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It All Started with A Single Touch ─ Chapter 3

"Yamamoto Really Understands Me"

Shock. It was all that's written clearly on Tsuna's face upon hearing such bitter answer from his very own brother, Tsunayoshi. Immediately after that, his heartbeat felt like suddenly stopped, frozen by the poison from the other brunet's voice tone. His doe-like brown eyes widened into a size of a saucer. Sense of disbelief was significantly apparent on his face.

"B-but… w-why?" he asked, his tone filled with full disbelief.

He just couldn't believe of what he heard. No, he refused to believe that. There's no way his kind and loving older brother would say something so spiteful to him!

"Choosing your friend over your own brother," the older brunet scoffed, his voice filled with tension. Anger was apparent on his face expression.

"What the hell is that?!" it was followed by another disapproving tone; trace of poison was obvious on its very words.

Upon reaching to his senses, Tsuna could only waver. His face looked hurt. But mostly, it was filled with disbelief. He gulped a little as he tried to adjust his increased breathing.

"It's…" Tsuna paused, his face now turned to guilt. He looked down, avoiding his contact from the accusing brunet as he continued,

"It's n-not like that, Tsunayoshi-nii…"

His breathing paced up as his voice started to stutter. Trace of guilt was evident on his face. Nervousness was starting to hit right on his face, something that was pretty much happened to him whenever he was scolded. His hands were now clammy, followed by the hint of remorse on his hazel eyes.

"I-I… I w-was just…" he started to reason again, though he knew that he would fail miserably on it.

And he was right. Looking at the scornful look that Tsunayoshi put on his stern face made him realized that it's not working. Tsunayoshi was never looked like this before. It was as if the boy was possessed by something so terrible and wicked. The boy was utterly mad. He was so angry, way beyond Tsuna's imagination. Tsunayoshi was pissed off. This time, Tsuna had really pulled a wrong trigger.

"Cut it out, Tsuna. I don't want to hear your pathetic excuses." The older brunet scoffed, even in his voice tone filled with deep rage. It shut the nervous-looking brunet immediately, like a rapid blast of a gun.

"B-but… Ts-Tsunayoshi-nii…" was all that he could reply as his voice starting to break. He knew that he was so messed up this time.

Yet Tsunayoshi was still relentless! The churning feeling inside his heart just wouldn't stop. No, it wouldn't. Not until he was satisfied. Not until he was able to hurt someone from it. It was overwhelming even to him. He tried gritting his teeth in annoyance, converting his anger. But it's no use. He needed to let it all go. He needed to burst at something, or someone.

And this time, he wanted to give in.

"Pfft," he stifled a laugh, giving a mocking tone to Tsuna, as if trying to depreciate the poor brunet even more. The brunet gave a scornful look to his little brother which immediately shut him up, making him guiltier as time passed by.

"You know what, Tsuna?" Sharp, sunset-colored eyes pierced thoroughly to the other teary eyes. With a tone filled with utter loathing, Tsunayoshi said to Tsuna.

"I hate you."

He couldn't believe what he just heard. He refused to. He knew that his older brother was so kind and loving to him that such words, would pretty much be impossible for Tsunayoshi to say. But who was he fooling?

"A-ahh… Ts-Tsunayoshi-nii… h-hates me…?" He stuttered in disbelief. Even his voice made a questioning sound. His eyes widened in fears as realization started to come out and haunt him with his greatest fear.

The fear of rejection. The fear of being lonely. The fear of being someone that nobody cares about.

And he couldn't accept it. No, not anymore. He didn't want to be lonely. He hated it! And the thought of being hated by someone that's important for him was just too much. It was beyond his imagination. Never ever in his life he thought that Tsunayoshi would hate him, would leave him, wouldn't care about him anymore. And the very thought of it was terrifying.

"T-Tsunayoshi-nii… h-hates me now…" His face looked horrible. His voice was breaking. His heart clenched him tightly, making it's hard to breathe.

As his fears started to grow stronger, embracing him in a tight misery, his eyes started to form small tears near the edge of his eyes. He knew that he's going to lose it. These tears would soon fall down from his hazel eyes. He just needed one last push. And unfortunately, Tsunayoshi was more than obliged to give it.

