Winning at a losing game.

Summary: Tony left D.C and now he is back for his father in-laws funeral and someone is out to get his family. Please read my first multi chapter NCIS fanfic. Review.

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Chapter 1: The trouble

"I am sorry for your families loss Tony." Director Vance said

"Thank you Leon we will be in D.C. early tomorrow morning for the funeral." Tony said to Vance from Naples Italy.

"How is Emilia taking this?" Vance asked.

"Not to good I was afraid to leave her and come have this talk with you."

"This might not be the right time to tell you but you need to know that we believe this wasn't accidental. There might have been some foul play."

"Like what?"

"Ducky is doing the autopsy as we speak."

"Ok good I would like to see his preliminary findings if that is ok with you?" Tony said

"That will be fine with me. I hate that this has happened just when you and your family were about to move back to DC and you taking your new position Tony."

"Thank you Leon for everything when we get there I am only going to take a couple of days then I am coming into the office to get started as Deputy Director Leon I hope that is ok with you."

"That sounds great to me I need you in the office you Tony I was wrong about you at first you are a good agent and I believe you will make an even better Deputy Director."

"Thank you Leon who all knows about my promotion."

"Not a lot of people I was going to send out the announcement today but with everything that is going on I think it is best that we announce it after the funeral."

"I agree see you soon Leon."

Alright Guys go home we wont know if there was any foul play until tomorrow. We need to be as alert as possible if there was. But I want all of you here early tomorrow Secnav's family is going to be here tomorrow to go along with the body to the funeral home ok."

"Alright Gibb's see you tomorrow." Ziva said.

"Night boss." McGee said.

"See you tomorrow boss." Special James Moriss said and all three left the office. He watched as his team leave Morris had only been on the team for a year. McGee was the senior field agent and Ziva was an American citizen and NCIS agent now. Before leaving him self he looked at Tony's old desk it had been almost four years since he left. He wished he still had Tony on his team. Yes McGee was a good senior field agent but Tony was the best Agent he ever worked with. He shut his lamp off and left to go home himself.

Tony and his family got in at five in the morning and went straight to the hotel and his wife put the kids to sleep then went to sleep herself but Tony stayed up for a little. He fell asleep around six but at seven Emmy's phone was going off. Her mom was on the phone she had to go to NCIS to be with the family.

"Babe I have to go to Headquarters mom has a car being sent for me ok."

"No I want you to stay here in my ams forever." He said seductively. As he held his wife closely.

"I wish I could stay in your arms forever believe me especially today but I have to go be with my mom and brother and you have to take care of Braxton and Aria." Emmy said

"OK I will see you when you get back babe and I love you." Tony said as she got up to go get ready.

"I love you too." Emmy said as she walked into the bathroom of the hotel room. She was thankful her mom had been to the hotel room earlier and set it up for them. Forty five minutes she was grabbing her purse and went in the room with the kids and kissed them goodbye and then she went and kissed Tony goodbye. She walked out of the hotel and to the car and went to NCIS Headquarters.

"I am sorry for your loss Mrs. Jarvis." Vance said.

"Thank you and please call me Carroll." Carroll Jarvis said.

"Mom Director Vance sorry I am late." Emmy said.

"It is ok sweetheart your brother will be here soon. Where are the kids?"

"With Tony we got in early and I didn't have the heart to wake them plus Tony needed some sleep."

"Oh how is he doing I know your dad and him became close over the past couple of years."

"He is being strong for me mom."

"I knew I always liked him and your dad loved him." Carroll said.

"Yeah I am glad we are moving back here but I wish dad could be here." Emmy said getting teary eyed.

"I know your dad loved you and his grandchildren he showed pictures to anyone and everyone." Vance said. Just then Gibbs and his team came walking up. "Gibbs is everything ok."

"Yes we just came up to escort you and your family to the funeral home along with the body." Gibbs said.

"Thank you agent Gibbs." Then they left and it took them an hour to figure out all the arrangements. The funeral was to be held tomorrow. Emmy went back to the hotel with lunch.

