Chapter 10 - Sinful Rose

Thanks to Archangel Ijuuin's help, they all were able to travel back to Hades safely.

"So you're really Misaki-kun after all? Then why you were hiding your identity?" Nowaki asked to Misaki.

"And why do you steal money?" added Hiroki. He remembered that Misaki was used to be a student of him in the Human World.

"I'm sorry, Nowaki-san... And I'm sorry to you all too... But I can explain everything later!"

Ijuuin put his hand on Misaki's shoulder. "Misaki-kun here was tasked to retrieve the money that was illegally transported from Celestia to the Netherworld, so that's why."

"But that still doesn't explain why he hid his identity," Miyagi caressed his chin.

"Why, Misaki...? Why didn't you tell me earlier...?" Akihiko approached the angel. He was so annoyed that he let his feelings messing up with his mind, all of it because of Misaki.

At first Misaki's heart was invaded by fear as Akihiko approached him, but he quickly brushed it off. "That's the same for you too! You never told me that you actually are a demon!"

"I'm sorry, Misaki... But I don't want you to get involved..." Akihiko pulled Misaki into an embrace. "I missed you very much."

"Usagi-san..." Misaki was going to return the hug, but Ijuuin quickly pulled Misaki's arm away, ripping them apart.

"I'm sorry, Sir Usami Akihiko, but he's mine now." Ijuuin wrapped his arms around Misaki's waist from behind to claim the younger angel as his property. "Now let's go back to Celestia, shall we?" he whispered to Misaki's ear, which made the younger angel blush.

Akihiko was enraged with jealousy, then he pushed Ijuuin away. "Don't you dare to claim so, you bastard. Misaki doesn't belong to anyone but me!" He took a hold of Misaki's wrist then pulled him to his side.

"No he's not. I'm the one who had taken care of him after he had become an angel, so he belongs to me." Ijuuin pulled Misaki back to his side.

Everyone had a huge sweat dropping at their heads as Akihiko and Ijuuin fighting over Misaki except for Haruhiko, whom only able to hold his anger due not able to do anything during the moment. He also wanted to claim Misaki as his, too.

"Umm... Ijuuin-sensei...!" Misaki backed away from Ijuuin. "Can I decide it myself?"

"Yes you can, Misaki-kun. So which side you want to go with?" Ijuuin was hoping Misaki is not going with Akihiko while Akahiko was vice versa.

"I'm... going with Usagi-san." said Misaki as his lips were slightly trembled.

Akihiko's heart was warmed with happiness, but Ijuuin was feeling the opposite.

"No you can't, Misaki-kun. You as an angel shall not surrender yourself to the demons, or else you will not deserve those wings." Ijuuin took his breath for a while, then he continued, "You definitely going with me. You're mine now. If you still want to go with them, then rip off those wings."

"Ijuuin-sensei, I..." Misaki swallowed his saliva at a moment, then his hand grabbed one of his wings and painfully tore it from his back and threw it on the ground. "I am going with Usagi-san!" said Misaki as he tore another half of his wings and threw it away. A lot of blood began to come out from his back, dying his white shirt into red.

Everyone couldn't do anything but stared at Misaki's sudden action in total shock and horror. Akihiko was confused whether he should feel happy or sad.

Misaki lost balance of his legs and fell on the ground due to severe blood loss. A pool of blood began to form on the ground as he fell.

"MISAKI!" yelled Akihiko as he along with others rushed to Misaki's side and so was Ijuuin.

"Misaki-kun..." Ijuuin heart was going to shatter into thousand pieces as he saw how devastating the act that Misaki had pulled.

"Hey, get a hold of yourself!" Akihiko cradled the injured Misaki in his arms.

"Nowaki, go and check on him!" ordered Hiroki to Nowaki.

"He's badly injured... Everyone, I'm going to treat his wounds, so please assist me in the process!"

Hiroki nodded. "No problem for that! Now let's carry him...!"

"No." Akihiko stopped them. "Let me carry him myself." Akihiko scooped Misaki in his arms, carefully not to hurt his back.

As the semi-conscious Misaki felt that he was being carried, he quickly wrapped his arms around Akihiko's neck. "Usagi-san... No need to worry about me... I can heal myself." said Misaki while locking his arms around Akihiko's neck as if he will not release it.

"I don't know why, but I wish both of us can hold each other like this... forever." thought Misaki before he completely lost his consciousness.

"Let's go, everyone." While carrying the unconscious Misaki in his arms, he walked away. His comrades followed him and they all left Ijuuin by himself who were paralyzed with shock.


Later in that night, Nowaki did an operation tending for Misaki's wounds at his back while the others assisted him. Somehow it was a quite difficult operation as Misaki's wounds wouldn't stop bleeding.

Of course, Akihiko was the one who worried the most.

Nowaki was working so hard that his face were drenched with sweat. Like a nurse, Hiroki took a small towel and gently wiped Nowaki's face.

"Hiro-san! Please fetch me the antiseptic!"

"Here! Is the bleeding had stopped yet!?"

"Almost there... Shinobu-kun, please fetch me the bandages! Miyagi-san, please fetch me the scissors!"

As Nowaki got the tools needed from Shinobu and Miyagi, he turned to Akihiko.

"Usami-san, please hold Misaki-kun's body for me!"

Akihiko slipped his hand under Misaki's shoulders then raised the boy up.

"Thanks!" Nowaki carefully wrapped the bandages around Misaki's body as tight as he could to cover the wounds and stop the bleeding. Out of their awareness, the operation took a couple of hours long.


"Usami-san, please take good care of Misaki-kun!" said Nowaki as he closed the door, leaving Akihiko and Misaki inside.

"It took longer than I thought..." Hiroki glanced at a clock pinned on the wall.

"That was a total crazy act he had pulled! I couldn't describe how shocked I am for today..." Miyagi scratched his head even though he was not feeling itchy.

"And to think that he is Misaki after all... My theory that Vulcanus and Misaki are the same person is right!" pouted Shinobu.

"Yeah, regarding on how he acts around us, the answer is obvious, despite on how many times he said that he loved money..." Nowaki chuckled.

"It all left us mindblowed! Sometimes he only cares about money, sometimes he's not but cares about us instead..." Hiroki stated his opinion.

"By the way guys, don't you think it is still too early for bedtime? Can we have some fun first?" suggested Miyagi.

"That's sounds like a good idea. I'm not sleepy yet." Shinobu agreed.

"Well what should we do now?" Hiroki asked.

"I know! Let's play Pocky Game!" Nowaki took a small box of chocolate-flavoured Pocky from his pocket.

"Pocky Game!?" Hiroki's face was flustering red like a tomato. "That is the worst game ever!"

"Good idea! Hiroki, Shinobu-chin, let's play!" Miyagi dragged Hiroki and Shinobu to a room, followed by Nowaki. "Let's play it by turns! Me and Hiroki first!"

"I wouldn't allow that... Miyagi-san..."

"Miyagi! You should play with me first...!"

And they all had a wonderful night altogether, despite at the same time being worried about Misaki's condition.

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