00†The World Ended in a Bright Sunny Day

It was the end of May and the weather was just perfect for spending all day outside, the sky was a so bright and clear that it shined, and the sea was calm and a soft silvery-blue like it was made by silk instead of water.

"Where are we going?" questioned the honey blonde little boy with a curious smile on his round face: he couldn't wait to find out where his Mama was taking him and why the other was so mysterious about their destination.

"It's a secret!" grinned the elder Nation with a playful wink "Can't say more than this!"

After nearly half an hour of walking in the beautiful countryside they finally arrived at a bluff overlooking the sea, a wonderful place with green soft grass and a little white shore just underneath.

"Here we are! Today I'll teach you how to be a Viking badass like me!" explained the Dane flashing one of his trade-mark wolf-like grins to the amazed child. The tall man took few steps back and, making a warrior-like pose, he balanced the huge battle axe in his hands as if it weighed nothing more than wooden stick.

Little Søren, also known as the Freetown of Christiania, observed intently as his Mama twirled and jumped, with the axe, in a mighty battle dance: it was simply amazing how powerful and elegant the moves were.

"You are so awesome, Mama!" beamed the little boy clapping his hands happily "I want to be strong like you!" and he seriously meant it: he wanted so bad to be a great Viking with the large axe, making the elder nation proud of his battle skills.

"Ok! Now it's your turn!" Denmark smiled, handing the huge battle axe to his son, "Show me how strong you are!"

The little boy was about to take the heavy weapon, when suddenly everything around them became dead silent and the sky turned red like fresh blood; it was strangely fascinating like gazing in the deep of the stormy sea and the blonde child took a few step nearer the edge so he could see better what was going on when suddenly, with a burst of light, the sky was lit on fire.

Then a huge wave came and hit the cliff erasing the little shore and making the bluff crumble into nothing under the boy's feet

"Mama!" screamed the child, falling down into the dark water "Help me!"

But luckily there was a tree root sticking out from what remained of the cliff and Søren grabbed it and held on for his dear life.


It all happened too damn fast, one moment they were all happy and then suddenly all hell broke loose. The sky turning red, the flash-like thing and then the massive waves…it was too much!

Dan was standing here, paralyzed like a scared cat, too shocked to do nothing else than staring helplessly at where there once was the bluff and-

"MIN GUD!" he suddenly screamed over the roaring sea "CHRIS! WHERE ARE YOU?!"

He was near the edge, thought frantically the former Viking, he could have fallen down!

With only the thought of his little boy all alone in the dark sea in his mind, he ran right to the edge and gazed down: not too far from where he was, but in a point of the steep cliff nearly impossible to climb over, there was the tree root and, clinging to it like a terrified kitty, his precious little Søren was luckily unharmed.

Dan nearly burst into tears from joy: just another little effort and he could have his son back again!

But then there was another problem: how could he save the little boy if he couldn't even reach his hand?

But thinking a little bit he came up with a good plan: the handle of his battle axe was long enough to reach the tree root, so he lowered it quickly to the little boy.

"Now you have to be very brave, ok?!" called the King of the North "Grab this and hold on tight so I can pull you up!"

The child tried to reach the handle of the huge axe, but it was a little bit too high for his short arms, and he was only able to grab the crown-like charm at the end of it; the older Nation was about to pull him up when suddenly the delicate chain broke, leaving the poor boy without a support.

Denmark quickly reached out his hand trying to grab his son, but the boy was already too far away, leaving him helplessly watching his precious little boy falling down into the dark merciless sea.

He screamed his son's name again and again crying loudly and growling like a wounded beast: he failed to save him and now he was gone forever…it wasn't fair that a young boy had to die in such a horrific way!

The last thing he saw was the frail body hitting the water, and then all turned white and painfully hot.