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Chapter 2:

A few hours later, we were all down at the beach, our surfboards laying on the sand from where we had dumped them after our surf. Anna and I were sitting on the soft, white sand furthest from the water, Edge and Bec were standing a little while away, holding hands and talking; from the look on Edge's face, I guess that Bec had realized the same thing I did about long distance relationships. As had Matt, I realized, as I looked to the other side, where he was standing, holding Perri in a right embrace as she cried into his shoulder.

"Hey," Anna asked me "where's Heath?" I looked up and realized she was right, Heath was nowhere to be seen.

"So, Fly Watson," came a voice, and I looked around and jumped to see a camera pointing straight in my face. "any thoughts on the last day at Solar Blue?"

"Seriously, Heath?" I half chuckled; only Heath would be running around with a video camera in such high spirits on the last day.

"Ok, so that's a 'Seriously Heath?' from Fly, anything from you Anna Peterson?"

"Heath!" Anna cried, putting her hand over the lens.

"Alright, alright!" he relented "I've gotta get some shots of the others, anyway," he looked over "what do you think they're doing over there?"

"I dunno," Anna replied, but I could tell she did.

"But they look like they need some privacy at the minute," I told Heath, ad he turned off his camera grudgingly.

We spent who knows how long at the beach, and before we knew it, it was getting harder and harder to make out blurred figures against the sky, and we all traipsed back into the house to get started on dinner. Matt and I silently set the table, while Bec and Heath boiled pasta and defrosted meat sauce. Anna grated cheese as Perri poured lemonade for us all, a special last night treat, and Edge set out the bread and butter. Heath served up and we all sat quietly around the table, eating. Perri sighed,

"I can't believe this is our last meal together," she said softly, poking at her spaghetti with her fork.

"Come on, Perri," Heath said, his attempt at a cheerful tone unsuccessful. "We've still got breakfast,"

"Yeah, but you know what that's like; a banana or a quick piece of toast before we go out for a surf." Bec pointed out, sighing.

"Heath's right though, we just have to make breakfast count," I said, receiving a smile from the man himself, and a sigh from Perri.

"Well, guys, I think I'm gonna go to bed," she said, getting up and pushing in her chair.

"You haven't eaten anything," Matt protested, but Perri shook her head and left the room. The rest of us ate in almost silence, cleaning up our half empty plates and muttering 'good night' and heading up stairs.

"This is the last time we're gonna be in this room together, Fly," Anna said gloomily, turning off her beside lamp as I pulled up my covers.

"Well, aren't you the bearer of bad news?" I smiled, rolling over.

"Fly?" Anna asked after a good ten minutes of silence "Are you awake?"

"Can't sleep?" I whispered back, turning over to face her bed.


"Wanna go to Bec and Perri's room?" I suggested; there was no way I was getting any sleep tonight,

"Yes, please," she whispered, and I got up, grabbing my jacket off the end of my bed, and Anna and I padded down the hall, careful not to wake the boys – although I guessed that they wouldn't be asleep, either— and down to Bec and Perri's room, careful to shut the door gently behind us.

"Perri?" I asked; it was totally dark and silent, for all I knew they could have both been asleep "Bec?"

"Yeah?" came Bec's reply.

"Are you guys asleep?" Anna asked.

"No way," Perri sighed, turning on her bedside lamp and sitting up in her bed, crossing her legs under her.

"Us either," I said "it's impossible."

"We listened next door," Bec said in a small voice, which was unusual for her "the guys are awake, too," she sniffled, and Perri made her way over to Bec's bed and wrapped her arms around her shoulders, letting out a sniffle of her own.

"What did you say to Heath before lunch?" Perri said turning her watery brown eyes towards me, and I felt like someone had dropped a rock down my throat and straight into my stomach.

"We broke up," I whispered reluctantly.

"So did we," Bec admitted, sighing "Perri and I discussed it, and we figured it was best,"

"How did he take it?" Anna asked gently, reaching across from her position opposite them on the bed and putting a hand on Bec's knee as she spoke.

"He cried," Bec said simply, and I swear I could've heard my heart break; Edge and Bec were the closest couple out of all of us, he adored her, and I couldn't imagine how much it would have hurt him to lose her.

"Matt broke up with me, too," Perri said, almost in a whisper and I put my hand on her knee in turn. "He was right, too." she continued, ignoring my gesture, which I was fine with, she needed to talk. "I would've done it, if was braver."

"Oh, Perri, " Anna sighed "I'm—" the door opened, and we all froze, turning slowly as one to see Jilly standing in the doorway, a sympathetic smile on her face.

"Try not to be too loud," she whispered.

"Will you tell Deb and Simmo?" Bec asked in a shaky voice.

"No," Jilly replied, her smile wavering "I think tonight is an exception. Good night girls, don't stay up too late,"

"Night, Jilly," we all whispered before she shut the door gently, and we all relaxed.

"Joe told me you two broke up, too," Bec said to Anna, her voice shaking from her tears, but it had its edge back.

"Yeah," Anna said, almost pleading with Bec "I tried to be gentle, Bec, really, I did! But I just couldn't handle being away from him till we graduated! And—"

"Anna," Bec said gently "I don't blame you, I know what it's like, with Edge on the pro circuit, I—" her voice trailed off, and I reached over and put my arms around her shoulders, pushing her hair out of her eyes gently.

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