3x12. SAM/ANDY!

A/N: I have to admit, this is not completely an original idea (though it is mostly). The main premise of this fic is based on actual events, the rest is purely fiction. I will not be following any the real-life events after the first chapter, but will instead be changing most of it to fit Rookie Blue. Enjoy.

Despite the book with the rules her mom gave her, despite her break-up buddy, despite everything, Andy McNally could not get over Sam. Not completely. Rule number eight was to avoid thinking about your ex, whether good or bad thoughts, and to refocus your thinking on the future–that rule was impossible. For the past hour, she had replayed her last conversation with Swarek in her mind, over and over again. She still couldn't believe he had the audacity to approach her, to make sure she was alright—which not only broke rule number three, but made her feel bitter towards him. It was no longer his job to care about her, and that's exactly what she told him. She wished she had said more.

She wanted to tell him he had hurt her, more than anyone else. Because unlike her mom, dad, Luke, and everyone else who had let her down, he made her a promise—no one else did. He told her he wouldn't let her go without a fight. He broke that promise. Maybe that's why it hurt so badly. Maybe it was because she couldn't talk about it to anyone—Nick didn't count. Everyone else had their own drama, Traci lost Jerry, Gail was abducted, then her suspension, Chris found out he was a dad… it was just a bad month.

A car zoomed past, pulling her away from her thoughts and back into reality. She reacted quickly, stepping on the gas pedal and quickly pursuing the speeding vehicle. She turned on the sirens and lights, grateful for the distraction—maybe riding solo today wasn't the best of ideas.

The red Honda Civic did not put up a fight, and quickly pulled over to the side of the road. Andy drove up behind him, parking several feet away. She pulled out her ticket book and reached for the radio to call it in, but caught movement from the corner of her eye. She looked up to see the Honda's driver door open and quickly dropped the radio, scrambling to her feet. She placed a hand on her holstered gun, it giving her a sense of security. "Sir, get back into your car, now." Her voice was shaky, but commanding still.

The other driver seemed to ignore her, as he continued to walk towards her. Andy gripped her gun, pulling it from its place, but the man was faster than her. He raised his weapon, aiming is straight at her, before she had a chance raise hers. Her heart seemed to stop for a moment, and fear shook her very core. She was used to excuses, pleas even, from people she pulled over—this was definitely new.

"Put your gun down!" The man yelled at her, gesturing to her handgun with his. "Throw it!"

"Okay, okay!" She said quickly, trying to keep her voice calm and even. She didn't want to give this man any reason to pull the trigger. She bent over slowly, sliding the gun under the wheel of her car. She definitely did not want to make it easy for him or anyone else to get. She stood up, raising her hands in surrender. "Okay, gun's down."

The man's breathing was jagged, and he looked more scared than angry now. "Why'd you pull me over, lady?"

"You… you were speeding." His question took her by surprised, confusing her. "You were going twenty of the limit."

"Damn it!" He cursed, kicking the ground and sending dirt flying—the gun never once moving from her. "You should have just let me go!"

Yeah, I'm beginning to wish I had, Andy thought. She could literally feel her body pumping adrenaline through her veins, causing her hands to shake.

"Get over here." He ordered, nodding towards the hood of her car. She obeyed without protest, not seeing much choice in the matter. She kept her hands raised; trying to show him she was not going to mess around. "Stay there."

Andy bit her lower lip, trying to formulize a workable plan. The guy seemed on the verge of a meltdown, she sure as hell did not want that happening while he held a gun to her head. "Listen, you don't—"

"Shut up!" She felt the butt of his gun slamming against her forehead before she fully realized what he was doing. She fell to her knees, the impact giving her an instant, splitting headache. She felt herself starting to fade, and forced herself to stay alert. It took every bit of self-will to not pass out. "Shit!"

Andy could feel blood trickling down her face, but the adrenaline rush helped null the pain, at least to a manageable level. She used the hood of the car to push herself into a standing position, the palms of her hands feeling scratched and dry. "That was probably not your best idea."

"You think I don't know that?" He snapped, sounding regretful of his decision already. "Damn it… damn it!"

Andy stayed quiet, not wanting to provoke him anymore than she had already. She watched him pace back and forth, the gun never once leaving her direction. Trying to tackle him was completely out of the question—he would have too much time to react, to shoot her before she close enough to touch him. She looked down, seeing the tip of her gun poking out from under the car.

"Don't even think about it." The man warned, as if reading her mind. He stepped closer to her, pressing the cool metal barrel against her temple. "Get in the car."

Her eyes widened in alarm, surprised. Before she could ask him which car, he pushed the gun harder against her skin, directing her towards the passenger seat of the Honda. She walked slowly, each step taken with caution. She tried to keep the shakiness down, but the thought of being abducted brought resurfaced memories of the night Gail was taken.

The man walked ahead of her, opening to door to his car. He did not once give her an opportunity to take him down. "In."

Andy's heart raced as she fumbled into the passenger's seat, the barrel of the gun never moving from her temple. She heard a noise from behind, and turned to see a little boy in the backseat, whimpering in fear. Her stomach dropped—what the hell had she stumbled upon?

"Turn around!" Andy broke eye contact with the terrified toddler, and looked at her captor. For some reason, he did not look as threatening as before. For the first time, she noticed his eyes, filled with fear. He was young too, younger than she was. Early twenties, tops. He was sweating profusely, not because it was hot, because it was anything but, more likely because he was scared. "In the backpack right there, there's some duct tape. Get it."

Andy glanced down at her feet, spotting the black, well-worn pack on the ground. She pulled it onto her lap, sifting through its contents until she found the tape. She handed it to him, but he shook his head, refusing it.

"No, you're going to wrap your feet together with it." He said, the gun in his shaking hands no doubt growing heavy.

She took another look at the scared kid in the back, before silently complying with the man's orders. She wrapped several layers of the heavy-duty tape around her ankles, not bothering to leave a little slack to try and escape later. She knew the man was unstable, she was not about to risk him getting angry and endangering a child's life.

"Now your hands."

She did not protest. She tried as best she could to wrap the spool of tape around her wrists, using her mouth to hold the tape during the process. When she was sure he would be satisfied, she cut the tape with her teeth, letting it fall to her lap. She could not remember every feeling this vulnerable before. "What about my mouth?"

"I'm not some kind of an idiot." The man snapped, sounding almost offended. "People would notice that."

He was right. A woman in a police uniform with duct tape over her mouth would probably be a dead giveaway.

Her abductor reached over and felt the restraints, obviously feeling comfortable with her work as he lowered his gun. He grabbed the tape and her hands, pushing them onto the arm rest of the door. He wrapped several layers around her wrists and the door, making sure there was no possible way she would be going anywhere. He did a good job, Andy noted, already feeling her circulation being cut off just the slightest bit.

"Now I can see your hands at all time. You won't have the chance to try anything." He explained, as though she hadn't put it together already. She knew good and well what he was doing.

The man shut the door, her bones feeling like they might jump out of her skin at the movement. As her captor ran around to the driver's side of the door, Andy took the opportunity to ask how the kid was doing. The boy did not have a chance to respond before the man was back in the driver's seat. "Don't talk to him."

He threw the car into gear and sped away, leaving her squad car parked on the side of the road, the driver's door wide open.

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