Hey guys, I've got something to say...Everything written in between the "/ /" is the narrator Example: /Alabam(character) is made by HetaliaLoveFreak/ also P.S the Minnesota in this story is a FEMALE!Minnesota I had made, I had made the original character, which is a male, I just haven't put him in yet...

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Alabama was then stuck in the closet for 2 hours, Minnesota had successfully got the dress onto her, but she didn't get out of the closet...That was intill Minnesota decided to be stupid and take her "lucky" jacket. That's when Alabama got out of the closet. It had her in a strapless/sleeveless red dress adorned with white X's ((The opposite way of her flag)) and scars on her left arm, even a bullet mark scar, most of her scars though were X's, like her flag. And then a small attack. After 30 minutes of fighting, Alabama got her jacket back, but some new scars. "Nobody, touches this jacket!" She said, sorta mocking Prussia's awesomeness.

/Now, this right here, shows that Alabama LOVES her jacket. Not only does it cover up the scars on her arm, but it's her Favorite Jacket. I mean, litterly, try taking away that jacket of hers...She will atttackkk, I mean ATTACK! A-T-T-A-C-K!/

Alabama put the jacket on, to cover up the scars, and Minnesota had fixed her blue dress, it also was strapless, but it was a tad bit shorter than Alabama's, then grabbed a brush to fix her hair. Alabama looked in the mirror, then saw that there was a small scar on her forehead, which she easily covered up with her bangs, then she fixed her hair. Minnesota offered make-up but Alabama politely rejected it. Then another ring came from Alabama's jacket. She took out her phone and looked at it. She got a text from an unknown number.

You might want to hurry up, Mon Cherie, unless you want to automatically paired up with some random somebody, that could even be me~ Ohonhon...

-Francis Bonnefoy/France

She gave of a quick frown at this, sure maybe she was a bit French and would get his humor, but she's pretty already used to that. Minnesota laughed as soon as she saw the text Alabama got. "Ha, ha! Oh Jayla, I told you we needed to hurry up! Hahahaaaa" Then she put herself in a laughing fit, which made Alabama here just walk out the door and lock it behind her. "HEY! UNLOCK THIS DOOR!" "Don't you have the key?" "NO I DO NOT! UNLOCK THE DOOR!" "But doesn't lock on the inside?" Alabama asked but then quickly ran off. As soon as she was half way gone, she got another text, just from another person.

Duuude, are ya coming? Oh wait, nevermind, I think you are, at least... Please hurry, France is about to you know what on us!

-America, The Hero, Alfred F. Jones

The door had busted down and Alabama turned around to see Minnesota litterly at full speed heading towards Alabama. "Oh Shit!" Alabama said and then open the door to the head room and quickly closed it behind her. In full fear, Minnesota was about to bust the door down. Alabama got a few odd looks at her, and maybe Huntsville, but then saw the door. They went to help her, but as soon as they had grip on the door, Alabama ran off and grabbed a newspaper, headed over to France, and went to give off a scolding. Soon Minnesota went off to give Alabama a scolding as well. Alabama was sorta kinda hitting France with the newspaper when Minnesota came up from behind her. As soon as Alabama turned around, Minnesota had a creepy look on her face, and then cue the running again, they were soon stopped by an angered German. Then after being scolded, cue the aruging, then the chasing, then more German-ness, and the rest. Eventually the monthly meeting carried back to buisness.

"Dudes! We need to get this meeting in order! Alabama, stay away from Annie for a bit...Annie...Don't murder Alabama..." America started. "Yes father," Minnesota said, then here goes Alabama like every meeting goes along with. "What the hell?! Why would you call him Father? He looks nothing like you!" Alabama started, Minnesota gave off a sigh. "Look Jayla, we are AMERICAN STATES, so pretty much he is out father...Just calm down and accept the fact that he's pretty much your father, and sure we don't look al-" "Shut up Annie!" "Look, I'm trying to explain this..." "Shut up!" "You must be mad about the Civil War" "DON'T SPEAK ABOUT THAT!" Then there was some fighting intill a Capital walked in. America's face lit up when this Capital came in. "Yo, DC! What's up?" Russia soon stopped the two states who were scared since it was Russia. They went to their seats afterwards. Alabama had to take off her jacket, which Alabama had makeup or something on her scars. DC soon took a seat next to her. He soon noticed "Huntsville" and began to gaze at it. Soon others began to gaze at "Huntsville" also, Alabama noticed this soon and grabbed a rolled up newspaper and whacked DC on the head with it to try to get him to stop. Then the monthly meeting continued and then everyone got a new dorm and a new dorm buddy for the month. /The people were grouped by using , so don't be upset at HetaliaLoveFreak, and if pairing are ever made, that is what is also going to be used/

Canada and Minnesota, Belarus and Japan, Ukraine and Nauru, Russia and London, Germany and Austria, Prussia and Beverly Hills, Hungary and Italy, China and Alabama, Madagascar and America, England and Samoa and France. There are more, but at the time, I do not have the feeling of making anymore. Have fun.

FINNNNNNALLLLY IS DONE! WOOT! Btw, London belongs to Newlanzic, Beverly Hills is MissSerendipity1235 and D.C is my friend's (who doesn't have a fanfiction) character. I DON'T OWN HETALIA