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"Ehhhhh?!" Hevn said when she opened her laptop and saw a picture of something she definitely did not download. "Where the hell did this come from?! Who did this?! What happened to my picture of me and Masaki?!" she angrily asked as she searched through her files for the photo.

"Hevn, isn't it a little early for you to start freaking out about something?" Ban asked after he swallowed his food. "Can't you just take another picture?"

"Yeah Hevn-san. Can't you just take another picture? What was it replaced by anyway?" Ginji asked, getting up from his seat and walking over. Ban grabbed his cup of coffee and went to look too. He took another sip of his hot beverage only to spit it back out when he saw what was on Hevn's screen.

"What the hell?!" an angry backwashed coffee covered Himiko screamed. "Why'd you do a spit take this way?!" she asked, completely ignoring the fact Ban was coughing up the coffee that had gone down his windpipe in his surprise.

"Hevn, I think you need a better security system on your computer. There's this new virus going around and it plucks a random photo from the internet and then, while you're distracted, it steals as much information as it can," Paul-san said, handing Himiko a napkin and Ban a glass of water.

"Ne, Himiko-chan, you can't blame him. He just saw a really surprising picture on Hevn-san's screen," Ginji defended his friend as Hevn started looking for a way to get rid of the virus.

"What was it?" she asked before she took the bottle of water she asked Natsumi for and started chugging the contents.

"It was us kissing," Ban answered, finally regaining his composure. The water flowing from the bottle to Himiko's stomach was suddenly disrupted as she started choking just like Ban had.

"What?!" she asked after her coughing fit had subsided. "Who would post that stuff on the internet? Don't they know? Not that I have a problem with people like that, but still!"

"Apparently not. I guess people were too lazy to read the manga to find out we're related."

"Brother and sister right Ban-chan?"

"I wonder how many people will abandon the pairing," Paul-san muttered.

something I thought of when I got to a certain part of the manga. and saw there were bunches of Ban x Himiko fics.

you can ship them if you want to ship. i was just wondering how many people actually knew.

i'm sorry if i accidentally shattered your beliefs.

this was meant to be purely humorous. i believe you are entitled to your own ships. so please don't kill me with words.

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