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Mutalior's Vengeance

Final Act: The Ascendant Reawakens


Digital World/8:22 PM

Turning around to face the icy tyrant, Omegamon pointed his sword directly at Mutalior. The tension mounted between the two as they encircled and sized each other up.

"You shall pay for your crimes against justice, Mutalior," Omegamon declared, hardening his gaze toward the evil warlord. "I don't intend to waste anymore time! Let's go!" He quickly brandished his Grey Sword and took a battle stance.

"You tell him, Omegamon!" Tai exclaimed.

Matt shifted between Omegamon and Mutalior. This is incredible. Though, I'm disappointed Tai and Agumon haven't pulled out the Ascendant trump card.

'Finally, something we can agree on, Matty boy.' growled Yamato, cutting off the blonde-haired preteen through their mental conversation. 'Why haven't these two gone for broke?'

Well, Omegamon should be enough...

'Don't count on it. Mutalior is no pushover if he's anything like Burizalor. Oh, heads up!'

Suddenly, Mutalior didn't waste any time and launched himself into Omegamon. He landed a kick to the knight and knocked him several yards back. Omegamon did a somersault in mid-air whilst Tai and Matt clung on tight on Omegamon's shoulders. Mutalior evilly chuckled behind his chitin mouth guard.

"Please, two Digimon merged into one being, or otherwise, you're still not a match for me!" Mutalior boasted. "Diaboromon was a fool who let down his guard. I won't make the same mistake!" He lifted his right hand and forged a dark red ball of light. "Now prepare to be crushed by my hand!"

As Mutalior threw his dark attack, Omegamon barely evaded the coming blast and watched it rip through a large plateau of rock. The blast ignited and resulted in a massive explosion that followed.

"Nice evasion, Omegamon!" The Bearer of Courage commended the knight.

Matt gasped when he saw Mutalior forming another attack. "He's not done! Keep your eye on him, Omegamon!"

Everyone else watched from a cliff side as most were captivated with Omegamon's presence. Him annihilating Diaboromon was a huge burden lifted off their shoulders with Mutalior being the only threat left to deal with.

"C'mon, Omegamon!" TK and Kari cheered on the knight.

"I gotta hand it to them... they created an impressive looking fusion Digimon," Sam said, closely watching Omegamon gliding around and shooting a succession of cannon blasts at Mutalior. "But, man, Mutalior's relentless... even more than Burizalor."

BanchoLeomon added. "He's not toying with Omegamon. He's going in for the kill! Omegamon needs to finish him quickly before it's too late!"

Keke jumped up and prepared to take off. "We've have to lend them some support!"

"Wait, Keke!" BanchoLeomon called out as he seized her arm and pulled her back. "Look, something's happening."

(Cue Dragonball Z Ultimate Budokai OST – Rising Force)

The group attentively watched Omegamon hitting Mutalior with the Grey Sword. Though it didn't cut him in half, the force sent Mutalior sailing into a rock formation. Mutalior swiftly took to the air and raised his hand, making the area around Omegamon explode using his telekinetic powers. Omegamon swayed back and glided over to intercept Mutalior. The tyrant forged a ball of dark energy and threw it at Omegamon. The knight rebounded and fired a beam from his cannon, which neutralized Mutalior's attack.

"Too slow!" bellowed the tyrant, who quickly phased behind Omegamon and landed a swift blow into the knight's back.

Tai and Matt hung on for dear life while Omegamon was knocked back by Mutalior's attack. Seizing the opportunity, Mutalior dove forward and went for a quick thrust into Omegamon's back. However, utilizing his newly acquired keen senses, Omegamon whirled around and backhanded Mutalior with his ZeedGarurumon arm-cannon and disoriented the villain for a bit.

Omegamon pointed the cannon in front of Mutalior's face point blank.

"Let him have it, Omegamon!" Tai and Matt simultaneously yelled out.

"Supreme Cannon!"

Following a resounding explosion, Mutalior was last seen plunging into the ground and laying. The villain raised his head seeing Omegamon floating near the backdrop of the fissure between the Digital World and data realm. Seething mad, Mutalior stood up and flew up, surprising Omegamon with a tail whip that stunned him for a moment. Mutalior clenched his fist and decked Omegamon's face. Omegamon caught Mutalior with a sword slash.

"Transcendent Sword!" Omegamon roared, slashing open Mutalior's right side and drawing out blood from the tyrannical alien.

