Chapter 4: Losing

"Emmy baby look at me." Tony said in a frantic tone. "I need you to concentrate on me and don't close your eyes ok." Emmy just nodded.

"I cant Tony. It hurts so much." Emmy said. Gibbs then came over with the paramedics. The paramedics got Emmy on the stretcher and Tony got in the ambulance with her. Gibbs stayed behind to work the crime scene.

Tony was praying. He was praying more than he had ever prayed in his life. God wouldn't do this to him. He already let his first love go and God wouldn't let him lose another. She couldn't die. She had became his everything. They got to the hospital and they rushed her into the back. A couple of minutes later a nurse came out to get him to sign some paper work. Then another nurse came to tell him they took his wife into surgery.

Gibbs called McGee and told him to get Morris and head over there so they could investigate. Mcgee showed up and Gibbs stared giving orders. "McGee shoot and sketch and Morris bag and tag."

"Boss there is a lot of blood was Tony shot." McGee asked.

"No Emmy was Tony is at the hospital with her." Gibbs said. Once they were done Gibbs told McGee and Morris to go back to headquarters and to get Abby to start processing the evidence and for them to do background on Carroll Jarvis. Then Gibbs got into the other car and headed towards the hospital.

Tony was in the waiting room thinking about his wife and his kids. He called Ziva to check on the kids. He sat there with his head hung and hoping and praying she would be ok. He looked up and saw Gibbs walking his way. "Any word?" Gibbs asked.

"No but I guess no news is good news right." Tony said.

"Yeah Have you checked on the kids?"

"Yeah Ziva said they were fine. I told her to be on alert."

"She will Tony trust her."

"I do Gibbs I do." Tony said and then a doctor came into the room.

"Your wife mad it through the surgery fine but she did lose the baby. I am sorry about that but there was nothing we could do." The doctor said. Tony just shook his head and he tried to hold back the tears. Gibbs just put his hand on Tony's back.

"When can I see her?" Tony asked.

"She is in post op right now but she will be there for about another half hour then I will have a nurse come and escort you to her. I may warn you she might not be awake. We have her heavily sedated." The doctor said.

"Thank you." Tony said and the doctor walked away. Tony and Gibbs both sat down. Tony just stared at the wall he wasn't going to make Tony talk. "She was so excited when she found out she was pregnant again. She said she wanted four children and at first I was scared but then we had Braxton and then I thought I can be a dad and I liked the idea of three more. Then Aria came along and she was my little princess and I knew I wanted another daughter. She is just like Emmy. What a I going to tell her. I remember the day she told me she was pregnant…"

Tony's POV

I wake up and hear laughter coming from the kitchen so I get dressed and walk towards the kitchen to find Emmy and Braxton cooking and even little Aria was helping. "I feel left out." Tony said from the door way.

" Daddy we were making breakfast for you." Braxton said running to him.

"Well it is going to be a good day then." Tony said.

"It sure is babe." Emmy said going up to him giving his a kiss.

"EWW that is gross momma and daddy." Braxton said.

"So I got a baby sitter for tonight and me and you are going out." Emmy said

"Oh sounds good to me." I said kissing his wife and then looking at her seductively. They sat at the table and ate breakfast as a family and then Tony left for work.

I got home fro work and changed and then the babysitter came and we gave the kids a kiss and headed out. She took me to our favorite restaurant and she got us a private room. We ate and talked and then she gave me a gift. I looked at it perplexed. "I am sorry but I didn't get you anything nad is today any special day?" I asked worried I was in trouble.

"You can breath it is not any special day I just well you open it and find out." Emmy said excited. So I open it and I find a box and then I open the box and find the pregnancy test. I looked up at her.

"Is this what I think is." I say. She looks at me and nods excitedly

"Yes we are going to have another baby." She says and I get up and pick her up into a hug and kiss her.

"I cant believe it." I say

"Me either I am so happy we are having another one."

"This has got to be one of the best surprises I have ever gotten." I say

Tony finished telling Gibbs and looked at him. "It is going to be ok. You still have your wife and your two kids." Gibbs said.

"But we were suppose to have this one too. Am I being punished. Have I done something wrong." Tony said.

"I don't have the answers but you will be ok because we will find who did this and you still have your family." Gibbs said. Tony looked at him and laughed a little.

"Wow I don't think I have ever heard you talk so much." Tony said.

"Yeah well I say what needs to be said. I am not like you and have to drag a lot of it out." Gibbs says and then a nurse comes up to them.

"Mr. DiNozzo I am to take you to your wife." the nurse said. Tony got and followed her to his wifes room.

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