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Welcome to the first of a hopeful series of movie fics based on the Digimon Fusion Kai universe. The first movie fic I've decided to run with is a 'redux' of Mutalior's Vengeance, the fic adaptation of Cooler's Revenge and Our War Game. Here's the low down: this movie fic wasn't supposed to go first. I was originally intending to release Daimaomon's Conquest (the Dead Zone adaptation). I do have the first chapter for that story done, but I thought why not jump to the first fic featuring Ascendants.

So, here we are. Mutalior's Vengeance Redux is a go. This version will have slight alterations from the original one, which you can still find on my page. This story will be somewhat 'Kaified' to fit with the theme of my ongoing Digimon fic. Let's see how well this goes. If I get enough feedback, I'll consider doing more of these.

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(Cue Drowning Pool - Reminded)

"BURIZALOR!" The young man roared out for all, including the creature, to hear.

The shadowy figure within the hovercraft points his finger, glaring intently at the teen.

"It's over you murderous monster! It all comes down to this... my fate, this world's fate, and our successors' fates! Oh yes, and yours too, Burizalor," the young warrior wore a proud warrior's smile. In an instant, he forged a Ki ball in his right hand and hurled it toward the sinister being.


The energy blast hurtled toward the hovercraft, homing within the being's range.

However, the creature laughed maniacally as a massive sphere expanded at the tip of his finger. The sphere grew into a gargantuan, expanding outward as it became larger than himself. As it expanded, it easily absorbed the teen's Ki blast.

"NO! IT... IT CAN'T BE?!"

The being, identified as Burizalor, tossed the 'Ball of Death' toward not just the boy but at his own fleet of soldiers.

The teen roared out with intensity, his own life replayed through his mind. "AUUUUUUGH!"

My spirit will live on, Burizalor… I swear someone will overthrow you and humiliate you. Please, let there be a hero out there within the three sectors. Burizalor must die. My time has passed. I… I and everyone else slain by this monster will be avenged. We… we will be avenged!

With that, the teen was thrown back and buckled under the tremendous pressure exuding from the 'Ball of Death.' His body armor and clothing disintegrated from the scorching heat of the sphere. Following his clothing, the young warrior's body was engulfed by the blast. His body buckled while breaking down into data fragments.

The sphere quickly slammed into the Digital World. The planet started cracking and transformed into a massive ball of magma. After that, it exploded as if it were a ticking time bomb. All that was left was a large flash of light.


The sinister monster witnessed the apocalyptic event and laughed upon at his accomplishment.


Not too far off from the Northern Digital World's imminent destruction, a spaceship similar to Burizalor's floated in a stationary position getting the second best view.

Inside, a group of mercenaries viewed the whole planetary destruction on a large screen monitor. The other monitors switched to Taito dying within the explosion and to a view of the Digital Knight base's decimation. The mercenaries observing the events were three alien types, each wearing armored military gear and sported scouter-devices on their faces

The first of the three men was green-skinned mutant with a vaguely 'Hulk-like' appearance with long, black hair and wearing a helmet coupled with his battle armor. The second resembled a brown humanoid amphibian-like alien, who also wore battle armor. The third was cyan-skinned humanoid with short blonde hair. Which stuck out at the right, and wore a purple body suit with the armor embellished against it.

"Hah, look at that boys! The Digital Knight Empire has been laid to waste!" laughed the boastful green mutant. "Taito's going down with the whole planet!"

"Nice observation, Borga," the blue-skinned humanoid remarked, making a quip to his colleague's 'sharp observation.' "Burizalor is sure enjoying this. He's been a long time to destroy the whole lot of the Knights." He said with a thick accent sounding almost French-like. "The Digital Knights are history... hmmm?" He immediately picked up on objecting shooting away from the planet. "Hey, Rezor!" He called out to the brown-skinned humanoid, diverting his attention to another monitor showing an escaping Mekanorimon. "Zoom in on that object and magnify it!"

The amphibian alien called out. "I'm on it, Salzer!" He then magnified closely on the Mekanorimon and identified the pilot. He pulled up a close-up shot of Gennai. "It seems Gennai's commandeered one of the Mekanorimons and is fleeing!"

"Grrr, that no for nothing coward's running with his tail tucked between this legs!" Borga bellowed.

"Yes, and I see the reports were true of him escaping with some special Digieggs," Rezor replied.

Salzer scoffed with annoyance. "Where does he think he's going with those Digieggs?"

"It seems he's heading for a Digital World in the Eastern Galaxy!" confirmed Rezor.

"I say we chase him down! We can easily tear that puny Knight!" The green-skinned brute growled, punching a fist into his right palm.

"Let's intercept his course!" said Rezor.

Standing up from his chair, Salzer nodded. "Right, let's pursue!"

"Delay that order," came a low voice with an authoritative tone, causing the three soldiers to withdraw and hold their ground.

"SIRE!" Borga and Rezor called out.

The trio quickly knelt down and bowed when someone aboard a floating hovercraft came toward them. Inside the hovering vehicle was a cold and calculating figure with a sinister vibe, which rivaled Burizalor's own evil aura. A long purple tail was seen sticking out of the left side. The figurehead kept his face concealed behind darkness as he floated over near his men.

Salzer tried speaking up. "But, sir, he's getting away."

"Burizalor is in charge of this quadrant. Let him clean up this own mess," the villainous figurehead muttered sternly and coldly. His red eyes pierced the monitor showing Burizalor laughing at the exploding planet. "We're behind schedule and need to conquer seven planets by the end of the day. I'm not going to sit back and let my son overtake the lead. Besides, Gennai is no threat to us and neither are the Digieggs he's carrying. So as long as the Crests of out of their reach, they'll never reach their full potential." He narrowed his eyes and smirked. "My empire and my son's have already conquered all of the Northern Sector." Upon seeing the image of Burizalor's sadistically happy demeanor, he scoffed again. "He's blinded by his own foolish and arrogant pride. Oh well. Matters not as long as he's annihilated the Digital Knight Council and the Northern Digital World. I say mission accomplished, but this is not the end of our race to universal domination."