"BASTARD!" Mutalior bellowed, grabbing Omegamon's face. He looked Tai and Matt in their eyes before shooting a beam in Omegamon's face.

Omegamon quickly put up a shield, which repelled Mutalior back. Unfortunately, putting up the barrier expended a little bit of Omegamon's power.

"What's going on?" Tai wondered as he noticed Omegamon backing away.

"Putting up that barrier expended some of my energy..." Omegamon murmured. "But, we can still fight on."

"Tai, you might want to go Ascendant on this guy..." Matt said, turning to his rival. "Omegamon's putting a bit of a dent on him, but I don't think it'll be enough to finish him." He noticed the hesitation from Tai and scowled. "What are you holding back for?!"

"If I go Ascendant, I just hope I can control the rage," the big-haired boy said, clutching his chest hard, which annoyed Matt.

"GUYS! He's about to attack again!" Sora screamed out as she got their attention back on the genocidal monster.

Mutalior flew over and threw an energy blast that impacted Omegamon. The force behind the attack overwhelmed the knight. Mutalior shot right up seemingly out of nowhere and caught Omegamon with a knee into his face. Omegamon's head snapped back, allowing Mutalior to tail whip him. Omegamon caught Mutalior by his tail and swung him around. He threw the tyrant into a rock formation and crossed both arms, producing two energy spheres and compressed them into form a larger ball of combined fire and ice energy. He flung the sphere toward the rubble and cleared away the landscape. Mutalior flew out of the ravaged vicinity and unleashed a barrage of earth-shattering blasts. Omegamon produced another barrier, ensuring none of the blasts would go through. Tai and Matt hung on tight.

While the battle intensified, something immediately caught Izzy's eye, causing him to turn away from the heated battle. He gasped when he received an email from Gennai regarding the missiles. Needless to say, judging by his blanched look, it wasn't good news.

"No! They have to get rid of Mutalior now!" Izzy exclaimed.

"What now, Izzy?!" Sora asked as she and the others turned to him in alarm.

The Bearer of Knowledge answered, though what he said brought much discomfort. "The virus hasn't gone away. When Diaboromon was slain, we just assumed we were out of the danger zone, but... Gennai just sent me an urgent message! The virus... the true virus... is contained within Mutalior!"

Upon hearing this, the group were stunned in absolute silence, but Joe and Mimi were the first ones to panic.

"Then, they can't waste anymore time with this guy!" David exclaimed.

Sam turned back to the battle and observed Mutalior blasting through Omegamon's barrier. "No, and it's not looking good for Omegamon!"

"Mutalior had this planned from the start, I bet!" Kara said.

Tike cursed. "That sneaky bastard pulled a fast one on us!"

"C'mon, Omegamon!" Kari cried out to the knight.

TK crossed his fingers, feeling nervous sweat dampen his forehead. "Tai, Matt... c'mon... we need Omega X! There's no other way!"

"Ahahaha! Yes, I planned this from the start!" laughed the tyrant, who continued throwing destructive blasts. He watched as his blasts were weakening Omegamon's barrier. "Did you think I wouldn't go without taking calculated risks?! Your world will reduced to shambles!"

Gritting his teeth, Tai seethed when he came to realization that his family were in danger of losing their lives. Not just Tai's family, but the families of the other Digi-Destined and billions of countless human lives.

No! This scumbag isn't going to get away with this! You're NO different from Burizalor! The Bearer of Courage seethed as his hands trembled.

Just then, as Mutalior's actions invoked Tai's inner fury, the courage symbol seemingly glowed on his chest. Then, a subtle golden sheen of light outlined Omegamon's body.

Matt, the angels, the Digital Humans, and BanchoLeomon caught on and noticed the subtle golden light. Kari soon felt a familiar vibe and gasped.

"Tai...?" Kari murmured, meticulously eyeing her brother and Omegamon. "That same golden light... it was so sudden.

BanchoLeomon gasped. What is this power I'm sensing?

"It's happening..." Keke said as her colleagues nodded and each one wore serious looks.

Matt curiously looked toward Tai. "What was that...? That was..."

'It's about time. Now, you're about to witness it firsthand, Matty boy.' Yamato interjected.

As Mutalior threw more blasts, Omegamon's defenses were coming down. Tai lifted his head and shot an angry glare toward the tyrant.

