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Today, Mayuri headed out to the reception room as she usually did to visit Hibari.

Hm~ I wonder what's happening today?

Mayuri thought as she made her way to the reception room.

Stepping inside, she was shocked by what she found on Hibari's desk.


Mayuri rushed over to Hibari and placed the backside of her hand on his forehead.

This ain't right?! Kyoya has never been sick since episode 17!

The heat began to burn on Mayuri's hand.

This is bad!

"Kusakabe-san! I need your help!" Mayuri called out.

~Time Skip~

Mayuri placed a new damp cloth on Hibari's forehead.

"Thank you for helping me, Kusakabe-san." Mayuri bowed in front of Kusakabe.

"No, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have known that something had happened to Kyo-san."

"Well, I'll be going back to patrol." Kusakabe made his way over to the door, but stopped and turned over to face Mayuri.

"Are you sure you want to stay with Kyo-san?"

"Yeah, I don't want him to do anything reckless."

"I guess you're right..." Kusakabe continued, "Well I'll leave Kyo-san in your hands."

"You can leave it to me!" Mayuri replied giving him the 'thumbs up'.

Right after Kusakabe had left, Mayuri sent out both Labu and Rii from her pin.

She knelt down in front of them and told Labu, "Labu, I want you to tell Michael that I might be late."

"Kuu~" Labu answered back before flying out of the window.

Mayuri then turned over to Rii, "Rii, can you watch over Kyoya as I make him some porridge?"

"Rii~" Rii replied along with snuggling right next to Mayuri's leg.

"Thank-you." Mayuri petted Rii's drooping ears before she left the room.

~Time Skip~

Mayuri came back with a tray that held the bowl of porridge. She found Rii sleeping right next to Roll on a pillow, who was somehow released without Hibari's consent.

Aw~ How cute.

Mayuri thought as she placed the tray on Hibari's desk.

She sat on the chair right next to Hibari's bed and fell asleep as Mayuri began to doze off.

Hibari had finally awakened from his rest and found Mayuri sleeping on the chair right near him.

Her hair was parted, which completely showed her face more, along with that Mayuri was fully asleep.

Hibari took this chance and kissed her, however right after he parted Mayuri began to talk in her sleep, "Kyoya...get better soon."

Hibari smirked and found out that two of his box animals were with Mayuri's. (Labu is with Hibird while Rii is with Roll)

The Next Day at Mayuri's house...

Mayuri was coughing in her bed.

"I hate you, Kyoya." She muttered as a certain guy behind the door of her room was smirking.

Hibari was the one who carried her back home.

~Omake~ Mayuri's reaction in seeing Hibari's House (underlined=thoughts)

"Whoa...Kusakabe-san, Does Kyoya really live here?!" Mayuri stupefied to find out that Hibari lives alone in a two story traditional japanese style house.

"Yeah, before Kyo-san's parents died they had the house remodeled to a more traditional style, apparently Kyo-san's mother was into tradition." Kusakabe stated as he carried Hibari into the house. that explains why TYL Hibari had his base modeled after a traditional japanese house.

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"By the way, Sakura, I've arranged a meeting for you to meet someone at Namimori Middle later." Reborn stated.

"And?" Sakurako asked.

"You'll see." Reborn said with a smirk.

Please tell me I'm not meeting Hibari...

At Namimori Middle...


"Shimizu Hibari Kyoya, also known as Tsuna's cloud guardian." Reborn stated as Hibari walked over to Reborn.

"Infant, who is this herbivore and why are those herbivores here."

"This person is here to fight you!" Reborn said while smiling.

"What?!" Sakurako exclaimed.


"Yes, really."

"Then, let's begin." Hibari lashes out his tonfas.

"Hiee! Sakura-san, run!" Tsuna shrieked.

"Che. Don't bother, Tenth. Let Hibari handle that woman." Gokudera scoffed.

"But-" Tsuna tried to respond back, but a clang was heard.

The two turn their heads to find Sakurako had stopped Hibari's tonfas from hitting her by using fans.

"Wao. So the herbivore can fight."

"Shut it." Sakurako said as she knocked the tonfas out of Hibari's hands

She then made a star symbol with her fans and made an incantation, "Lion's Roar."

Soon an illusionary Lion came out of the star sign and roared at Hibari.

Hibari became paralyzed by the roar.

"W-What happened?" Tsuna wondered

Sakurako then petted the Lion before it went back into the fans, and then finally walked over to the paralyzed Hiabri.

"Face it, you can't beat me." Sakurako glared at him before returning to a gaping Tsuna and Gokudera.

"So...let's head back home!" Sakurako said with a smile back at the gaping Tsuna, however Reborn tossed a pebble that Sakurako wasn't able to notice.

Sakurako tripped over the pebble, "Woah!"

"Be a gentleman, Dame-Tsuna." Reborn kicked Tsuna's back.

"Eh?!" Tsuna yelped and landed to the ground with his face up and guess what happened next...

"Mmph?!" said Sakurako and Tsuna, yes the two were kissing.

Gokudera then scrambled over to them after gaping at the scene and pulled Tsuna away from Sakurako yelling, "Stay away from the Tenth!"

My first kiss...was Tsuna...the actual Tsuna...

Sakurako's face started turning red by the second.

"Are you ok?" Reborn said turning over to Sakurako.

"..." Sakurko didn't respond.

Soon Hibari was unparalyzed, got his tonfas, and started walking back to the school thinking:

You are an interesting herbivore...Shimizu Sakurako...

Sakurako sooned sneezed before getting up after she stopped turning red.

Was someone talking about me?

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