This is my Fanmade Hetalia Series, thisis for my OC character, I will take requests and all, and if you have a fan made charcter, you can ask if your charracter could be in this. This took a week or so to write without being distracted, and yes I know i put alot of flaws in there...Anyway

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Hetalia or any of the characters other than Alabama. I dont own the countries or the state of Alabama. If I did I probablly wouldnt be here.

The young Alabama was sitting down in the cold harsh rain. She was lost, cold, sad, and very hungry. She was under a tree. It was close, yet far, from houses. She shivered as the cold rain soaked her clothes and went down her back. She was also very tired. She had been running by the mean strangers that were chasing her, she didn't know what she had done, but all she knew that there was an English older kid and a Russian teen chasing her, and they hadn't found her yet, they were about 4 or 6 years older than her human age, and she didn't want them to find her. She sighed and started to drift off into a small nap, but she couldn't sleep. She got up, checking if the rain is close to ending and ran off, not know the two teens were on her trail.

"I can't be going on like this!" She said. She has a soft voice, which it had shifted into a normal voice; she seemed to be talking to herself. "Why are they after me?! What did I do?!" She seemed to be yelling at herself now, she seem confused and mad, why would those teens be chasing a young 8 year old, in human age, Alabama. She eventually fell asleep when she had found a meadow, but the 2 others were still on her trail at that time.

She woke up in a bed, it certainly wasn't hers, and she didn't recognize the room she was in. "W-Where am I?" She asked to nothing, or as she thought, then she gently tried to get out of the bed, but there was a voice which had startled her and made her gets back into the bed, hiding her under the sheets. "Oh no, you shouldn't be getting out!" It was a female voice, the voice which had startled her. She didn't know this voice and even if that person wasn't there, she wouldn't even be able to get up. She had a fever somehow, and the person didn't wasn't her to get lost and get more sick. "You should stay in this bed; you wouldn't want to get sicker!" She said as Alabama got confused, then she realized how tired she all of a sudden was, as she laid down. She turns where her face was facing the wall. She tried to sleep but, she couldn't help but over hearing everything that was going in. "Is she awake? Is she alright?" Said a boy voice, it was the English boy who was chasing poor Alabama. She tried her best to stay awake to try to get as much information as she could before she could pass out and awake later on. "Yes, she's alright, she just has a mild fever, she should be better tomorrow, if not, she should at least get better a few hours later after that day," said the female voice. "Oh, alright Hungary," said the English voice, then Alabama was passed out by the time Hungary replied and left.

"Yo, dude! I think she's awake!" Said a boy's voice, and then there was a loud "OW" heard soon after that. "Shut up! You're the one who must have waked her up!" said the English boy. Alabama woke up, and she stood her upper body up, and looked around. Still in the same room, same bed, but there were people this time. "Where a-am I" She asked. "You're in this building where every country, city, and/or totally cool state lives!" Said the boy's voice, American voice. Then another "OW!" was heard, the English boy then spoke. "You're in the Earth Building, it's where Countries, States, Cites or maybe even continents live," Alabama then understood, but she was a bit afraid. The reason why is that she was told that nobody could figure out that she is a state. "How did you figure out that I'm a-""It was in your records, Ala, you don't mind if I call you Ala, do you? Anyway, I'm sorry that we had to track you down using Britain and the other guy," The American spoke. "I don't mind and it's alright," "Anyway, I'm America, the hero of the group. And the dude next to me is Brittan!" America said once again there was an "OW!" "Ignore him, I'm England," Said the English boy. Alabama nodded, she did know that there were countries, but she didn't realize that she would actually meet ANY of them.

After that she was introduced into the other Allies, and as usual they forgot about Canada. Well, Alabama saw him and asked about him. "Oh, him, he is…Hey Brittan! Who is he?" "Uh, I don't remember, I know it started with a C…" "I'm Canada…" Canada said as they thought, America and England didn't realize that he said that and keep thinking. "Nice to meet you Canada," Alabama said smiling. "Oh and don't worry, I won't forget you," she added as America went to drag her off elsewhere.

Some random years later: Alabama meets the Axis

Alabama was sitting under a tree in a nice grassy field, looking at the day clouds. She smiled as a kitten ran over to her. She soon noticed that there was an Italian guy by her smiling. "OH, Uh, Hello…May I help you?" She asked, and the Italian nodded smiling back. "Ciao! I couldn't help but see a bella ragazza sitting here with an adorable kitty! Do you mind if I join you?" He asked, and Alabama nodded. "Who are you anyway, bella signora?" "I'm Alabama, I'm part of the USA, and you bella italiana?" Alabama said, actually speaking Italian to him. "Oh grazie and I'm Italy Veneziano! Nice meeting you Alabama!" He said, smiling. Then the cat had walked over to Italy. "Oh kitty~" He said picking up the kitty, smiling even more. Alabama chuckled at this. The cat then licked his cheek (and as Italy does in the anime/manga) he starts freaking out. "AH! IT'S ATTACKING ME! IT'S SO ROUGH!" He said like he really was in trouble, then he started shouting for somebody to help him. "GERMANY! HELP ME!" Which caused a German to come by quickly, making Alabama jump into the tree surprised, shocked and a bit scared. "Vhat is it Italy?" "THE CAT IS ATTACKING MEEEEE!" Italy said, as the kitten was still licking his cheek. "It's just licking you Veneziano…" Germany said, not noticing the Alabamian/American in the tree yet. He got the cat and out it away from Italy. As he put it down, he noticed Alabama, who wasn't watching this because of her shocked/surprised phase that made her cling to the tree. "Vho are you?" He asked, as Alabama still clung to a tree like a cat. She looked at him then replied, "I-I'm Alabama…" She said still a bit scared. Italy then stopped being in panic and went back to being cheerful and happy. "Oh Ciao again Alabama! Why are you clinging to a branch?"He asked as Alabama started to let go off the branch, causing her to fall off. She got up quickly, dusting herself off, Italy smiled at her.

Later on Alabama had met the rest of the Axis Powers group and Prussia. Her reaction to Prussia was confusion, and then she found him to be slightly annoying but funny.

Yeah anyway that's my story, Alabama is my OC character...

Alabama: Even though I'm a state, I'm still strong...