"Hmm? What's happening?" Mutalior wondered, noticing the change in Tai's demeanor.

(End theme)


United States/Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado

Deep in the military facilities across the bases, military personnel were deeply in grim disbelief over the sudden launch of a missile being launched straight for the heart of Tokyo. This was only the beginning of other missiles being launched toward other global cities. They weren't able to neutralize the virus implemented by Mutalior.

"One of the missiles is heading straight for Tokyo! I repeat...!"


Digital World/8:10 PM

As more landscape was being ravaged by Mutalior's blasts, Omegamon gradually gave in as his energy was seemingly being exhausted. The knight's barrier was subsiding, but a subtle golden aura outlined Omegamon's frame.

What was that? Mutalior thought as he eyed Omegamon and Tai. I must be seeing things.

Mutalior's dark aura became red and slowly began expanding around his frame. Omegamon, Tai, and Matt braced themselves since they were the closest to Mutalior's deadly aura.

(Cue Deftones - Change)

"It's time I end this!" Mutalior laughed maniacally and raised one hand over his head. "Say goodbye to everything you hold dear, Digi-Destined! And farewell... false Ascendant for bringing my hopes down! Now... YOU CAN ALL DIE TOGETHER!"

"NO, YOU WON'T!" Tai bellowed as his body quivered and he gritted his teeth hard. Clenching his fists, he felt an overwhelming surge of power from within his body. He let out a deep gasp when a golden sheen of light encircled him and his hair straightened, becoming spikier than before and golden. He placed his hands over the VictoryGreymon arm of Omegamon, merging them together.

When it was said and done, a golden light engulfed Tai and VictoryGreymon, turning them into a one being. Behind the golden light stood a familiar figure that the others recognized. Omegamon fell to one knee with only the ZeedGarurumon arm still intact.

"Tai...?! Has he really done it?!" Matt gaped in shock upon witnessing the awakening of the golden warrior. In the back of his mind, he heard Yamato laughing. So, he did it... and you must be thrilled to see this.

'Yes, this is the legendary Ascendant. Feast your eyes on this. This is what we hope to achieve one day. The power shall be ours!

The Digital Humans and the Digimon marveled at witnessing the golden-haired Ascendant standing not too far from them. They were seeing the same warrior that was instrumental in Burizalor's demise.

"His power is as incredible as I remember," Seraphimon remarked.

Ophanimon concurred. "Just like back on Spira."

Tike got giddy when seeing him. "Welcome back, Omega X!"

Kara smiled genuinely as her eyes sparkled. "Beautiful!"

David nodded. "You can say that again!"

"Judging by Mutalior's reaction, he must be speechless," Sam observed.

Keke turned toward Matt and shifted her view on Omega X. "Yeah, no arguments there." I know Matt's doing a double take on this. He and the other 'him' must be craving to have this power for themselves.

"So, this is the Ascendant form that Tai and Agumon achieved back on Spira?!" BanchoLeomon's view was totally turned upside down. His power is slightly above that of Omegamon's!

"Take him down, big brother!" Kari encouraged Omega X. She watching clasping her hands together. It's weird... I can somehow sense his power. I don't know how I'm able to do it.

"So, this really is the Ascendant form... he looks so... powerful up close," Sora was utterly speechless being closer. She was better able to witness Omega X in action.

Mutalior backed away, slightly shakened when Omega X came out into clearing.

"He's changed..." Mutalior observed, not taking his eyes off the transformed warrior. But, a human merged with a Digimon?

Omega X stood garbed in orange armor, covering his chest, back, shoulders, shins, and shoulders. Underneath the orange armor, the warrior wore what resembled a black bodysuit. Every part of his body was covered with this black material, including his hands and feet. The same golden aura surrounded the warrior, his hair lifted upward and awash with gold hue. When opening his eyes, they were blue-green and brimming with calm fury.

Has he become the Ascendant... the one who destroyed Burizalor?! Mutalior thought. He quickly ignored any notion of showing fear and laughed. "Ascendant scum! Prepare to be squa-!" Before he could lift his hand, he saw Omega X vanish. He felt his own arm being seized by some inexplicable force. He turned and saw Omega X grabbing his wrist.

Struggling to break free, Mutalior tried prying his arm from Omega X's tight grip.

"That's enough you scumbag! You've threatened us enough!" Omega X calmly reproached him.