The hovercraft unit turned face around and the villain was revealed. The sinister creature slightly resembled Burizalor's final form, but there was an obvious outward appearance. He had a much larger frame build than Burizalor's smaller frame. On top of that, the alien was taller. His skin was a complete reverse of the purple and white schemes that made up Burizalor's figure. His head was encased in a white chitin-like armor coupled with a dark purple ball embellished at the center most. His purple skin was protected with white chitin armor covering his shoulders, pecs, and around his back. Underneath his eyes were red stripes that horizontally went down his cheeks. The shape of his eyes were slanted like his brother's. Also like his brother, he wore something akin to black lipstick, which likely is part of his skin.

"You have much to learn, Burizalor. I, Lord Mutalio, has spoken," the evil alien talked of Burizalor in a demeaning way. "Rezor, we're departing this sector."

"Yes, sir!"

With that, the spaceship soared through endless space and avoided getting caught by the reoccurring explosions following the planet's destruction. The North Digital Realm blew up in grand fashion and when it was all over only planetary debris was left.

The Digital Knight Council was no more. Gennai was the only remnant of the obsolete council. On his course toward the Eastern Digital World, he prepared to lay the foundations for a new group of Digiheroes.

(End theme)


(Cue Digimon Adventure OP theme Butterfly)


Mutalior's Vengeance

Act I: The Return of Tai! Mutalior Approaches!


Tokyo, Japan/Odaiba District/March 25, 2000/2:25 PM

Eight months have passed since the last Digimon adventure. Tensions have eased down quite a bit and no Digimon have attempted to cross over. All gateways to the Digital World were closed by the freed Sovereigns. Since the fallout of the Spira battle, the tyrant, Burizalor, was conquered by the legendary Ascendant, Omega X, the perfect merger between Tai and Agumon. Then after Apocalymon was beaten, Tai and Agumon disappeared when Planet Spira detonated. His friends and even family feared the worst for these two, but concerns were soon suppressed when it was revealed Tai and Agumon survived the explosion. They were now in the care and watchful eye of Huanglongmon. Training under the golden Sovereign, Tai and Agumon have managed to get a grip over controlling their Ascendant form. Learning these two survived, the Digi-Destined, especially Kari, were relieved their friends survived certain demise.

With the icy tyrant gone, the masked watcher, X, confirmed that the Buriza Empire were seeing a sudden shift in power. Reorganizations and dissensions mounted since no word has gotten out about Burizalor's recovery until LadyMyotismon recovered him. With Burizalor healing, Mutalior took this opportunity to seize control. With his trusted sources, he was quickly able to learn of the Ascendant's identity.

The collision course between Mutalior and Ascendant was soon imminent.


Mansfield Apartment Complex/Izumi Residence/2:45 PM

Lounging and staring into his computer screen, Koushiro 'Izzy' Izumi surfed the Internet monitoring the Digital World. Suddenly, he caught glimpse of his e-mail box on the far left hand corner of the screen.

"Huh? An e-mail message?" Izzy wondered as he clicked on the icon mail box. "I wonder if Gennai sent me another silly puzzle to solve."

"What's going on, Izzy?" chimed Tentomon, who landed next to his partner.

"Won't know until I read..." And as soon as Izzy scanned the message he nearly spat out his cola and did a double take. "NO WAY!" The boy nearly jumped right out of his seat and bumped his head against the back of his seat. He rescanned the email message and realized it came from Azulongmon. "This is from Azulongmon!"

Tentomon nearly bumped in. "Let me see, Izzy! Huh?" Even the insect did his own double take and freaked out. "You mean... they're coming back?!"

"We need to tell the others, Tentomon. They're gonna flip when we tell them. "It says..."



Tai and Agumon are returning for a day in the Digital World. However, depending any further discussions, Huanglongmon has only granted him this one day and is required to resume training. This your chance to greet your old friend and make sure you tell the other Digi-Destined this wonderful news.

- Azulongmon


"Izzy, my boy, what are we waiting for?"

The Bearer of Knowledge replied with earnest. "Kari must be the first to know. I'm going to contact her and then Sora. Then, everyone else."

"Um, isn't Mimi and her family vacationing out?" Tentomon reminded him. "And I heard Joe was taking an exam."

Izzy sighed. "What about Matt and TK?"

"Well, Matt has been pretty distant from our group ever since Azulongmon told us Tai would stay training. Haven't you come into contact with him?"

"Unfortunately, I haven't. I had hoped he would join us, but what can I do? Well, at least, I can convince TK to come."

"That would be best, Izzy," Tentomon agreed.

After printing the message out, Izzy picked up his backpack. He placed his laptop inside and carried it along.

"Hey, I better take this as show of proof."

"Should we tell anyone else?"

"Well, Tai's parents obviously, but we need to hurry and get our friends to the Digiworld."

"Hey, I fixed it for the past few days," Izzy snorted. "Besides, I've had too much time on my hands to even bother with it."

Rushing out the door, he stormed out with Tentomon tagging behind him.

"Slow down, Izzy! Wait!"

About time we'll see you again, Tai and Agumon. Even if it's just for a day...! Izzy thought with a smile as he closed the apartment door behind him.


Odaiba Notama Apartments/Kamiya Residence/No. 1306/2:57 PM

Stepping inside her room was a small, cute girl with short, brown hair, who wore a set of accessories: including a pink dress, white socks and brown shoes. This was Hikari 'Kari' Kamiya, the younger sister of Taichi.