"You heard me. I hate you. I don't want to see your face ever again!"

And that's when Tsuna finally broke down.

Even so he tried to think that it's not real, how come those words cut him right in his heart? How come such words just deeply stabbed him, making it hard for him to just take a simple gasp of air?

"O-okay… I j-just…" He looked down, not wanting to show his crying face.

And that's when he realized he started to pace up his speed, running away from the both boys who could only watch in stunned.

Tsuna didn't know anymore. All that he knew was he found himself further and further away from Enma and Tsunayoshi. All that he knew was the sound of stead-fast running that he did. All that he knew was… he wanted to run away from his terrible loneliness.

"Ts-Tsuna-kun!" Enma tried to call, looking concerned to his friend. He kept his voice down as he called his friend because he didn't want to make the teacher found out, since they're all still being punished.

But Tsuna was still running away. Enma knew that it's not working. He could only wonder how much pain that Tsuna had to endure. Heck, he could practically see Tsuna was breaking into tears. He knew that his friend was hurt. He himself would be like that too if he were to experience that.

He knew that Tsuna needed to be comforted. Maybe he should go and try to comfort Tsuna? Would it work? He didn't know. He looked at Tsunayoshi, wanting to tell his senpai to go chase Tsuna, look at him in the eyes and say that he didn't really mean it. But Enma couldn't seem to find the right word for it. Instead, he just looked concernedly to the other brunet.

He could see Tsunayoshi was gritting his teeth; annoyance was evident on the brunet's handsome face.

"Tsunayoshi-senpai… Is it really okay like this?" Enma whispered silently, feeling helpless of this whole situation.

Meanwhile, before all that happening, Yamamoto Takeshi had just finished his fast shopping, buying some tasty looking bread for his friends. On his hands, or rather, inside his clutch, there's lot of variety of bread that he just bought from the school cafeteria.

"Ahahaha, I think I bought too much!" Yamamoto smiled out his happy grin, looking at the stack of bread on his clutch.

There was a wide variety of bread, such as melon bread, chocolate-flavored, strawberry, mocha, yakisoba, hotdog, and even curry-flavored one. He didn't know what he should buy instead after noticing that the vanilla bread was sold out, thus he ended up buying all the bread that looks tasty in his opinion.

As he was walking back to his classroom, he did a little thought in his mind, thinking about who gets which bread. He looked at his bread; a smile suddenly formed in his face as he could feel the sudden fluffy feelings in his heart.

'Tsuna would like the chocolate or the melon. I know he likes sweet stuff!' he kept walking, taking the staircase, heading to his classroom as he did the small brainstorm to himself. He knew that Tsuna likes sweet stuff, so it's a big chance that he'd like either the chocolate or melon bread.

He then continued, still smiling all happily,

'Enma would like the strawberry one, maybe? Hahaha! His hair is red after all!' Yamamoto laughed a little at the thought of figuring his friend's favorite.

But seriously, how does hair color has anything to do with someone's preference? Sometimes, Yamamoto's logic is just too weird to comprehend.

'I could give some to Gokudera too. Maybe the yakisoba or curry?' he wondered again, still trying to figure out what he got to do to the plentiful foods that he bought.

He could give some to his other friends too, he figured. He didn't know what Gokudera would like though. After all, he wasn't really that close with that feisty bomber. He wouldn't know what the silveret liked or what. And as far as he knew, Gokudera hated him. So not much he could do, wasn't it? Well, he's already happy that he has Tsuna.

And assuming he's going to eat the mocha bread, then there's only one left.

'And the hotdog…' he paused, humming at the process. And as if to support his thinking, Yamamoto stopped his walk. Now he was standing still on the staircase.

'The hotdog… who would like a hotdog…?' he continued, giving a small mumble as he used his head to brainstorm even more. He noticed each of his friends already got one. Heck, there's even still more for two. And since no one came to his mind, he could only think this one special person, one that he adored so much, one that he cared so much.

It's none other than his close best friend, Sawada Tsuna.

'Maybe Tsuna? Would Tsuna like—' he hummed again, thinking in the process.

And there it hit him so suddenly. That imagination hit the back of his mind was so fast as if he just got struck by it.