Jerking his arm back, Mutalior didn't pull anymore punches and landed a gut punch into Omega X. Much to his dismay, the punch didn't faze Omega X an inch.

"I'm not going to let you hurt my friends and our families because of your twisted ambitions," Omega X openly snarled and watched Mutalior hover back. "It's over. I'm destroying that virus you've got contained!"

"Hah! You really think I'm going to let some overrated legend preach to me?! It's too late to turn back now!" Mutalior bellowed as he pointed to his chest. "But, you're not strong enough to kill me! You don't have the guts to do it!"

"So, be it. We'll play by your rules then!" Omega X roared, pushing Mutalior back with his golden aura. He flew up hitting Mutalior with a succession of punches.

Mutalior tried fighting up by countering and punching. After attempting to hit him with a lariat, Omega X swerved his head to the side and flew up striking Mutalior with a punch. The Ascendant followed up with a knee to the evil warlord's gut and gave him a kick to his face. One kick nearly took Mutalior's head off and the punches were enough to inflict damage.

(End theme)

Coughing, Mutalior tried recovering from the damage Omega X dealt to him. However, that coughing became laughter.

"Heheh... ahaha...!" The alien warlord laughed manically again. "Oh, yes... now, I can feel your true strength. I... like it... YOU'RE TOO MUCH!" He pulled back and fired a massive beam at the Ascendant.

As the beam seemingly went through the Ascendant, Omega X came out of it unfazed. The moment he recollected his thought, Omega X looked up behind the billowing smoke from the blast. To his horrible disbelief, his eyes widened when the first thing he saw was a giant glowing ball of red destructive energy, roughly the size of the Statue of Liberty's head, hanging above Mutalior's head.

What was more terrifying was that this feat was accomplished in less time than Burizalor's own Death Ball.

"What's wrong, Ascendant?! Sleeping on the job?!" Mutalior taunted him whilst holding the gigantic glowing Death Ball. He kept the ball stationary in his right hand, balancing it over his head.

Everyone else witnessed this shocking development. Mutalior once again pulled another fast one and outwitted his enemies with a deadly trump card. It was more shocking to learn how quickly Mutalior was able to gather enough power to produce his own Death Ball.

"Judging by your looks, you didn't anticipate this. Allow me to clarify something before you all die... I can gather energy ten times faster than Burizalor's! Ascendant, you shouldn't have taken your eyes off me!" Mutalior laughed and hurled the Death Ball toward Omega X. "Now, you and your colleagues can share the same fate as this planet will! NOW DIE!"

(Cue R-Type Delta OST – Stage 6 (Awakening) )

"NOOO!" Omega X roared defiantly as he shot upward. Without showing fear, the Ascendant pushed his hands into the coming Death Ball and tried pushing it back. "I WON'T... LET THIS GO THROUGH ME!"

"Let's move!" BanchoLeomon shouted as he flew over to push the attack back.

Keke, Sam, Tike, Kara, and David were the next the follow BanchoLeomon's lead. Seraphimon and Ophanimon were last to join them. They exerted power to help Omega X push the Death Ball back. However, the unbridled force behind the sphere knocked them all but Omega X away.

"Seraphimon, Tike!" TK cried out as both Tike and Seraphimon landed near him.

"Ophanimon, Kara!" Kari screamed frightfully as Kara and Ophanimon hit the ground near her.

Matt yelled out. "Keke!"

Mimi covered her eyes. "Can someone stop him?!"

"And there's no time for a Life Bomb miracle either!" Joe said.

"The missile is closing in on Tokyo, guys!" Izzy warned them. "We don't have any time! One minute until impact!"

Sora grasped her chest. "No... this can't be all we've got... Tai... Agumon... Omega X... whoever you are..." She screamed out to the Ascendant. "We're not going to give up this battle!"

As Mutalior overheard the Digi-Destined's pleas, he laughed at their pitiful cries.

"Your pleas won't make any difference!" Mutalior bellowed triumphantly. "Struggle all you want, Ascendant! It's over! This is what you get for disgracing my clan!"

Buckling under the pressure, Omega X tried invoking his inherent Ascendant strength to hold the apocalyptic ball from hitting the Digital World's surface. If he let himself give out, the ball will ultimately impact the ground and wipe out the entire Digital World. And by letting the ball destroy them, they would've failed to neutralize the virus and prevent the missiles from creating a worldwide cataclysm.

"TAI! AGUMON!" Kari screamed as her cries were felt by the Ascendant.

