A/N: Funny note about this story. It was originally called "The Silence of Sounds." And then I found out the first ep of season 8 is called "The Silencer." Seemed too similar. Ah, well. Great minds think alike? Tee hee. :o)

"Imelda," Garcia says.

"Marcos," JJ and Emily respond immediately.

"Okay. Aileen," the analyst says.

"Wuornos," the profilers answer.

"Geez, fine. Umm…Ethel! Can't find anything wrong with Ethel!" she says confidently.

"Rosenberg," the Prentiss women answer.

"Plus that would not flow with Amy," JJ points out.

"Okay, fine, but can I just point out two things. One: it really, really sucks trying to find a name not attached to death and ickiness. And B) Amy is not an easy name to flow into. You all might be screwed. You will have little baby 'Questionmark Amy Prentiss'."

Emily and JJ both laugh at that thought.

"Well, celebrities give their kids strange names. Why not us?" Emily says.

"Oh, Emily, your mother would not only drop you from the social register she would make you disappear," Garcia warns.

"True," Emily agrees, still laughing.

Before any more name suggestions get tossed out, JJ's call waiting beeps. "Uh, hate to cut this off, Pen, but Hotch is calling. Check with you later."

"Right. I'll be brainstorming and Googling names."

JJ just laughs and switches over. "Hey, Hotch."

"Okay, Dave and I are dying to know what you two are laughing about."

"See, Hotch, this is why it sucks not being on the jet. You are missing all the baby name fun."

He chuckles. "Oh. Not what we thought."

"Uh, dare we ask?"

"No, it would definitely be safer for Dave if you didn't. So, any decisions on names?"

"We know if it's a girl her middle name will be Amy. Just need to find the first name," JJ answers.

"And if it's a boy?" Rossi chimes in.

Emily chuckles. "Jen didn't like my suggestion of Aaron David Morgan Spencer Prentiss. Not my fault, guys."

Rossi and Hotch both laugh. "Maybe we don't have that profiler position filled yet, after all," Hotch jokes.

"Ha ha. That job is mine and if it isn't I'll get Garcia to do a 'thing', Hotch," JJ threatens.

He laughs. "Yeah, I can see you doing that. And her being happy to oblige. So, what names did she suggest?"

"Imelda, Aileen, and Ethel," JJ tells him.

"Marcos, Wuornos, and Rosenberg," Hotch replies.

"Very good, Hotch!" Emily praises, impressed.

"You forget how young Jack is. Trust me…I had the same hang-ups. Hailey was ready to just name him Hotchner Hotchner."

The other 3 agents laugh. "Look, I actually also had a case-related reason to call. One of the victims was a Navy petty officer. NCIS recognizes it's our case but they want to talk to us and make sure we know what we're doing. I'd like you two to meet with the agent in charge, Mack Brewster. Let him come onto the task force if he wants but try to convince him we'll take care of everything. The last thing we need is more people trying to get us to rush out a profile."

"Right, Hotch. We'll take care of it."

"Good. I'll have Garcia send you the address. You all go straight there. We'll meet you at the precinct when you're done."

"Sounds good," JJ says.

"Oh, and, agents?" Hotch continues.



Emily and JJ exchange a look. "Downs," they say simultaneously.

Hotch laughs. "You two are tough. Good luck!"

He clicks off. JJ stares out the window for a moment then turns to her wife.

"We're going to have to name her 'Questionmark', aren't we?"

Emily chuckles. "Nah. We'll come up with something."

"I hope so. Hey! Maybe Roxanne so she can still be Rocky!" JJ suggests excitedly.

Emily grits her teeth. "My daughter will not be called Rocky after she is born."

JJ laughs. "Says she who called our son Lima Bean for the first 3 months of his life."

Emily chuckles. "I changed to Champ or Henry." Pause. "Eventually," she says with a grin.

"Riiiight. I believe it was the whole 'cut of for life' threat that helped."

Emily gets an evil grin on her face. "So remember that when Rocky is born."

JJ grins smugly. "Like you could give this up," she gestures to herself.

Emily blurts out a laugh. "Ooooo! Someone is feeling very full of herself since she became a bad ass profiler."

"Yes, yes I am." JJ agrees, a big grin on her face.

Emily just shakes her head, incredibly proud and hopelessly in love with the woman beside her.

A/N: Imelda Marcos, Aileen Wuornos, Ethel Rosenberg, and Diane Downs-all notoriously bad women for varying reasons. It has to be hard for profilers to come up with baby names. :o)