Now, he could see the image of Tsuna eating a hotdog, slowly opening his mouth rather big, swallowing the whole thing inside. And then it came again. In his mind, Yamamoto could see how Tsuna's soft lips pressing gently against the hotdog, making a nice friction, as he put it in again, slowly filling his mouth with that hotdog. And upon thinking that, Yamamoto couldn't help but to think…

How would it feel if Tsuna's doing that to his hotdog…?

As fast as it was formed, Yamamoto quickly dismissed the thought as a heavy blush suddenly formed on his cheeks.

'W-what am I thinking?! I d-didn't just think Tsuna eating my—' Realizing what he just almost said, he suddenly cut that thought as he could feel another blush rising on his cheeks.

'Uwaah! W-what was I thinking?! I really shouldn't think of Tsuna like that! H-he doesn't even feel that way!'

But that's not the only thing that's rising from him.

Cause as of right now, thanks to his wild imagination of Tsuna eating his hotdog, he could feel something else rising from deep inside him. Or more appropriately speaking, something was rising from below…

Down on his crotch.

'W-what?! N-no, no, no! You can't get up now!' Yamamoto began to panic as a sudden intrusion coming from under his boxer.

So it seemed, his manhood kind of liked the idea of Tsuna eating him. That's why he could feel that it's getting up, ready to rumble. Although, the very idea of getting hard because of thinking dirty thoughts of his best friend and doing perverted stuff with him, made Yamamoto feel embarrassed, slightly ashamed even.

'Ahh, this is bad.' He said guiltily. If he had wolf ears, it would be drooped by now.

He felt rather bad about the whole getting an erection because he was fantasizing his best friend. He knew he shouldn't have felt that way, especially since he thought that Tsuna was not feeling the same way like him. It's not really his fault though. He was just a teenager. Being horny was like his best friend. He still couldn't control his up and down hormone. And it's not like he's gay or what. He knew he didn't feel that way if it's with Gokudera or any other male. But if it's with Tsuna… It's just different. The boy really turned his life upside down.

A sudden sound of fast-paced footsteps made Yamamoto back to his senses. Instinctively, while trying to get his mind off from his perverted thoughts, he looked at the direction of the steps.

And there he could see a young brunet, walking rather quick, stumbling at the process. He couldn't see the boy's face, since it's kind of covered because the boy was looking down. But there's no way he would forget that body.

Well, that sounded so wrong. But still, aside from that, Yamamoto knew exactly who that person was. It didn't take him that much of a time to figure it out.

"Huh? Isn't that Tsuna?" he said as if he was thinking out loud. His face looked confused. He knew that it was Tsuna. But somehow, he just couldn't shake away this weird feeling inside his heart. It seemed like something terribly wrong had just happened.

Without second thought, Yamamoto decided to pace up his speed in order to follow the leaving brunet. He quickly took the stairs, slightly running forward just to catch up with his best friend. And judging from the direction, it seemed like the brunet was heading to his school's rooftop.

As he was trying to catch up with Tsuna, the uneasy feeling inside of him started to grow stronger. His heart suddenly clenched upon noticing the sight of his running best friend. Instantly, he followed the brunet with a slight stead-fast speed. He didn't want to make a huge commotion by running in the hallway. It would make him get caught and be scolded. So he decided to just walk quickly, following the small brunet.

Upon coming closer to the brunet, thanks to his long legs he could easily catch up with Tsuna, Yamamoto couldn't help but to feel that something was off. Though he could only see the brunet's back, he noticed that something wrong must have happened. His gut feelings told him so. And he couldn't help but to wonder.

'It really is, Tsuna! But… why is he crying?'

After walking for a while, running away aimlessly from his older brother, not wanting to let them see him crying, Tsuna found out that he's now on the school's rooftop. He realized that he took the stairs, heading to the rooftop, and once he arrived, he opened the door and proceeded in.

'Ahh, I ended up running away again…' Tsuna sobbed as he put his arms around his body, trying to hold it together from breaking apart.

He didn't even know why he decided to come here. All that he knew was he wanted to run and hide; some traits that he's very good at. It's not like he was a coward. He ran away because he needed time to adjust his emotion. Because, as of right now, the clenching feeling inside his heart just wouldn't stop hurting him, pushing him down to his knees, past his breaking point.