The child returned from attending a birthday party for her friend and she climbed up to lay back on her bed. Letting out a deep sigh, Kari felt relaxed.

"What a party! I knew she'd like that pink Power Ranger," the girl smiled as she looked down the bed. "And how was your day, Gatomon?"

"Just fine… I just took myself a long catnap while waiting for you," a white cat with large gloves yawned, sleeping on the vacant bed once used by Tai. "How was the party?"

"Great. I was involved in a magician act," Kari sat up while brushing her hair.

"Neat, You might to tell me all about it," Gatomon smirked.

The girl jumped off her bed and headed out of her room. "I'm going to see if anyone sent me e-mails on dad's computer."

As Kari walked out, she stepped inside her father's workroom and hopped on the chair. She grabbed the mouse and clicked on the 'Internet' icon to gain access. She quickly entered her e-mail password screen. Gatomon stumbled into the office and saw Kari checking her emails.

"You've been checking to see whether Azulongmon can provide you updates on Tai, huh?" Gatomon asked her curiously.

Nodding, Kari answered with optimism. "Yeah… I really do miss, my brother. I just wish he would at least see us for even a day." While scanning over her messages, she stumbled on one unread message and her heart skipped a beat. Her mouth and eyes gaped as she instinctively clicked on the message. "OH MY GOSH!"

Gatomon quickly raced over to Kari and hopped on her lap. "What happened? What does it say?" She read the message as she, too, became elated. "Kari! This is great news!"

Kari couldn't believe it. She beamed when reading the message again as her hopeful wishes became reality. She logged out of her e-mail screen and stormed back to her room with Gatomon.

"Heh, you're sure motivated! But, hey, it's your brother!" Gatomon said.

"It's too bad mom and dad are out today," sighed Kari as she pulled out the clothes she wore in her last adventure: the yellow shirt, pink shorts, and the tennis shoes. "They would be happy, too! And besides, we haven't seen him for eight months! How can I not be excited?! Agumon, too! I miss them!"

Gatomon smiled at Kari's own enthusiasm. "No kidding. I wonder how strong they've gotten since they started training with Huanglongmon. I mean, Omega X must be a bigger badass than before."

"I know..." Kari smiled as she reflected back to the few glimpses of Omega X she remembered. She also sensed the great power exuding from the Ascendant. She and her Crest of Light had seemingly become drawn to Omega X and his power. I wonder how it feels to have power like Omega X. Brother, you and Agumon were so strong... I couldn't even tell whether...

"Kari? The door bell just rang!" The feline interjected as she and Kari headed over to the front door.

The girl opened the door as to her surprise came Izzy and Tentomon. She let them in and faced them with an elated look.

"Izzy! You're not going to believe-!"

The Bearer of Knowledge smirked. "So, you know?" He handed the printed message, which was the exact same one she got. "You excited?"

"You have no idea, Izzy!" Kari beamed as she handed him the paper. "I wonder if X knows this."

Tentomon added. "More than likely he knows. Knowing him and his friends already are establishing a drop-off area for us to see Tai and Agumon."


"What is it, Kari? Are you okay?"

"How are we going to enter the Digiworld with all those gates closed?"

"Oh, that's easy. I've just recently learned that X, Gennai, and Azulongmon can allow us to access to the Digital World for emergencies. In this case, this isn't a real emergency. It's Tai and Agumon coming back for one day to a reunion," Izzy explained to the younger Kamiya child. "Gennai told me that we can use our Digivices to enter and he's chosen the one gate for us to use."

The Bearer of Light beamed again. "Ok! Then, what are we waiting?"

"The chosen gate we need to use is your family's computer."

"Oh, then, it's right down the hall," Kari pointed down across the hallway and into her father's office. "My parents aren't home and won't be back until tonight. They're at an all-day high school reunion event."

When hearing this, Izzy knew this worked out better than he originally planned.

"With luck, I have time to call up the other Digi-Destined. Well, not all of them I'm afraid."

"Why not?"

"We can't call Joe since he's in an exam right now. By the time we're in the Digiworld, he should be done and we can contact him. Mimi is out of the country with her family."

"Oh, that's right! I got a postcard from Mimi!" Kari recalled receiving a letter from Mimi a few days ago. She hurried over and returned back with the postcard. She handed it to Izzy. "She often keeps in touch with me."

"That's a surprise. Just you?" Izzy scanned the postcard as he sweatdropped reading it.

"She really goes out of her way to cheer me up sending me postcards. She and her family are just visiting Hawaii."

"Oh, Mimi," Izzy shook his head and sighed. "That just leaves TK and Sora. I'll contact them by their homes. Sora, I think, borrows her mother's cell."

"Right, let's get this over with," the brown-haired girl nodded as she led them into the living room.

Izzy walked over to a table and used the Kamiya's home phone. He dialed the number to the Takenouchi residence. "Sora, please be home…"


Kazuya Apartments/Takenouchi Residence/3:02 PM

Leaving her kitchen, Mrs. Toshiko Takenouchi picked the phone up and answered. "Hello, Takenouchi residence." She recognized Izzy on the other line. "Oh, hello, Izzy."

"Good day, Mrs. Takenouchi. I need to ask you if Sora is home."

"I'm sorry, but she stepped out for a while. I'll be sure to tell her you…"

"Mom, who is that?" Came Sora's voice, who just happened to arrive conveniently from a walk out.

"It's for you, Sora. It's Izzy and he sounds like he's in a hurry to speak to you."

Sora ran up and took the phone as the woman handed it to her. ""Um, I hope everything's all right, Izzy. I just got home." She listened to what he had to say as Mrs. Takenouchi returned to her kitchen.