"Kari... Sora... everyone... we're not going to let him win...!" Omega X gritted his teeth, pressing his fingers into the Death Ball. He felt the weight of the ball preparing to crush him into the ground. "You've already murdered countless beings... Mutalior... it's scum like you that don't deserve to draw anymore breath! Everyone, use your Crest energies or whatever powers you've got to help me push this thing back!"

Upon hearing this, Sora and Kari were the first to offer up their powers.

"Ready, Kari?"

"I am!"

(End theme)

With that, Sora and Kari invoked the internal energies of their crests inside their hearts. The symbols of love and light emblazoned brightly on their chests. After them, TK, Joe, and Mimi invoked their internal Crest powers. Their symbols of hope, reliability, and sincerity glowed brightly.

After them, Seraphimon, Ophanimon, Biyomon, Gomamon, Palmon, and Tentomon sent their powers in conjunction with their partners' crest energies. BanchoLeomon, Keke, Sam, Tike, Kara, and David did the same by raising their hands.

"It's no use! Exert all the powers you have! It still won't make a difference!"

Finally, Matt invoked the internal powers of his Crest in his heart. The symbol of friendship flashed on his chest. ZeedGarurumon sent his energy along with Matt's. Omega X watched as the energies shot past him and collided with the Death Ball.

(Cue American Pearl - Revelation)

"Perish and die, you filthy trash! It's useless to resist!" Mutalior laughed manically again. "All living things are mere play things to me! No one can comprehend my power and cunning!" Suddenly, he noticed the Death Ball suddenly being pushed off the ground. "What...?"

Combined with his friends' energies pushing the Death Ball, Omega X delved into his reserves to draw upon more strength to hold the Death Ball up. Then, he fell back and kicked his feet up, unleashing an excessively large orange beam from his own feet!



The combined energies collided and pushed the Death Ball toward the skies. Mutalior's eyes widened in shock when the Death ball headed for him.

"No... IT CAN'T BE!" Mutalior roared as he fired two beams to push his Death Ball back. "DAMN YOU ALL! I CAN'T STOP IT!" The combined energies clashed with the Death Ball and pushed Mutalior through the Digital World's atmosphere.

Mutalior painstakingly tried swerving aside, but with the way the Death Ball/Super Terra Beam were pushing him made it near impossible. Needless to say, he was in for a long ride coasting through space.


Just then, Mutalior felt scorching heat behind him. He glanced over his shoulder and saw a massive sun at the backdrop of the Digiverse.

"It's this system's solar sun... maybe I can blow that up instead and let them all freeze together in darkness..." Then, when he saw that the sun was coming closer, the tyrant came to the realization, but it was too late for him. "...no... wait a second! I'M HEADING RIGHT FOR IT!" His eyes eyed as the attacks slammed him into the broiling star's surface.

The combined force of the Death Ball and the Terra Beam were enough to push against the warlord. His body became engulfed by flames. The villain's blood-curdling screams echoed as he reflected back on his first mistake, which ultimately led to his own demise.




"Delay that order," came a low voice with an authoritative tone, causing the three soldiers to withdraw and hold their ground.

"SIRE!" Borga and Rezor called out.

The trio quickly knelt down and bowed when someone aboard a floating hovercraft came toward them. Inside the hovering vehicle was a cold and calculating figure with a sinister vibe, which rivaled Burizalor's own evil aura. A long purple tail was seen sticking out of the left side. The figurehead kept his face concealed behind darkness as he floated over near his men.

Salzer tried speaking up. "But, sir, he's getting away."

"Burizalor is in charge of this quadrant. Let him clean up this own mess. So as long as the Crests of out of their reach, they'll never reach their full potential."


Mutalior had remembered those comments he made concerning his own son. He repeated the same mistake as his son by allowing the next potential Ascendant to awaken after thousands of digicycles.

I DON'T... I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! I LET THEM GO! I LET HIM GO! Mutalior thought as his body dissolved from the broiling heat of the sun. "GYAAAAAAHH!"

With his body destroyed, the virus was disabled. The missiles launched for Tokyo and other areas of the globe would not detonate, thus averting a global crisis entirely.

