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I heard the tone that signalled the end of the call, but it couldn't register. There was no way that guy was still alive.

"Kate. Who the fuck was that?" it was Curran, and he sounded pissed, but it was like my brain refused to work. All I could think about were dungeons and the smell of fear, blood and damp.

I felt hands go around my shoulders and shake me roughly. The phone dropped from my hand and smashed against the floor. The café was silent apart from the soft music coming from the speakers.

"Kate." He brought his face close to mine, starring me right in the eyes. "Tell me who that was." I could hear the command in his voice and it broke me out of my revere. But probably not in the way that he wanted.

"Who the fuck do you think you are? I'm not some pack member you can order around. I'm a representative of The Order and I don't appreciate your tone. Now take your hands off of me. I'm leaving." I moved to go, but it was as if a vice was holding me and was refusing to let go.

"Who was that on the phone Kate?" his voice was soft but there was no mistaking the power in it. I heard a whimper behind me.

"That's none of your business Curran. Now you can flash those head lights at me all you want I'm not telling you. Now let me go."

He took a deep breath and lowered his arms.

"It is my business Kate. I heard that phone call. He wants me. That makes it my business."

"No, it doesn't make it your business unless he attacks you which he hasn't." I stared him straight in the eye and could practically hear Voron shouting at me for making a scene. Heck, he'd be turning in his grave now that I've established emotional connections with people.

I stepped around him to leave but stopped when I heard a growl behind me.

"Kate. Don't test me, you obviously need help, Julie needs help, what did he mean when he said that history's going to repeat itself?" even I could hear the pain in his voice when he mentioned Julie. Shifters have a high child mortality rate. If they don't die at birth then half of them go loup in their teen age years and have to be killed.

"Just leave it Curran. There's nothing we can do now that he's got her, and even if I said that I'd exchange you for her, I have no way of contacting him. And it'd be a trap. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a closed casket funeral to plan." I couldn't help the pain in my voice. I knew there was nothing that I could do for Julie now. He's an expert at hiding and it took me 3 years to track him down last time.

I was just about to open the door when something glinted and caught my eye. I turned my head towards it and the magic immediately took over. The lights flickered off and the fey lanterns came on almost instantly. The radio stopped and the shifters growled with the rush of power.

But I couldn't focus on that. All I could think, see, feel was something on the wall. It looked like… a word. No! Not now! Not in front of everyone. I had to leave. I took one step and my legs buckled. All of my energy was focusing on making this word mine. Pain seized me in its agonizing grip and I could feel my body fitting.

Hands grabbed my shoulders and I screamed as the pain intensified. Immediately the hands left and a cool voice broke through the fog of pain.

"Kate, what can I do to help?" somewhere it registered that it was Curran but I couldn't comprehend it as another wave of pain seized me.

Through the pain I managed

"If… you want… your people to live… you will leave. Evacuate the whole street if… you can. This building… has no containment wards… run!" I felt something rushing up my throat and turned onto my side and coughed it out. It tasted like blood.

I had to make this word mine. And I had to do it quickly or at least with as little back lash as possible. There was a rush of footsteps as everybody rushed to get out of the building. I waited until I heard the door closed to look at the wall.


I screamed the word out as the magic rushed through my body, maximising the torture. Punishing me for using it.

But something wasn't right. Usually when I say the power word the pain subsides, but this pain just seemed to get worse. I could feel magic radiating from me. Someone was banging on a window or something but the magic waves were so oppressive that they kept the door shut. At least it seemed to be doing something I wanted. I coughed up more blood onto the floor and wondered if he pain was going to end. Had I pronounced the word wrong or would it take more than what I'd given to make the word mine?

It didn't matter anyway. Julie was going to die an awful death, be cut to pieces and shredded because of my mistakes. I won't even be able to dignify her memory and release her spirit from this world.

Magic flicked out of the world again and the residue of my magic poured back towards me. The only problem was, there was no room for it. Pain crested as the magic tried to find a way into my body. I threw up more blood. It was as if magic was trying to make room in me by clearing my blood out of my system. The door slammed open and footsteps came rushing towards me.

"What's happening to her?"

"I don't know. She seems to be having a fit of-"


"… It's just... I've read about this in a journal. Mages suffer from fits when they have used too much magic. Their body tries to make more magic but there is no more. You see how black her blood is, that's because the magic has been spent. She's used all of her reserves up so her body used the magic in its blood and threw up the waste. But what I don't get is why she's throwing up blood that's red. Not only that, but her blood is too red. Almost scarl-"


"She's suffering back lash. When you expend lots of magic it radiates in waves, that probably explains why you couldn't get in, and when the magic flicks out, the residue has to go somewhere so it tries to go back in the body."

"What can I do to help her?"

"Nothing. Nothing at all. If she lives, it's because she's strong enough to handle the magic. We can't even move her without causing her extreme pain."

"How much magic are we talking?"

"To have a reaction this extreme I would say that she would rival Natajara at her lowest point."


I screamed again as more magic tried to force its way into my body. The pain was steady now, and I couldn't decide whether it was better to have brief moments of bliss or just a steady line of pain.

I'd had enough of this. If it was going to kill me then it should just kill me. But I wasn't going without a fight. An idea formed in my head and I focused all of my magic towards my throat. With the next tide of blood I relinquished a scream riddled with magic. I channelled the magic in the blood and in the residue into that scream. And what a scream it was. Scientists can now say that we can smash glass with sound. Everything around me smashed. Table ware, tables, chairs, windows, cup and saucers. Nothing survived from the onslaught of my release. I screamed for what seemed ages. Slowly, I felt the pain start to subside as the magic was channelled into something rather than trying to find a place in my body.

Soon, I felt almost normal again. Weak and still in pain, but my magic levels were returning to a somewhat normal state. The scream faded in my throat and I felt a smile spread itself across my face as pain released me. I felt so weak but it was worth it. If I was going to die then at east my last moments would be peaceful.

"Kate". The voice came as a whine that sounded very cat like.

"Hi Curran." I let out a huge sigh as more pain left my body.

"What the hell just happened?" his voice was rough as if he'd been shouting for ages.

"hehehehehehehehehehe." A giggle bubbled out of my lips. "Can't remember what I was so worried about…. Who are you again?"