'It's all my fault… Everything is my fault… Tsunayoshi-nii was hurt because of me…' he whispered silently throughout his breaking voice. His face looked terrible. Trace of tears was apparent on the side of his eyes, making him looked like his eyes were abused by it. He sobbed. And no matter how many time he did that, the churning feeling inside just wouldn't go away.

'It's always like this, isn't it? I always ended up hurting everyone that I love… Everyone that cares about me… I always messed up…'

His guilt was now starting to blame himself, embracing him deeper to the endless sadness. He noticed that it began again. This whole self-blaming made his heart starting to hurt. It made him breaking into tears. Every time he sobbed and gasped for a single breath of air, he could feel the stabbing pain inside his heart.

'If only I wasn't this no-good, I wouldn't have…'

Not even be able to finish the thought, he was now alerted by a sudden voice coming from behind him.

"Tsuna?! Tsuna, are you okay?!"

And there's no way he forgot that voice. It was belong to none other than Yamamoto Takeshi, the kind and caring friend of his.

The boy had just arrived, his breathing kind of paced up, his face looked concerned and worried. From his side, he could only see Tsuna's back and how the brunet was wrapping his arms around him. A faint, small, almost voiceless, sobbing was also apparent, coming from Tsuna's direction.

Noticing that there's no answer from Tsuna, Yamamoto walked closer, heading for the brunet.

"Tsuna? What happened?" he asked again, deeply worried of his best friend. He walked closer again. And now their distance was only five-feet away.

Realizing that Yamamoto was coming at him, Tsuna decided to say.

"Yeah… I'm okay… Nothing happened, Yamamoto." he tried to hide his sad voice tone, though he noticed he failed at it. His voice was breaking and hoarse. It's like he just finished crying.

But of course, Yamamoto wouldn't buy that. He noticed it right away, almost instantly.

"No, it's not. I know everything is not okay."

He was now standing right behind Tsuna, though his arms still clutching the foods that he bought just then. His face filled with deep concern. His hazel colored eyes shone with worry. He knew exactly that something bad happened to Tsuna. That's why he wanted to comfort the brunet so much.

He took a breath, pausing for a moment, waiting for Tsuna's reply. But since he didn't get any, he decided to take the first step.

"Tsuna, look at me."

And it caught Tsuna off guard. He didn't expect Yamamoto would say so. Thus, he didn't know what to respond to it.

"Why…?" he asked, because that's the only thing that came to his mind.

But Yamamoto was still firm. With his eyes gleaming with determination and concern, he decided to go on again.

"Look at me, please?"

And Tsuna knew it was only a matter of time before Yamamoto saw it. He knew he couldn't really run away again since he reached the end of his road. Not only that, he knew that fake smile wouldn't work on Yamamoto. Somehow, the guy just could read him so much like an open book.

"B-but… Ya-Yamamoto… I look terrible…" His voice started to break again. The wave of sadness started to engulf him again.

And that's when suddenly he could feel it, the warm feeling coming from Yamamoto tight embrace. He didn't notice what just happened at first but he knew that it felt so pleasant, being hugged like this.

Just seconds after that, Tsuna could notice that Yamamoto turned his body back, making him facing the raven haired teen, and hugged him, wrapping his strong arms around Tsuna's small body. Yamamoto didn't even care about the foods that he bought; he let it dropped to the ground. All that he cared about now was Tsuna. His one and only Tsuna.

"It's alright Tsuna. I'm here now. Everything is gonna be alright." He caressed Tsuna's back as he tightened his hug.

And Tsuna knew that he couldn't hold his tears any longer. Inside the warm embrace of Yamamoto Takeshi, Tsuna was now breaking again.

"It's not alright… Ya-Yamamoto…" he sobbed, pressing his face on Yamamoto's firm chest. Simultaneously, Tsuna also wrapped his arms around Yamamoto's body, placing his hands on Yamamoto's broad shoulders.

"It's okay. Don't cry… It makes me sad if you cry. " he soothed, trying to comfort the other teen.

After adjusting his breathing in between his crying, Tsuna decided to share his problem.