"Sora! Unless you haven't received your e-mail message yet, listen up! You'll never guess who's going to be back!"

Sora felt her heart racing faster than ever before. "Tai and Agumon? Oh my gosh… I can't believe this! They're coming back…?"

"Yes, now listen up. It's only temporary. He only has a limited amount of hours before he and Agumon have to go back to Huanglongmon. I've already told Kari and I'm at her house. We'd like to know if you and Biyomon are in?"

"To see Tai…? You bet your sorry butt I'm coming! I'll be there in a few!"

"We'll be waiting. See you then, Sora."

As she hung up, Sora sighed happily, overwhelmed with joy. Almost tearing up, she rubbed her eyes and bolted to her room in a hurry. She closed the door and let out her tears freely, letting out of her bottled up emotions she's suppressed. s swelled with several tears of joy. She wiped the tears and giggled to herself.

"Stupid, Tai. I've been waiting until you would come back... even if it's for a day," Sora smiled as she grabbed her Digivice and turned to Biyomon, who was awakened. "Biyomon, guess who's coming back?"

Biyomon blinked as her eyes gleamed. "You mean...?!"

"Let's out to Kari's. They're waiting for us."


Sakura Apartments/Takaishi Residence/3:05 PM

As the news reached the Takashi household, young Takeru 'TK' Takaishi smiled with delight.

"Wow, awesome!" TK cried out excitedly. "Tai's coming back for one day! I can't wait! Hang in there. Me and Patamon will be there!"

"Sounds good, TK! We're not sure how long Sora and Biyomon will get here."

"Don't worry about that. My mom knows I'm a good friend with Kari. We'll see you there!" He finished, turning off his cordless phone. He turned to Patamon, who sat and listened during the phone conversation. "Tai and Agumon are really back for a day, Patamon!"

"That's great! But, should we tell your brother?" Patamon inquired.

gI've tried calling him and nothing has come up. I wonder if he still has obsession over being better than Tai. Maybe he already knows. Who knows? He and Gabumon might surprise us."

Patamon nodded. "Maybe. Are we ready to go?"

"Let me get a few things and my backpack!" TK said as he headed off to his room. It'll be good to see Tai again and Kari will be happy. This is going to be a special day for all of us until Tai and Agumon really come back for good! He grabbed his backpack and sighed. "I hope you'll be there too, brother."


Central Digirealm/Golden Castle Above the Clouds

"Taichi Kamiya and Agumon, you two realize you only have a limited time. The training requires you remain here until you've fully mastered control of your Ascendant power," The golden Sovereign, Huanglongmon, addressed the two standing away from him. "If you hope to ever reach your full potential in your powered form, you will more time under my watch."

"We get it, Lord Huanglongmon. I think we're finally getting the hang of controlling that form," Tai said, dressed in a fresh set of his old clothing. "Back when I was Omega X on Spira, I didn't think I'd ever have a full grasp over it. Glad things are turning out well for me and Agumon."

Agumon concurred. "You got that right, Tai!"

"Child of Courage, enjoy this day. Your fellow Digi-Destined deserves this special moment. However, don't let this fully take precedence over your Ascendant training. You don't wish to return home until you have those powers in check."

"Sora, Matt, Izzy, TK, Mimi, Joe, and even my little sister, Kari. I hope to see each of them again. I didn't want to be separated from them."

"Ready to go, Tai?" Agumon turned and asked his partner.

"You bet!" the gogglehead nodded in reply. "Thank you for this rare opportunity, Lord Huanglongmon. Rest assured we'll come right back when it's all over."

With that, Huanglongmon nodded and summoned a portal for the duo. Tai and Agumon jumped right in taking them back to the Eastern Digital World.

After seeing the two make their leave, Huanglongmon closed the portal and raised his head. He forged a mental link with X the masked watcher.

They're on their way, X. Are his friends in the Digital World yet?

The masked watcher responded mentally to the Sovereign. Azulongmon has sent most the message. So far, Sora, Kari, Izzy, TK, and their partner Digimon will be arriving soon. Gennai is preparing the portal for them to use.

Excellent. The arrangement is going as scheduled. However, my deepest regret is not letting them return home for good. Tai and Agumon have man y ways to go before they can fully master their Ascendant form. On top of that, I've been monitoring the Digiverse and...

I know. The Buriza Empire is still active even after Burizalor was defeated. They're in the process of a transition with a new leader. It has to be...

Huanglongmon sighed deeply as his eyes softened a bit. Yes, but let's hope this villain doesn't ruin the Digi-Destined's reunion. Tai and Agumon


Digital World/Outside Primary Village/3:30 PM

As Tai and Agumon returned to the Digital World, they surveyed the surroundings. Both were relieved to see a world they were very familiar with and yet have not seen in long while. Throwing off his yellow cape, Tai walked around and stared toward a nearby Primary Village settlement.

"That was an exhausting eight months. All of the training, but it'll be worth it to see our friends, buddy," Tai looked down at Agumon, smiling.

"No kidding. C'mon, I suggest we go west. Huanglongmon told us that they would arrive there."

"Right. Let's go, Agumon!"

With that, the boy raced across the plains with Agumon. Excitement in seeing his friends filled his head. He wanted nothing more than to use the little time he had to make this reunion memorable.

I better enjoy this while it lasts. One day, guys, I will be back for good! Tai vowed in thought as he ran down a hill with Agumon following him. Kari and Sora, I know you two, especially, have been waiting for me!

Unbeknownst to them, a bat-like creature observed them hanging upside down on a tree. However, this 'bat' had a video camera for a head and recorded Tai and Agumon.

"Suspects confirmed! The Bearer of Courage and his Digimon partner have arrived. Must report to Lord Mutalior. The possibilities of these two being the warrior identified as the legendary fused warrior is very high. Must report."


