I hate him. I hate his stupidity. I hate his annoying optimism. I hate it all.

Rat was sitting at the counter of his favorite diner, trying to drown himself in something else other than him. But that stupid Pig kept worming his way back into his mind.

Pig, unaware that Rat was cursing him silently, was happily laughing next to one of their neighbors. He was always much better at those things then Rat..

Maybe because Rat was always trying to make everyone feel like an idiot.

But Pig? No. He was the one person he couldn't phase. Or make upset. Whatever inhumane thing Rat did to him, he would always come running back with a smile on his face.

And for some strange reason, Rat couldn't get that dang Pig out of his head. Even though Rat put on this air that he was better than all the stupid people of the world, Pig made him feel like... like... he wasn't great. Or nice. Or handsome. Or anything but cruel.

And yet Pig still liked him. Rat didn't get it.

Or maybe... maybe this is all something conjured up by Pig... yeah... maybe he really is out to get him.

"Hey, Fatso..." Rat sighed.

"Huh?" Pig asked, stopping midway through one of his lame stories.

"Do you hate me? Do you think I'm...mean?"

He smiled, turning fully around in his chair to face him. "No, silly! You're my friend! You wouldn't be my friend if you were mean."

Suddenly, Rat turned, wanting to save face. "I'd BETTER not be mean, or you'll get hit with the stupidity stick again."

But secretly, in the very, very, VERY, back of Rat's mind, he smiled. A friend. Maybe that stupid Pig isn't so bad.

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Some slight RatXPig in this, but its kinda more on the friendship side

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