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Mayuri was dodging Hibari's attacks directed towards her yelling, "I'm sorry for being late!"

"I'll bite you to death!" Hibari said

Apparently Mayuri had woken up late and ended up being chased by Hibari.

Mayuri's POV

"Ha~! Kyoya really won't give me a break..." sighed Mayuri as she slumped on her desk

"Well Hibari-san is Hibari-san." Tsuna stated as he tried to comfort Mayuri

"Don't remind me..."

The teacher came in announcing that there were transfer students transferring from Shimon Middle.

Shimon Middle...oh yeah...I'm guessing its the inheritance arc now... Mayuri thought as she watched the amazing introduction made by Shitt P.

Mayuri could have sworn that Enma was staring at her for a second there...however she just ignored it completely.

Enma's POV

Enma had spotted a girl(Mayuri) that looked a lot like the picture of a woman that his ancestor, Cozart Shimon, really loved in his private journals.

So she is the second star guardian...

Mayuri noticed he was staring at her.

Ack! She noticed me!...She does looks a lot like the first star guardian for sure...

Mayuri had been hanging out with Kyoko and Haru after school to see a new cake shop open called Las Flores

"Wow!" the three girls exclaimed in awe as they stared at the new restaurant.

The restaurant was decorated by beautiful flowers which help compliment the fragrance of delicious desserts that made through the air.

When they went inside a lady with a warm smile greeted them as the three girls think of what to order.

"Um...what are you going to have Kyoko-chan?" Haru asked

"Hmm...I'll have the cream about you, Mayu-chan?"

"Mmm...they all look delicious...i'll try the Mont Blanc!" Mayuri said as she pointed to the small dessert

"Hmm...then Haru will have strawberry shortcake!"

The girls giggled together as they head home with their desserts.

Michael(arcobaleno form) was waiting by the door of the kitchen by the time Mayuri came back home.

"I'm home!"

"Welcome back...Mayuri were going to be staying with the Kyuudaime for a while...don't worry I've told Reborn to cover you at school."

"Ah...I the reason for us staying with the Kyuudaime having to do with the Inheritance arc?" Mayuri asked

"Yes...we have to stop Daemon...anyway you are going to need an upgrade with your rings in order to face Daemon right?"

"Right...wait does this mean I have to go through more training?" Mayuri said as she slumped on the kitchen chair

"No...all we have to do is wait until its time..."

"Thank goodness..." sighed Mayuri

Reborn had informed Tsuna about Mayuri not being in school for a while...

"Eh? How come Mayu-san is not going to be at school for a while?"

" has to do with your Inheritance Ceremony.."

"EH?! NO WAY!" Tsuna screeched

A few days later at the hotel...

"Thank you two for coming all the way here." Kyuudaime thanked Mayuri and Michael

"No, it was our Tsuna will be part-taking the inheritance ceremony?" Mayuri asked

"From what I heard from Reborn, he is too stubborn on accepting to become Vongola Decimo...however I know he will change his mind sooner or later."

"I kyuudaime is Talbot here? I want to ask him if I can upgrade my rings." Mayuri asked

"Oh...he will be here in a few days or so...from what he told me..."

"Thanks, Kyuudaime!"

"You are welcome.."

At School...

Hibari had noticed that Mayuri was gone for a while and went to ask Tsuna.


"W-What Hibari-san?!"

"Where did that omnivore go..."

"Omnivore...oh...Mayu-san...well she..."

Should I say the truth...or say I don't know...

"Herbivore, spit it out."

"I-I really don't where she is at the moment!"

"Hn...I get back to class Sawada Tsunayoshi."


Two days later...

"Talbot-san? Are you there?" Mayuri asked as she walked into the room that Talbot supposedly stayed in.

"Yes my dear?" said the elder as he walked up to her

"Can you upgrade my rings for me?"

"Let me guess...its for an upcoming battle ain't it?"

"Yup...and the rings are going to need an upgrade for the enemy I have to fight against..."

"I see..."

"And after my rings are upgraded can ask you another favor?"

"Anything for the lovely descendant of Serena..."

At Tsuna's house

"Ne, Tsuna-kun?" Enma asked

"What? Enma?"

"Who was that girl that sits right next to Sasagawa-san?"

" mean Mayu-san?"

" come she hasn't been at school for a while?"

"She is helping Kyuudaime for the inheritance ceremony...or so what Reborn tells me...I'll introduce you to her if we see her at the ceremony!"


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