Earth/Odaiba District/Odaiba Notama Apartment/Kamiya Residence/3:45 PM

Upon arriving at the Kamiya Apartment residence, TK and Sora walked inside with their backpacks filled with their essentials.

Biyomon turned around and noticed a bit of fear on Sora's face. "Sora? Is something the matter?" She asked a worried Sora.

"Guess I'm a little nervous to see Tai again," Sora replied. "I wonder if he knows how much longer he'll have to stay with Huanglongmon."

"It can't say how long it will be, Sora. That's really up to Huanglongmon, Tai and Agumon. We're even lucky to see them again."

"Yeah, so let's make this visit count!" TK jumped off the sofa chair. "Right, Patamon?"

Patamon chirped happily. "Oh yeah! Matt and Gabumon might even surprise us being there!"

The Bearer of Hope replied. "My brother has to come if Tai will come."

Just then, Tentomon buzzed in through the room. "Good news, everyone! Izzy has managed get the line connected and a doorway leading to the Digital World should be open anytime now!"

"That's great news, Tentomon!" Kari said.

"Yeah, let's go and get ready everyone. We don't want to be late now, do we?" Sora gathered everyone in the living room. "Ready, Kari?"

"Of course! I haven't seen my brother in eight months!" The Bearer of Light nodded and picked up Gatomon before heading into the office where Izzy finished connecting the line to the computer.

As the group walked into the office, they saw Izzy finishing up.

"Hey, guys! I'm ready to get us transported to the Digital World! Gennai just got the go from Azulongmon to open one digital gate. We better this opportunity or we won't get another chance."

Nodding their heads in reply, the children and their Digimon crowded near the computer. Izzy pulled out his Digivice and held it near the monitor.

"What we will need to do is put our Digivices in front of Kari's dad's computer and a portal will instantaneously pull us through into the Digital World."

"That's all we have to do?" Sora asked as she held out her Digivice.

"As long as Gennai and Azulongmon open up this digital port."

"No way am I going to wait any longer!" Kari called out, instinctively pulling out her Digivice and putting in near the screen.

Following along with Izzy and Kari, Sora and TK took out their Digivices.

As the children held their Digivices towards the screen, a bright flash of light beamed across the room. The four Digi-Destined and their Digimon were quickly pulled forward and sucked through the screen.


Digiverse/Eastern Digigalaxy/Planet Moouyit/3:47 PM

Meanwhile, not too far from the Eastern Digital World, a large red-orange planet, known as Moouyt, was recently invaded and ravaged by a powerful head of the Buriza Empire. The inhabitants, the Moouyites, were swiftly driven into extinction by these powerful invaders. Consisting of this group were Mutalior's three elite soldiers and a monster.

Five shadowy figures amassed near an empty throne and the ruins of a castle. Several yards in the distance stood a large, oval-shaped spaceship. There stood Mutalior's elite soldiers – Salzer, Rezor, and Borga – along with a cloaked figure and Mutalior. Mutalior was sitting on the former king's throne as the spy robot teleported via a transporter. The robot displayed footage of Tai and Agumon's arrival on the Digital World. The evil warlord meticulously viewed the footage and scowled.

"You mean to tell me this is the human and Digimon who produced the Ascendant that defeated Burizalor?" the evil alien inquisitively asked as the spy robot. "MechaBatmon?"

"Yes, sire! The data matches perfectly! He was last seen about half an hour ago!" MechaBatmon chirped as it spoke. "It's as the reports have confirmed: a boy wearing goggles and has an Agumon for a partner."

"Then, he has to be the one," Mutalior muttered.

"This is our chance to strike them down, Lord Mutalior," Salzer convinced him.

Borga added roughly. "Not just those two, but those Digi-Destined pukes! We'll raid their reunion party! I'll pulverize them for you, Lord Mutalior!"

Rezor laughed. "Indeed! We'll crash their party!"

However, Mutalior remained silent and closed his eyes. He did hate the fact that a Digi-Destined helped confirm his suspicions of Burizalor's defeat. What made him much angrier was the simple fact Burizalor let his own arrogance lead to his demise.

"Burizalor. You arrogant fool…" He chastised his son. He gazed across the arid landscape and stood from the throne. Beaten by an Ascendant? Well, if that's the case, then we must return to the Digital World. Now that my spy robot has confirmed their location, we can track them easily. I will confront this Ascendant. No one disgraces my family and gets away with it.

Mutalior turned and faced his men, particularly Salzer and the cloaked assassin.

"Salzer, set a course for the Eastern Realm's Digital World. I shall see it that the Ascendant and his friends are dead!" Angrily lashing his own tail back, the warlord crushed the throne behind him with the weight of his tail. The cloaked assassin knelt before Mutalior and addressed in a low and demonic tone.

"Sire, grant me the opportunity to engage this human and his Digimon," said the cloaked assassin, keeping his vaguely dark face hidden. "I'd like to test my abilities on them."

"That's exactly why I created you from that virus," Mutalior replied. "You may fight them, but the Ascendant will die by my hands."

battle the human and his Digimon partner. I'd like to exploit my skills and determine whether he presents any form of challenge to you," the cloaked assassin spoke.

"Thank you, my lord. I will not let you down.

Mutalior smiled evilly and floated over to the mothership. "Time to disembark off this wasteland of a planet. Let's set a course to the Digital World."


Digital World/Gigabyte Forest/4:35 PM

Shortly after arriving, the Digi-Destined and Digimon walked across the seemingly endless plains. The Digimon immediately turned the left direction and felt a familiar presence. The children took note of their Digimon and stared off ahead to see two figures running over towards them.

"Hey, look!" TK pointed to the two figures. "Could it be them…? I see a human... and... AH! IT'S THEM! TAI! AGUMON, GUYS!"

