His head slowly tilted downwards until he was looking me in the eye. I'm tall at 5.9 but Curran was a good 6 inches taller than me.

"Good afternoon Kate" Apparently all manners today.

"What the hell are you doing in my bathroom? Hell, what are you even doing in my house?" I practically growled. I'd gotten 6 hours of sleep at the most and I'd been working for what seemed 24/7 the past week. All I ask for is the chance to sleep for the day then eat my weight in stew (it's nutritious and all I can afford at the moment).

Still looking down at me as if I were in his house he said

"Kate, you might want to put some clothes on, I'm finding it quite hard to concentrate on giving a straight forward answer"

The look on my face must have said it all because a smile teased at the corners of his lips before he regained control of his face.

I looked down at myself and froze. I was wearing literally nothing but my bra and panties. And they weren't even my nice ones. The plan white sports bra and white cotton panties allowed for movement and speed but in a panty parade, they wouldn't even let me through the door.

"I don't need to put clothes on. It's my house and how the hell did you even get through my ward without breaking it?"

He lost control of his face again and he actually smiled. Thinking on it, it was quite a nice smile.

"And for another thing-"

"Wohooooooooa! Holy fuck! You have dimples!

Both Curran and I turned our heads towards the noise. There standing in the door frame of the kitchen stood Julie. I hadn't noticed this morning but it looked like she'd started puberty at last. Probably all of the food that she'd been eating at the school was finally putting some meat on her bones…. I might have to take her bra shopping soon… (Shudder) that's gonna be an awkward shopping trip.

Curran had stopped smiling. All guy again.

"Julie. You told me that Kate had asked me to come over." His voice was stern as if he was about to tell her off.

Julie suddenly paled. For a fourteen year old kid she looked extremely small.

"I-I-I-I-I, well that is to say, errrrr, ermmm, hummmmm… I got nothing"

She gave a weak smile and dashed back into the kitchen.

"So that's why you're here. But surely you would have guessed that I wasn't expecting company by me being asleep?" uggh, either he was just stupid or he did actually want something anyway.

He looked down at the floor, knowing he'd been caught out.

"I needed to talk to you anyway and I thought that since I was already here I could wait until you woke up." He looked back to me and met my eyes. Oh, my, god! If his puppy dog face got any cuter, I'd have to adopt him!

"Puppy dog eyes aren't going to work Curran. Julie tried pulling that trick this morning and it didn't work, and trust me her face is much cuter than yours."

He smiled and leaned on the door frame.

"Ahhh, I'm hurt." You could almost hear the smile in his voice.

"I'm sure you'll get over it" I muttered. "I'm going to get dressed and then we can talk about whatever it is you wanted to talk about."

And with that, I turned my back on him and walked back into my room.

I came out in my relaxing clothes. Soft black leggings, a white vest top that showed the barest hint of cleavage and my brown Ug boots.

Curran was sitting on my poor excuse of a couch reading the book I'd finished last night.

"You know Kate I never saw the appeal romance books and reading this one I still can't see it" he looked at the book in disgust.

"I like them and Twilight is not a romance. It's a comedy. Come on, vampires sparkling like diamonds in the sunlight, there is no way someone would wright about pixie vampires without it being a joke." I couldn't believe that he thought Twilight was a romance! Showed how little he knew about books.

I walked across the room to the chair that was place on the other side of the couch and picked Slayer up off of it. The magic blade felt like of an extension of me and I felt immediately better with it in my hand.

"I've not come here to hurt you Kate; you don't need to be armed." He sounded a bit offended.

"Don't give yourself too much credit. I don't need Slayer to beat you, I'm just waiting for the problem that you're about to drag me into to bash my door down." Yes I was being bitchy, but I was tired.

A hint of a smile tugged at his lips. "Well then we best go and get some coffee before that happens."

"I have coffee here".

"No, you have the imitation of coffee, do you have a coat? It's quite chilly outside."