When she walked into the room she saw Tony sitting on the couch with Braxton acting just like him and watching TV and Aria asleep in the play pen that he must have put up while she was gone. "He is just like you." Emmy said.

"Well what can I say he got good genes." Tony said and got up and kissed his wife. Braxton saw his mom and ran up to her.

"Mommy mommy guess what we are watching." Braxton said.

"Captain America." Emmy said to her son.

"How did you know?" Braxton asked.

"Because I know it is your favorite movie."

"Did you bring pizza momma?"

"Yes it is on the counter. Tony can you get him a slice while I go change."

"Sure baby." Tony said and went into the small kitchenette in the hotel room. Emmy went into the room and changed into something ore comfortable. She walked out of the room to hear Aria cry from her swing. Tony was getting up and was going to get her.

"I got her you go and eat." Emmy said.

"Are you sure you need to eat too and I can feed her." Tony said.

"I ate a good lunch with mom and Jason earlier so I am not hungry." Emmy said and Tony nodded and went back to the little table and ate with his son. "The funeral is tomorrow starting at ten." Emmy said and Tony nodded. They finished and got everything clean and it was four in the afternoon and they watched a movie but the kids were already tired so they got them ready to go to bed. All of them were still on Italy time. Tony and Emmy went to bed about seven but it felt like one in the morning to them. They fell asleep in each others arms. Emmy woke up at six she was in the bathroom when Tony woke up.

"You ok Baby." Tony yelled.

"Yeah I am fine I will be back to be soon." Emmy said She finished up in the bathroom and went back to bed. Their alarm clock went off at seven and Tony got up and went into the shower while Emmy ordered breakfast. After Tony was out of the shower he got dressed and then went to get Aria fed and ready while Emmy took a shower and when Emmy got out the food was there and she woke Braxton up. Once they ate breakfast they got ready for the funeral and left at nine and made it to the church at nine forty-five. Tony escorted his wife into the church and the preacher started the ceremony.

Gibbs and his team were assigned to protect the late Secretaries' family. What surprised him was Tony. He was holding a one year old and he had one hand around the secretaries daughter. "Is that Tony with late secretaries daughter?" Ziva asked Gibbs.

"I believe so." Gibbs said. The service was finished and the family and some close friends came to grave side. Once it was all done the family went to the cars. Tony spotted Gibbs and the team and he whispered something in Emmy's ear and then they walked over to the team. The team just looked at Tony as Emmy came over. Tony was still holding the little girl and Emmy was holding the had of a little boy. Ziva looked over the family and there was no doubt that those kids were his. The little boy looked exactly like him and the little girl had his eyes and his hair but she looked like Emmy in the face.

"Tony long time no see." McGee said and Tony looked at him.

"Hey probie how are things for you." Tony said.

"Well I am no longer a probie Tony and me and Abby got married last year." Tim said

"Congratulations Tim. Hello Gibbs it has been a while. Ziva same to you." Tony said.

"Dinozzo looks like you have done good over the years." Gibbs said.

"Yeah I have um guys this is my wife Emilia and my so Braxton Jethro Dinozzo who is about to be four and my daughter Aria Pheobe Dinozzo."

"Dad I can say my name all by myself." Braxton said.

"You are definitely a Dinozzo." Ziva said as she bent down to get a better look at the boy.

"We aim to please." Braxton said and Gibbs and Tony started laughing. Ziva just looks at the them and then back at the little boy.

"What is so funny?" Ziva asked.

"He is definitely yours Tony quoting James bond." Gibbs said. Emmy just shook her head.

"I cant believe you let him watch those movies." Emmy said.

"He liked them and I couldn't say no to him." Tony said.

"Yeah ok. It was nice meeting you…" Just then gun shots rang out and Tony took his family behind the car for shield and took out his weapon so did Ziva, Gibbs, and McGee. They looked where the shots came from but the gun fire had stopped and Tony looked around and checked on his family and they were all ok.

"Tony we need to get your family to headquarters." Gibbs said Tony just nodded and they went to their vehicles and headed to NCIS headquarters.

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