"I see them!" Kari said, widening her grin as she and the others waved over to get their attention. "TAI! AGUMON! OVER HERE!"

I can't believe it! It's really them! Sora thought as she instantly recognized the big hair and the goggles. "Good eye, TK."

Tai and Agumon stopped as they gazed across the plains to see their friends waving to them. Tai narrowed his eyes top get a clearer view of his friends and smiled.

"Agumon, it's really them!" Tai exclaimed as he saw Sora, Kari, Izzy, TK, and their Digimon partners amassed together waving. "Guys! I see y'all! C'mon, Agumon!"

"Right behind ya!" Agumon chirped.

Tai and Agumon raced across to reunite with his friends. Kari was the first to dash forward as she lunged into her brother's arms. Tai embraced Kari while the others gathered around to greet them. Kari cried happily, burying her face into her brother's chest.

"I'm glad to see you again, sis," the Bearer of Courage said, holding his sister in a tight hug.

Kari smiled and nodded. "Me, too, Tai! I'm glad you and Agumon are looking well." She shifted her view over to Agumon. She ran up and hugged Agumon, too. "Agumon!"

Agumon hugged Kari back. "Good to see you again, Kari!"

"Tai..." Sora muttered, getting Tai's full attention. She slowly approached Tai, who whirled around and greeted her. "We're glad you're back even if it's for this day."

"Same here. I'm hoping I can work out an arrangement with Huanglongmon to allow me to see you guys more."

Nodding, Sora pulled away and replied. "I hope so. You have no idea how much we miss you."

Wiping her tears, Kari withdrew from Agumon and noticed Gatomon walking over to Tai.

"So, have you and Agumon gotten any stronger?" The feline inquired. "If you were training under the legendary Huanglongmon, you must be stronger than before."

"Let's just say I'm starting to become better accustomed to using our Ascendant form," replied the big-haired boy, who folded both arms behind his head.

"Nonetheless, we're glad Huanglongmon has allowed you time to see us," Izzy stated as he walked over and clapped his back. "So, according to my assumptions, you have only a day?"

Tai nodded accordingly. "Yeah, I am. No more than that."

"Better than no time I say," Tentomon chimed in. "We hope to see you show us your Ascendant form."

"I will right before I make my leave. I just want to kick back, relax, and hang out with you, guys," Tai said. "How are mom and dad doing, Kari?"

The cute Bearer of Light replied, smiling genuinely. "Of course, they miss you. They hope you'll come home soon."

"Naturally, I'd expect to hear that from them. Heh, hoo boy," Tai chuckled as he heard his stomach rumbling. "Who's up for a camp-out? We can talk this over with a meal over a fire."

Taking out her backpack, Kari pulled out a few food essentials. "I brought some snacks. Here's some canned food we can stir in a pot."

"I can start the fire," Agumon offered.

Biyomon added. "Some of us can collect wood."

TK chuckled excitedly. "Yeah, a camp-out!"

Patamon flew over and whispered to TK. "Um, what about Matt?"

Shaking his head dismissively, the boy replied. "He hasn't responded to me."

"I guess Matt, Mimi, and Joe will join us later?" Tai just noticed the conspicuous absence of the other Digi-Destined members. "Man, don't I have a lot to tell you guys about the fight with Burizalor and the the training with Huanglongmon. But, I just want to hear about your stories!"

"Well, about Matt.." TK confessed as Tai attentively turned toward him. "I've tried contacting him, but he hasn't answered. But, I have good faith... no, I know he'll show up! Once he learns your here, he and Gabumon will come running here!"

The Bearer of Courage flashed a grin. "I'm counting on him and Gabumon to show up. No way he'd miss the chance to confront me."

"As for Mimi, she and Palmon are vacationing in Hawaii," said Sora. "Last I checked, Izzy said Gennai might be able to establish a digital port for them to use."

"Just as long as she can find a computer available in the hotel she's staying in with her family," Izzy vividly pointed out. "Joe's taking a test. He should be done with it soon. It was a long and arduous test he had to take. Gomamon's waiting for him."

"They can take all the time they need," Tai said, smiling sheepishly. "But, I don't want them to miss out on seeing me."

"Tai and I just passed by a lake not too far from here," Agumon said.

"Oh yeah! There's a lake with a forest situated near it. We can set up camp there!"

The other Digi-Destined unanimously agreed with Tai and Agumon's location choice.

"Just as long as there's no wild Digimon to bother us," Biyomon suggested.

"Bah, Agumon and I can handle them. Same with the rest of you," Tai chuckled as he led the group toward the lake. "C'mon!"

As the group headed off to the lake area, four shadow figures concealed themselves in a forest nearby and painstakingly monitored the Digi-Destined. The villainous characters quickly spread out and followed their direction.


Camp Site/Near Gigabyte Forest Lake/5:00 PM

Later, they set up camp near the lake. Tai and Agumon left to catch fish and gather more wood. Kari, TK, Sora, and Izzy sat near the campfire watching the pot of boiling chili. Biyomon, Tentomon, Gatomon, and Patamon returned carrying extra wood for the fire.

"How's the chili coming?" Gatomon asked the kids.

Sora answered while stirring the pot. "It looks to be almost done." She took the spoon out and gave it a taste test. "Just a little more."

"I hope the chili's not spicy," TK said, waiting as he kicked his feet up along with Kari.

"I'm getting hungry!" Patamon said as he dropped the wood he carried near the campfire.

Suddenly, the shadowed figures swiftly moved through the forest, causing a flock of local bird Digimon to fly away. Gatomon quickly picked up on the birds and felt an ominous vibe close by. This alarmed the Digi-Destined. The other Digimon caught on and surveyed the local area with Gatomon.