(End theme)


Digital World/8:30 PM

In wake of the hard fought battle, Omega X and the one-armed Omegamon were greeted by their friends. They gathered to marvel at Omega X and Omegamon's. Omega X levitated over to Omegamon and gazed over to Matt, who looked him in the eyes. Omegamon vanished as the ZeedGarurumon arm regressed back to Gabumon. Omega X hovered down to meet with Matt and Gabumon. Omega X depowered, splitting up into Tai and Agumon.

'We must become an Ascendant by any means necessary, Matt. No matter how you want to resist, you need me to reach that level. Your rival defeated Burizalor and now Mutalior. He's slain the two heads of the Buriza Empire. He's got a big lead over you, Matty boy! Haha!'

"Tai..." Matt muttered, trying his hardest to ignore Yamato in his mind.

Tai smirked. "So, what you think Matt?"

Perhaps, you're right, Yamato. If that's the way we've gotta become an Ascendant like Omega X, then I just might let you take the driver's seat.

'Heheheh, you won't regret your choice. I'll get us to our goal much quicker.'

Before either rival could say another comment, they were interrupted by the cheers of the Digi-Destined, Digimon, and company. TK, Patamon, and Keke ran over to meet with Matt and Gabumon. Kari embraced her brother and Agumon. Tai crouched over and hugged his younger sister.

"With Mutalior defeated, the virus was completely neutralized," Izzy addressed the group. "Those missiles won't detonate even if they impact. Our world has been saved!"

"Now, that's a relief!" Joe said.

Tentomon added. "Undoubtedly!"

"That was awesome what you did out there, Tai!" David exclaimed.

Tike added. "Hell yeah! Once you go Ascendant, you don't go back."

Kara sweatdropped. "Lame, bro."

"What? It's true!" He snapped.

Everyone but Matt and Gabumon laughed while Tai sat down with everyone... except BanchoLeomon, who was conspicuous by his absence.

"Hey, where's BanchoLeomon?" Patamon scanned the area for the warrior. "He should be here celebrating with us!"

Gatomon replied. "I'm sure he has his reasons."

Suddenly, a pile of rocks behind them started moving. David turned to the rocks and headed over to investigate.

"I think I found BanchoLeomon, guys!" David called out. "C'mon!" He beckoned TK, Patamon, Kara, and Tike to check out the rock pile.

"BanchoLeomon, come out and join us!" TK called out.

Suddenly, Salzer sprang out of the rock pile laughing and wearing damaged armor. This alarmed everyone as Tai and Agumon prepared to intercept the alien.

"Hahaha! You lose, suckers!" Salzer laughed as he pulled his right hand back. "Now... DIE!"


A beam of light flew past the Digi-Destined and company as it hit its mark and went through Salzer. Salzer coughed and collapsed facefirst as his body exploded into digital dust.

"Well, that was... anti-climatic," Sam rolled his eyes.

Mimi sighed with relief. "Thank goodness. He gave me a scare."

Joe nodded. "Likewise, I nearly jumped out of my shoes."

Gomamon chuckled. "Isn't that the usual routine with you, Joe?"

"I resent that remark, pal."

Sitting back down, Tai lied on the grass and looked to the skies. "That was BanchoLeomon, all right. Looks like he's always out there watching our backs."

"You said it, Tai," Kari said genuinely as she and Gatomon called out to him. "BanchoLeomon! Thank you!"


Elsewhere, BanchoLeomon looked up while his ears twitched and picked up on the children's calls. He placed his hands into a puddle of water and washed it over his wound.

"Until another day, Digi-Destined. I'm always here when you need me. Tai, Agumon, until the day you return to us for good."


It wasn't long when X arrived to meet with Tai, the Chosen, and his own colleagues.

"Great work taking down Mutalior, guys," X said. "It took your combined efforts to send that monster into oblivion." He noticed Tai sitting down with Sora conversing about Karin. "Maybe there's something you need to do, Tai, before we use whatever time you have left."

Glancing over at Sora, Tai nodded and stood up stretching.

"We'll make this quick, X."

"Take your time, Tai. We'll be waiting back in Gennai's."

"Ready to go, Sora?"

Nodding, the ginger-haired girl answered. "Yes."


Earth/Odaiba, Tokyo/Odaiba Memorial Cemetery/8:50 PM

(Cue Maaya Sakamoto – midori no hane)

Tai promised to return home to not only see his family and spend time with friends, but to visit a special friend with Sora.

