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Harry sat in the great hall the next morning, staring at the mouldy coloured gloopy potion that had appeared alongside his breakfast.

"Is that the nutrient thing you were talking about mate?" Ron asked, at Harry's glum nod he grimaced with sympathy "looks gross"

"It tastes gross!" Harry retorted with a joking glare at Ron. After being quizzed by his house mates in the common room yesterday about a night with the greasy git in a cave, he had taken Ron and Hermione to a secluded corner and told them everything that had happened. All about the Dursleys and how Snape had said he would help. They both had listened attentively and had been sympathetic and caring as always, Hermione insisting that speaking to Dumbledore would be for the best and Ron marvelling at how the dungeon bat could actually show compassion.

"Just drink it Harry. It will help your leg heal and you need the calcium. Honestly anyone would think its poison at the fuss you're both making over it!" Hermione chided again, causing both boys to stick out their tongues at her and Harry begrudgingly gulp down the foul liquid with a sour face. Harry then turned back to his plate of toast and eggs which he had barely touched. Not only was he just not hungry because of his shrunken stomach but he was also nervous about the upcoming meeting with Dumbledore that evening. He had been stopped on his way to breakfast that morning by Snape, informing him to come to his office at 7 that evening and they would then flu to Dumbledore's office for the conversation about the Dursleys. And frankly, Harry was terrified. It was hard enough telling Snape the few details but to tell the headmaster… A man whom he looks up to, what would he say? Where would he go? Would he have to go back to the Dursleys? Harry was pulled out of his line of thought by Hermione nudging him in the shoulder.

"Come on Harry, we've got DADA now with Professor Malcolm" she stated rising to her feet, Harry and Ron soon followed and headed off for the defence room, Harry still going rather slow as he was still getting use to the crutches.

When they arrived, most of the class were standing waiting outside the door, Harry had just lent up against the wall when the drawl of the person he did not want to see was heard in front of him. He looked up. Malfoy.

"Well, well potter, can't even last a day without messing up! You know I feel sorry for Professor Snape having to spend a whole night in a cave with you!" Malfoy sneered, followed by chuckles from his Slytherin cronies.

"Piss off Malfoy" Harry retorted "go crawl back to your hole"

"How dare you talk to … "Malfoy started only to be stopped as the classroom door opened to reveal a tall middle aged man with brown mousy hair and a scar across one cheek. He wore a warm smile that didn't reach his eyes.

Victor Malcolm was a 44 year old ex-auror who travelled a lot. That was all anyone knew of him, during the summer he applied for the defence against the dark arts job and Dumbledore accepted him. "Right in you come you lot and take your seats" he ordered in a friendly tone. The class exchanged hopeful glances and entered the room.

Harry was last in the line to enter, in order to avoid bashing his leg. Just before he went in, he looked up at Professor Malcolm and had to step back a little in surprise. The Professor was glaring at Harry so harshly that he could have given Snape a run for his money. Harry looked at him questioningly then side stepped him into the room.

The lesson itself was in general very enjoyable. Near the end of the session when everyone was packing away there things, Ron and everyone else were singing the praises of their new teacher. "He's brilliant, we might actually learn something this year, and maybe he won't try to kill you like the other two Harry!" Ron said excitedly "He doesn't look half as crazy as Quirrell!" He finished laughing

"yeah" Harry said half-heartedly watching curiously as Malcolm listened to their convocation, slowly turning red with rage. He stalked towards the table that Ron, Hermione and Harry were sitting at and slammed his hands on the desk in front of Harry.

"DETENTION POTTER!" He bellowed In Harry's face. Malcolm stood glaring at him with such force, that if looks could kill, Harry was sure he would have been murdered brutally about a hundred times. He then swung around and stormed back to his desk.

Harry turned to Ron and Hermione "what the bloody hell was that about?! I didn't even say anything!" he moaned. They both gave him puzzled looks, and as the bell rang walked with him to the front desk to get his time for detention.

Malcolm looked up and planted a smile on his face when he saw Ron and Hermione. "Why don't you two run along, you've got potions next haven't you? Mr Potter will only be a moment" Ron and Hermione shared a sympathetic glance with Harry and then shuffled out of the room.

Once they were gone Malcolm turned his fierce gaze on Harry which made him shiver a little with its intensity. "Potter" he practically spat "your detention will be at 7 this evening! Do not be late!"