"Guys?" Izzy cautiously looked around the forest near them.

Kari whispered to her Digimon. "What's wrong, Gatomon?"

"Shhh! I'm picking up on some really dark vibes," the feline said as her ears perked up.

"You better stay close to us," Tentomon warned them.

Sora stepped back from the pot and stood behind Biyomon. "Biyomon?"

"We need to be vigilant, Sora," the pink-feathered bird stated, throwing a wing over her partner.

Suddenly, one of these four figures phased behind Izzy and Tentomon. Before Gatomon had a chance to warn them, Izzy whirled around and saw Borga towering over him.

"Behind-!" Before Tentomon could finish, Borga lightly chopped Tentomon in the back and knocked him out.

"Tentomon!" exclaimed Izzy as Borga picked him up by his shirt. "Put me down!"

"IZZY!" The other cried out, but as they tried to save him... Rezor intercepted them.

"Where do you think your going?" Rezor laughed, blocking the Digi-Destined off from saving Izzy and Tentomon.

"Put me down!" demanded the Bearer of Knowledge, kicking his feet up and punching Borga.

"Let him go!" Gatomon hissed.

As TK stepped back fearing his life, Patamon promptly bumrushed the alien. However, Rezor backhanded him aside.

"PATAMON!" TK cried and ran over to his unconscious Digimon partner.

"Bah! Stay down, ya little rodent!" laughed the green-skinned brute.

"Izzy! Tentomon!" TK screamed out in horror.

As Sora and Kari watched on helplessly, Gatomon and Biyomon held their ground against the aliens. They attentively looked over to see Salzer eating the chili from the pot.

"Mmm, this is pretty good for an Earth meal," Salzer said, eating the chili from Sora's stirring spoon. "Could use some spices though. How about you let us have your food?"

"Hey! That's ours!" Gatomon exclaimed. "And let our friends go!"

Kari added. "Gatomon, you know what to do." She readily held her Digivice in hand.

Sora did the same while Biyomon was prepared to evolve.

"These whelps are friends of that Ascendant?" Rezor wondered as he studied each of the Chosen.

"He has to be close by if our sources are correct," replied Salzer.

"Hah, you want a go with us?!" boasted Borga as he swung Izzy around by his shirt. "Kinda presum-what'ca you call it."

"Presumptuous," Salzer corrected his colleague.

"Yeah, something like that."

"Anyway, my scouter scanned these weakling Digimon. We can kill them at our leisure."

Rezor snickered. "Oh, goody!"

"I don't think so! My brother and Agumon are close by!" Kari cried out. "They'll know we're in trouble!"

"Then, where are they, ya little runt?!" Borga demanded.

"Hey, jerks! Leave my friends alone!" Came a familiar voice that brought relief to the Digi-Destined.

"TAI!" Kari cried as she and the others turned around to see Tai running by with Agumon.

"You looking for the one who beat Burizalor?" The Bearer of Courage asked as he and Agumon stepped out of the forest. He pointed to himself, wearing a game face. "You're looking at the two."

Upon seeing them, the three aliens turned around and directed their attention to them. Rezor scanned the duo with his scanner.

"So, you're the two who have the power to produce the Ascendant?" Salzer inquired. "Interesting."

"Bah, these two scrawny punks?" Borga scoffed as he punched a rock and pulverized it to dust. "Don't matter. Let's kill them!"

"Yeah! I wanna kill the Ascendant that defeated Burizalor!" Rezor said.

Tai turned to his friends and beckoned them off. "Get Patamon and Tentomon, you two." He ordered Izzy and TK to retrieve their Digimon. "And all of you get away from here. We'll handle these guys."

"But, Tai-!" Sora tried to interject.

"Go now!" Tai barked as he pressed a hand over his chest, invoking the Crest of Courage's energies to allow Agumon to evolve.

"You heard him, guys," muttered Sora as she led Kari, Gatomon, Biyomon, and the others from the vicinity, leaving Tai and Agumon to fight Mutalior's men.

"Take them down, you two!" TK called out while running and carrying Patamon off.

Kari shouted along the way. "Let them have it!"

As the three aliens advanced on them, Tai gathered enough power for Agumon to evolve.

Feeling his augmented power, Agumon's body glowed. "Let's take them to school, Tai!"

"You guys are about to find out what happened when the Nightmare Squad crossed us," Tai declared. "Evolve, Agumon!"

"Agumon... Mega Shinka! VictoryGreymon!" roared the empowered Mega, who stepped out of a pillar of orange light. He brandished his mighty Dramon Breaker and took a battle stance. "Ready to go, boys?"

The trio's scouters started firing up and scanned VictoryGreymon's power.

"Wow, I must say I'm impressed," Salzer said. "His power is going over 180,000."

"Heh, not bad for his caliber," Borga remarked. "But, not enough to beat the three of us together!"

"So, what do you clowns call yourselves?" Tai asked nonchalantly. "The Nightmare Ripoff Squad?"

"Don't lump us with those losers!" Rezor laughed out loud. "We're Mutalior's three elite soldiers!"

"We are..." The trio performed a Super Sentai-like group pose. Borga postured on two feet and raised his arms up into the air. Rezor stood on one foot, raised his left arm up, and lifted his right arm. Salzer stood right above them and made flexing motions with his arms..

"Borga!" yelled the green brute.

"Rezor!" shouted the amphibian alien Digimon.

"Salzer!" yelled the leader of the trio.

"We are the Mutalior Armored Squad!"

VictoryGreymon scoffed, sarcastically chiding them. "Same difference."

"Mutalior?" Tai wondered, picking up their leader's name.