I noticed that Curran wasn't wearing a coat, just dark blue jeans and a grey t-shirt that was struggling to keep his torso and arms covered without tearing.

Being a shape shifter had its perks. Not only did you get big claws, muscles and teeth, you also got an internal thermostat that kept you running at a toasty warm temperature no matter the weather.

I looked out of the window and saw that it was raining. Greeeeeeat, His Fuzziness wanted to go for a walk in the rain. I thought only tigers liked water.

I turned back to him. "It's raining"

"Scared of a little water Kate?" his voice taunting me to say yes.

"No, I just didn't realize that cats liked water from your stench". In truth Curran smelt very nice. Spicy, manly and with his own underlying musk that just made you want to purr.

His eyes flashed gold.

"I like the rain Kate. I especially like playing in it." The innuendo behind the word "playing" left nothing to the imagination.

"I'll go and get my coat.

The smell of freshly ground coffee enfolded me like a warm blanket; the dim of the lights gave the place a welcoming atmosphere and warmed me so completely that I could practically fall asleep at the table… which come to think of it, wasn't such a bad idea.

"Here". A steaming cup of coffee was layed down before me and I almost fainted from the relief.

Curran sat down opposite me with his own steaming cup and took a long gulp. I looked down at my own cup and wondered how much it was going to cost me, this sort of coffee didn't look cheap at all.

"Drink up Kate before it gets cold. I think it'd be an insult to the wolves if you just left it there."

I raised the cup to my lips and gently blew on it.

"You own this place?" I took a sip of the coffee and almost moaned. It was like angels were dancing over my tongue.

"I don't own it, the wolves do, I just get 25% of the profits made. Then that goes into a bank account that I use for the packs everyday needs."

"So you get free coffee, nice." I took another sip of the coffee and detected some chocolate. Oh man, this is definitely going to be expensive. "What is this anyway?"

"It's called Mocha. It's coffee and chocolate mixed together."

"How much has it cost me?" I didn't really want to think about it through the chocolate/coffee haze but it had to end sometime.

"Nothing. I get free coffee here and I "bought" you're coffee, so it's free." He took another mouthful of coffee.

"Last time I accepted food off of you, people thought we were going to…" I felt myself blush. Even now I couldn't get over the awkwardness of the situation.

"Mate" he finished for me.

I could feel everyone in the shop stop and look at us.

"As you were" Curran said over his cup. He didn't even raise his voice but everybody heard it. Of course he would take me to an all-shape shifter coffee bar.

"Yer, that. So that's not gonna happen if I let you pay for this is it?" the Mocha was churching in my stomach as if thinking of being mated to Curran literally curdled the milk.

"I wouldn't think so, but people will take it how people will take it."

He took another long gulp of coffee and set the mug down.

"So why di-"

"Excuse me miss, there's a phone call for you" I turned around to see one of the waitresses holding a cordless phone.

"Who is it?" I never get phone calls at home so getting one at a coffee shop was a marvel.

"It's the hospital. They say they have a girl in their care called Julie and that you are her adopted mother."

Adopted mother? When did that happen? But, oh my god! Julie!

"Give me the phone! Now" I leapt out of my chair and snatched the phone off of the waitress.


"Hello Kate".

Oh. My. God! It seriously could not be!

"How the fuck are you still alive?" this had to be some kind of joke.

"What, after you murdered me in cold blood? I've been looking all over the world for you Kate Daniels. And now I find that you've nestled down with a little sparrow. But you're a stupid mother hen for leaving her unguarded." He spoke as if berating a child.

"Enough with the bird crap. Where's Julie?"

"I think I'll do to her what you did to me. Shall we start with the fingernails or the toes?"

"She's just a girl. Let her go."

"No, I told you the past repeats itself. Except it's going to be slightly different this time."

"What do you want?" it took everything I had not to scream, cry or chuck the phone at the wall.

"I want what you want Kate. I want the Beas Lord of Atlanta. I've seen your dreams Kate; I know that you want him. Now choose. The sparrow or the lion."