"But sir, I have a meeting at 7 this evening with the headmaster" Harry pointed out

"Then you'll have to come tomorrow then won't you? And the night after to make up for it!" He bellowed evilly

"But I haven't even done anything!" Harry argued "This is so unfair"

"YEAH?" Malcolm snapped grabbing Harry's arm in bruising grip and frog marching him to the door "LIFE ISNT FAIR!" he screamed throwing Harry from the room and slamming the door after him. Harry just managed to stay standing by grabbing hold of his crutches, but his leg was aching badly and he still had the walk down to the dungeons. Slowly making his way there, he contemplated on what had just happened. Harry had never even met the man before and he already hated Harry, it was like Snape all over again. But even Snape wasn't physical with him. Harry was sure he would have a bruise on his upper arm from the strong man's grasp. Maybe the man was just having a bad day he thought as he reached the classroom door. Everyone was already inside. He steadied his breath which had become quite fast with the pain of his leg and the walk down and went inside.

"potter. good of you to join us at last! Why is it that you think you can turn up late? When your classmates manage it on time" Snape sneered at him, although with less malice than usual.

"Sorry sir. It won't happen again" Harry mumbled in a defeated voice, the stress from the last few days and the meeting that evening taking their toll on him. Harry turned around to sit at his desk and so missed the brief look of concern that flashed across the potion masters eyes. It was gone as quick as it came and the lesson continued.

The rest of the day carried on without incident with Harry struggling to classes on his crutches and the ache in his leg getting worse. He was beginning to think he might have twisted it or something when he was pushed. By the time 7 o'clock came Harry was knocking on the door to Snape's office, more than a little puffed out from the journey. The door opened and Snape moved out of the way for him to enter.

"Potter?" he questioned seeing the state Harry was in "are you okay?" he asked in an out of character show of kindness.

Harry looked up at Snape with a puzzled look "yeah I'm okay, just a little achy" he said rearranging his crutches into a comfier position.

"Are you ready to go? The headmaster is waiting" Snape said walking towards the fireplace

"uh yeah I guess so" Harry gulped nervously. Snape walked back over to Harry and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"It's for the best Harry" Harry's head shot up at the use of his first name, somehow this gave him the courage to nod and walk towards the fireplace. "It will be okay I promise" with that they threw in the flu powder and were on their way to the Headmasters office. Harry strangely less worried standing next to the tall man clad in black.

Harry tumbled out of the fireplace and would have fallen over if the quick hand of his potions teacher hadn't steadied him.

"Ah Severus, Harry. Good to see you both. Please have a seat" Dumbledore welcomed them both gesturing to two brown leather arm chairs in front of his desk. Harry hobbled over and gently lowered himself down. Snape soon following. "How are your injuries Harry?"

"Getting better Sir thank you" Harry replied quietly only looking up at the man briefly and then returning his gaze to his overly interesting shoes.

"That's good to hear my boy, now Severus what is the reasoning for our gathering, as I doubt it was to have a chat and tea as much as you know I'd love that" Dumbledore asked beaming at Snape; the twinkle bright in his eyes for having his two boys with him.

"It was not in fact for idle chit chat headmaster" Snape began "in fact the circumstance is quite far off pleasant. It has come to my attention during Mr Potter's and my stay in the cave, that his life at home is unacceptable. He is being abused Albus!" The twinkle in Dumbledore's eyes vanished immediately, to be replaced by a look of pure horror and deep sadness.

Snape looked over at Harry after he had spoken, the boy looked like he wanted to sink right through his chair and he was looking determinedly at his feet.

"Are you sure of this Severus?" Dumbledore asked so quietly it was little over a whisper, as though he was holding on to a last piece of hope.

"I'm afraid so Albus…" Snape then went on to explain exactly what had happened in the cave and the memories he had seen in the reveller liquid. By the time he was finished, the Headmaster seemed to have aged 10 years and was as pale as a ghost.

"Is all of this true Harry?" Dumbledore whispered

Harry looked up at the headmaster, his eyes a little moist. "y-yes sir" he croaked, his throat thick with emotion. The headmaster sat quietly for a few minutes and no one else said a word. Eventually it was Snape who broke the silence.

"I presume, Headmaster that Potter will be removed from their guardianship and shall not return" Snape stated, he did not phase it as a question, so sure of the answer that he would get.

"i-I'm afraid Severus, that it really is not that simple" Dumbledore took a deep breath and then looked directly at the pair of them "Harry cannot be removed from that house hold…"

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