The goggle boy crouched over next to a tombstone with a soccer ball and a picture frame of Karin Osaka sitting next to it. Etched on the tombstone read the following:

Karin Osaka
Born: September 16, 1988
Died: February 7, 2000
A wonderful daughter, friend, companion and soccer player

Tai placed a bouquet of snow white roses next to the grave and wiped a tear from his eye. He had lost someone very precious to him and he'll never forget the day he first met her. Sora got up after giving her prayer.

"She's in a better place, Tai."

"When… In depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."

What the boy said immediately caught Sora off guard as she gave him a befuddled look.

"What have you done to Tai?" Sora blinked and sweatdropped.

"I'm still me," Tai smiled in a goofy manner. "I'm not all brawn, Sora. Being around a wise dragon like Huanglongmon will do that to you. He told me it was a quote from Albert Camus."

"Albert Camus?"

"Yeah, that's something I would describe Karin. She maybe gone from this world, but her heart and soul will always live within us. Her soul will never die. I know right now she's watching us as we speak. Karin, thanks for everything. You will always have a place in my heart."

Before getting up, Sora placed two wooden objects. There were shaped like the crest symbols of love and courage. These two traits perfectly described the personality of their late friend: she had the courage to help lead a soccer team and forge lasting friendships. Despite her flaws, Karin was still beloved by Tai and Sora.

"Ready to go, Tai? The others are waiting back in the Digiworld," Sora said, turning around and waiting for him. "Plus, you might want to see your family."

"Yeah, let's go," Tai smiled to his his friend.

The pair walked out of the cemetery and paid their respects to their late-friend. Once Tai and Sora departed, a spirit materialized over a tree branch. The spirit took the form of a young girl in her early preteen age. Her skin was slightly pale and delicate. The eyes of the girl were heavenly blue and her hair was brown while past the shoulder length. Her outfit was very odd and different from what she had worn at the time of her death. She wore one of the outfits worn by one of the Sailor Senshi. The blouse, the skirt, the high-heel boots and the heart-shaped brooch item on her chest. The colors of her outfit were silver and purple. Her skirts, arm sleeves and boots were silver while the bow on her brooch and back was silver. In her right hand was a clear-looking and crystallized trident.

The girl was none other than Karin Osaka herself. However, in the other world she was in now, she is known to others as Sailor Sedna, the soldier of the lost tenth planet. Sailor Sedna watched her two childhood friends leaving the cemetery with a warm smile across her face.

"Tai, Sora, thank you. I'm glad to see you two are doing well. May you two have wonderful and cherished lives. Alas, I have a duty to carry out in another world. Rest assured, I'm living a new life to its fullest. Tai, continue to protect your two worlds against the forces of darkness. Omega X's is a force to be reckoned with. Utilize this power wisely. Sailor Sedna has spoken"

With that message delivered, Sailor Sedna/Karin Osaka opened a portal and jumped through as she returned to her new home dimension. There was no telling when she'll return back to this specific universe, but she will never forget the two people she came to befriend. Through life and death, and across dimensions, friendships last forever.

(End theme)


(Cue Breaking Point – Phoenix)


The end


A/N: That concludes the first of the series of Digimon Fusion Movie fics. Hope you liked this trimmed version of Mutalior's Vengeance. Funny story, this is the third time I'v worked on this specific fic (the first version was created ways back in 2002) and just the second revision. As the old cliche goes, third time's the charm. I hope it's the case here.

I cut the story down from 7 to 6 while retaining the intensity of the original story's fights and incorporating new content to refreshen the experience.

Anyway, I cap off the movie with a cameo from my Kuiper Senshi OC, Karin Osaka/Sailor Sedna. Want to see more of her? Don't mind if I cheaply plug my YuYuGiDigiMoon series here. I recommend the following to get properly introduced to her character: The Search for the Kuiper Belt Senshi, Digimon Fusion Kai Chapter 98, and Across Dimensions. But, I would recommend delving into the YYGDM stories. She's one of the main leads of that series!

Enough about that. Next on the agenda: Getting back on track with Digimon Fusion Kai and starting the Siege of GranDracmon collab fic w/Chaosblazer. The next Digimon Fusion Movie fic will be: The Return of Mutalior, the DF adaptation for The Return of Cooler. Coming soon in Q4 Fall/Winter 2012. I encourage you to send me more reviews so I can get the hint and produce more movie fics, which I've never really had the opportunity to do with a few of the DBZ movies I haven't adapted yet.

Anywho, send a review and see you soon.