"Ya-Yamamoto… T-Tsunayoshi-nii… said that he hates me…"

Upon hearing that, Yamamoto's hug became tighter. "That's not true. It must be some sort of misunderstanding. Why would he hate you, Tsuna? You're likable. No one would hate you."

And the effect was so positive. It sent such a nice feeling to the other teen, making him feel loved and cared.

"B-but… he said… he doesn't want to see my face ever again… I just don't understand… What did I do wrong...?"

Not wanting for Tsuna to blame himself, Yamamoto said again, comforting the brunet to the fullest.

"You didn't do anything wrong, Tsuna. It must be just a misunderstanding. He didn't really mean that. I know he didn't."

He caressed Tsuna's hair, then down to his back, giving a pleasant feeling to the brunet as he pulled Tsuna closer to his warm embrace.

"Don't cry anymore, okay? I'm here now. I'll try to talk to him later."

"B-but Yamamoto…"

"It's okay. Everything is gonna be okay. He's going to apologize to you and take it back. I promise. You know I never back down from my promise, Tsuna!"

Overwhelmed by the warmth, Tsuna's clenching heart was suddenly relieved. Those hurting feeling somehow just disappeared without leaving a single trace at all. This comforting feeling from Yamamoto was just what he needed. It made him happy. And the nice scent coming from Yamamoto's body just helped him relax even more.

"T-Thank you… Yamamoto…"

And it caught Yamamoto off guard, but it only just for a second. Right after that, his face turned to a nice, happy smile. He was very happy that he was able to comfort Tsuna.

"No problem! Hahaha! Cheer up, okay?"

He tightened his hug, pulling Tsuna close to his chest as he rubbed the brunet's hair gently.

"No, really… Thank you… Thank you for being… so kind to me… Thank you for always understanding me…" Tsuna said appreciatively as he then sniffed Yamamoto's scent, letting his nostrils filled with the comforting scent.

"The feeling is mutual! I'm glad Tsuna likes it too. "

Hearing such statement, Tsuna's face turned into a confused expression.

"But you're the one that's so kind to me… I don't even know—"

Not even be able to finish it, Yamamoto decided to explain it to his best friend.

"But of course! Tsuna is like so important to me! Tsuna means a lot for me!"

Upon hearing that, the wave of fluffy feelings suddenly engulfed his heart. It made him feel so happy, appreciated and at the same time, loved. It was a really nice feeling for him to feel.

"T-Thanks… It means a lot for me…"

Yamamoto smiled happily. He felt accomplished now that he was able to make Tsuna feel happy.

"You're welcome! Hehehe! Hug me tighter! It will make you feel better!"


And that's when his mind finally started to work. He didn't even notice it back then, but he was hugging Yamamoto's so tightly, like a baby koala.

And of course, when it all came back to his senses, the very first thing that he did was to…

"Hieee!" he screeched, as he gave a forceful drawback from Yamamoto. His face was blushing red, embarrassed of the intense closeness between them.

"Hahaha! You don't have to go! You're always welcome in my embrace, you know!" he gave his happy, 10.000 carat Yamamoto Takeshi smile, which made Tsuna to be more embarrassed than he had already been.

"Hieee! Ya-Yamamoto! N-not so loud!" the brunet panicked, another blush rising on his face.

Unbeknownst to both of them, a pair of sunset-colored eyes was lurking from behind the door. His face was making a nice, disapproving scowl. It was as if he really disliked of what happened just then.

'Tch, I knew it. I shouldn't have chased after him.'

To Be Continued—

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"What the hell was that, Giotto?! I never heard of it!" Tsunayoshi scowled, as he protested to his older brother, teeth gritted in annoyance.

"Relax, Tsunayoshi. It's all Tsuna's rights to do that." Giotto sipped his coffee calmly, his gaze shifting over from his drink to the said brunet, "Besides, I already said I won't take sides."

"But not like this! I thought you would have—"

"Don't get me wrong, Tsunayoshi." The calm and gentle blond suddenly sounded so serious as a winning smirk started to form on his face,

"What I mean by that is, I have my own plan, you see. One that, I assure you, will surely thwart your plan off." Giotto gracefully laughed a little which made the other teen to give an intense glare to him, before he then added again,

"There's no way I'm giving up Tsuna to you, Tsunayoshi."