(Cue Blast Corps OST – Kipling Plant)

"Don't really care who you're affiliated with. Bring it!" VictoryGreymon beckoned the villainous warriors to attack him. He flew up and lured the aliens away from the campsite.

Sighing, Tai watched his partner engage the alien warriors. "Great. There goes our camping reunion." He tried following the battle with his hand over his glowing chest. "C'mon, VictoryGreymon!"

As Salzer glided over past the Mega, VictoryGreymon swung his Dramon Breaker and nearly caught him with it. Rezor came up behind VictoryGreymon and tried chopping his head. VictoryGreymon ducked the fatal blow and landed a kick, sending him flying back. Borga quickly threw himself at VictoryGreymon and went for a punch. VictoryGreymon swerved to the side and let Borga pass on by.

Salzer unloaded with a few energy blasts, which VictoryGreymon batted aside with his sword. Each blasts were redirected and blasted the campsite into rubble.

Rezor and Borga swiftly phased behind VictoryGreymon. They tried a sneak attack that came up unsuccessful when VictoryGreymon kicked them both back. VictoryGreymon flew right at Borga and swung his sword. To his surprise, Borga caught the Mega's weapon under his arm pit and caught him in a bear hug.

"Here. How about I break ya in half?" Borga wore a fiendish grin and applied a tighter hold, preparing to bend VictoryGreymon in half.

Struggling to break free, VictoryGreymon turned as Rezor came flying up at him. VictoryGreymon landed a headbutt to Borga and disoriented him. VictoryGreymon moved aside as Rezor flew up and hit Borga with a flying knee lift.

"Ugh!" Borga grunted as he doubled over in pain. "What was that for?!"

VictoryGreymon quickly landed near Tai and fired a beam directly at Rezor.

"Hey! It ain't my fault! He moved outta the wa-!" The brown amphibian Digimon whirled around and saw the blast heading toward his head. "Gah!" The blast seemingly blew his head off, leaving him headless. Much to his own relief, Rezor retracted his head forward and sighed. "Whew, thank goodness for a retractable head!"

"Enough, you three," suddenly came a dark voice.

Everyone present turned around to see a dark cloaked figure land near them. Tai and VictoryGreymon became alarmed with the new arrival while taking battle stances.

The soldier trio turned around and swiftly levitated back on the ground below. VictoryGreymon and Tai watched the mysterious figure approaching them. Making a methodical advance forward, the figure walked over to the Mutalior Armored Squad.

Cautiously watching him, Tai muttered to VictoryGreymon. "He's with them, but who is he?"

"Don't know, but I'm sensing a dark and stronger power from him," VictoryGreymon said, eyeing the mysterious character carefully.

"Taichi Kamiya and Agumon, I presume?" the cloaked figure inquired in a darkened and demonic tone.

Upon hearing their names, the duo were shocked when the figure addressed their names. When the mysterious figure pulled off his hood, he ripped off his cloak and unveiled himself to the duo. The creature resembled a demonic black-faced creature with broad black armored shoulders, long olive limbs, and wore shaggy and messy yellow hair. His hands and feet were armed with sharp red claws – five on each hand and three on his back feet.

"Ascendant, you may call me, Diaboromon," the demonic Digimon introduced himself to the duo. "I've been given two direct orders. One of them is to eliminate you two." He brandished his claws and stalked toward them on all fours.

Tai took a stance and scoffed. "You think you can scare us? Please."

"We need to be careful with this one, Tai," VictoryGreymon advised him.

Nodding, the big-haired boy climbed up on VictoryGreymon's back. Diaboromon roared and lunged forward to hit VictoryGreymon with a claw strike. VictoryGreymon evaded the viral monster's reach and took to the air.

"Web Wrecker!" Diaboromon expelled powerful destructive blasts that exploded around VictoryGreymon.

VictoryGreymon yelled. "Fury Blitz! Times 10!" He augmented his power and speed, wearing a red fiery-like aura. He flew down in propulsion and batted away Diaboromon's assorted blasts. He threw a punch that knocked Diaboromon back.

Disoriented, Diaboromon quickly recovered and flew into the air. "Cable Crusher!" The demon quickly retaliated, stretching both front arms to grab and slash VictoryGreymon.

VictoryGreymon swerved around Diaboromon's arms and shot forward. Taken aback, Diaboromon watched VictoryGreymon vanish from his view.


Diaboromon went a powerful blow impact his back. VictoryGreymon landed a punch that sent Diaboromon hitting the ground. As Diaboromon struggled to sit up, VictoryGreymon landed and sensed a forthcoming dark presence near them.

(End theme)

"Lord Mutalior..." Diaboromon said as he straightened his posture and bowed his head.

"Ah, Lord Mutalior, we weren't expecting you to-" Salzer stopped as he, Borga, and Rezor were met with footsteps coming near them. They bowed when a pair of three-toed purple feet touch a puddle.

Hearing footsteps behind them, VictoryGreymon and Tai turned. Their faces blanched as their eyes fell on someone who vaguely resembled Burizalor.

Mutalior finally stepped out of his the mothership.

Tai wore look of apprehension he hadn't worn since enduring Burizalor's terrifying wrath. His face blanched white upon seeing someone who had arisen from the dead. He noted the long tail, the shape of his body, and the same cold, calculating eyes. The boy's eyes widened and his heart slowed its pace for a second. Tai felt his mouth became dry while his whole body stiffened. VictoryGreymon was also in a state of alarm.

Mutalior glared at the two, wearing a malevolent grin.

"Tai. It can't be..." VictoryGreymon muttered. Wait, but that's not him! They call him Mutalior. His power feels superior to Burizalor's.

"He looks like Burizalor..." Tai said, unable to say anything more than trying to relive a recurring nightmare.

Mutalior addressed them both. "We meet at last."


Next act: Mutalior's Forces Converge


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