Fresh beat band: Lyric's beginning
A young girl named Lyric was sitting out side of the music beat town orphanage, she was waring a tie-dye t-shirt with a microphone on the front and a skirt with music notes on it in all the colors of the rainbow. Lyric was crying she was upset because to day was her birthday and no body cared. Lyric had lived at the orphanage for as long as she could remember it was not a bad place to live it was better then the street anyway, she was now 12 the last day for her to get adopted before she gets kicked out was today. One of the other kids came up and punched her lyric felt her eye start to swill up "stop crying moron" said the kid. Lyric went inside with out a word the next day lyric was told to pack and be gone by that afternoon. At noon all the kids lined up and the bully stuck out his leg and tripped her she heard a crack but said nothing just winced as she moved out.
About ten miles away the fresh beat band was playing basket ball and scat singing as twist got the ball he sang " zobop zezap" this went on for about an hour when twist missed the basket and the ball headed right for a girl the girl cot the ball but fell and screamed in pain at the same time. Marina was at her side in a sec "what hurts" she asked the girl nodded to her leg Marina told her to lay down as she checked out her leg it was all bruised and marina said "i think you need a doctor" kiki helped the girl up "my name is Lyric" said the girl "kiki" "marina" "twist" "shout" they said in turn kiki asked "can you walk" lyric tryed then shoke her head no
More to come