Warning! incest!

Hello my name is Carter Kane and I just saved the world from Set with my sister. In the process I found out my girlfriend was a statue and she was somewhere in the world, sleeping while I am training magicians and horny as hell. Why not have sex with them? Well because when I asked the ONLY girl old enough for me she slapped me and said she wasn't a prostitute (That was Jaz by the way.) One day I looked at my sister Sadie and (strangely) thought she was hot. The first thing that crossed my mind was: You are a sick pervert who needs help. The second thing was FUCK HER FUCK HER FUCK HER! The third thing was "You know back in ancient Egypt many people had sex with or married their sister, which was the thought that won me over. So I walked over to her and said "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

I led her into my room and she said "Well what is it?"

I spoke the command word for horny and the hieroglyphs glowed above her head.

She said "CARTER WHAT THE HELL ARE-" her facial expression changed and she said "I want you inside me. Now."

She took off her jacket and her bra revealing nearly flat breasts. Next she gave me a lap dance, grinding against my cock with speed and pressure. I thought "This is sooo wrong yet so right!" Then with one more stroke I could not contain my self and I removed her pants and panties and threw her on the bed.

By the way have I ever mentioned that she has the nicest ass in the world?

She sat up and went doggy stile position giving me a nice view of her pussy and ass.

I had a tough time deciding so I did ini mini miny moe with my dick to choose. Then I closed my eyes and thrust in.

She screamed with pain and pleasure and when I opened my eyes I was in her ass.

With each thrust shed whimper a little and her ass would tighten.

Then I asked her "Faster?" and she replied "Faster." Then I sped up and my war god instincts took over.

I started thrusting deeper and harder and yelled "WHOSE MY LITTLE SLAVE!"

She whimpered "Y-you are."

I yelled "I CANT HEAR YOU!"


Then I came which must have snapped her out of it because she said "What the hell just happened and why does my ass hurt?"

She turned around and yelled "CARTER KANE WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU Mph!" Next thing she knew, she had a dick in her mouth.

I grabbed her head and slowly moved it back and forth. Then I sped up a little. And then again. Then I started to go deeper which made her gag and choke. And pretty soon I was going at a good pace and went fairly deep. She often made weird noises like gurgling and gagging noises. Then I knew I was about to cum. I went as fast as I could, grabbed her hair, went and as deep as I could which caused her to make many pitiful noises. Then with one glorious thrust I came with big and long pumps of cum. I let go of her and she slowly slid off and breathed like it was her first time in hours (Which it probably was.) Then I spoke the command for sleep and then the command for forget, dressed her up, and carried her to her room.