Chapter 11 – Perfect Crime

"Why, Misaki-kun? Since we are together now, you supposed to love me instead of Usami-sensei! Do you love him that much?"

"Ijuuin-sensei... I... Err..."

"For the sake of having you in Celestia, I had to accept someone's request to kill you!"

"Wha-... What did you just say...?"

"That day... I've put poison in your drink... I was reluctant to do it at first, but since that you have the qualifications to become an angel as you died so you will definitely happier being here!"

"That's... can't be true...!"

"It's true, Misaki-kun... It's true..."

"But why you did that, sensei!? Just why...!?"

"It's all for having you to myself! Just choose me as your lover for eternity, Misaki-kun..."


"No matter what is your answer, you are still belongs to me!"



Misaki opened his eyes, to found out he was lying on the bed with his back facing upwards. A thick layer of bandages was tightly wrapped around his torso, which reminded the brunette about his wounds upon ripping off his wings.

Misaki painfully raised his body to a sitting position. Reaching his hands to the wounds at his back, he flowed some of his energy, which eased the pain he had little by little, then successfully healed his wounds.

Misaki took a scissors that he suddenly found on a nearby table and cut the bandages that was wrapped around his body. Afterwards, Misaki scanned the room and found Akihiko was sitting on a chair at the other side nearby to the bed, sleeping.

But as Misaki turned to Akihiko, the silver haired man woke up from his short slumber. "Misaki... You're awakened? How are you feeling now?"

"I'm okay; I've told you already that I know healing magic so I can take care of myself." Misaki was a little irritated that Akihiko was looking after him for the whole night. "You should go to sleep instead of looking after me like a little brat..."

"That's your fault. You almost made my heart stopped thinking about your previous doings and your condition."

"Well I'm sorry for that! I had no other choice but to rip off my wings since Ijuuin-sensei said that I don't deserve them if I'm choosing to go with you..."

Akihiko smiled. "Why did you choose to go with me?"

Misaki's face turned red. Akihiko always loved this kind of expression from the brunette. "I... I..." Misaki swallowed his saliva for a moment, then he meekly continued, "Lo-... Lo-... Lo-... Love... you, Usagi... san."

Tears began to trickle down from the brunette's emerald eyes. "Damn it! Why is it so hard for me to say it!? I'm so pathetic!"

Akihiko approached the silently crying boy on the bed. His fingers gently wiped Misaki's tears. He had understood a lot that Misaki is a strong person, so he's not the type that will cry so easily if it is not for others' sake. "Is it really hard for you to say it, my dear Misaki?" The brunette quickly nodded.

"It's... It's... It's just too... Embarassing! Every time I'm going to say those words, my heart was going to beat like crazy!" said Misaki between his sobs. "You can say those embarrassing words all over the time easily without any problems at all!"

Akihiko's big hand swept off Misaki's bangs and kissed the brunette's forehead. "It's not necessary for you to say those words." Then he pulled Misaki into an embrace.

"Because it's obvious already that we will always be altogether."

"Usagi-san... You never changed at all... You are truly the kind Usagi-san that I know...!" thought Misaki as he returned the hug, holding Akihiko as tight as he could. During the days he was apart from Akihiko, he managed to realize his feelings for Akihiko and missed him for everyday.

"You missed me, Misaki?"

"Yeah...! I missed you, Usagi-san! I wish I can be at your side... forever."

"That you would rip your wings away for that sake? Even though that I am a demon?"

"Being an angel isn't something that I want to. Even though you are a demon, Usagi-san is still Usagi-san!"

Akihiko could feel his tears forming in his eyes. Finally he had Misaki back in his arms after grieving over his death and living without him at Akihiko's side for a long time. Not only for that, it is a rare and precious moment for Misaki to be honest about his feelings.

"I'm sorry Misaki... I never told you that I am a demon..."

Feeling enraged, Misaki pushed Akihiko away from the embrace. "That seriously pissed me off! How come that you never told me so much about yourself!? I really want to know more about you!"

"As if you're the one to talk. You never told me more about yourself either. For example, about your parents."

"Hmph...!" Misaki turned away, feeling embarrassed. "Well, I don't understand how you couldn't recognize me..."

"Because my sweet and innocent Misaki is not someone who is greedy over money and he wouldn't do something like that, then became the Angel of Avarice."

"Well... That's because I was tasked by Ijuuin-sensei to do that..."

"For what?"

"He promised me that he will help me to turn into a human so that I can go to the Human World... I want to meet you, so that's why..."

Akihiko was briefly shocked. Then he leaned closer and kissed Misaki's cheek. "You are truly my Misaki after all." Akihiko threw Misaki on the bed and pounced over him like a wild animal over its prey. "You're so cute when you're honest about your feelings."

"Sh-... Shut up! Don't call me that! I'm a guy!"

"You're so cute."

"Shut the hell up!"

"You are the cutest thing in the world other than bears."

"Enough! Shut your mouth already!"

Feeling aroused by Misaki's cuteness, Akihiko slid his hand underneath Misaki's shirt.

"Ah... Where are you touching!? Stop that!"

Akihiko had a seductive smile chimed on his handsome face. He had known for a long time about Misaki's biggest weakness. No matter how stubborn Misaki is, a single touch could easily weaken him.

"I'm not going to stop since you're so cute."

Akihiko pinned Misaki on the bed and pressed his lips onto the brunette's, hungrily kissing him. Both of them could feel happiness drowning their hearts, as it has been a while since they had kissed.

Misaki's heart brimmed with pleasure; he unconsciously opened his mouth to let Akihiko's tongue entered it and wrestled with his tongue, battling for dominance as their mouths were wet with saliva.

After kissing for approximately ten minutes, Akihiko pulled away from the kiss with a trail of saliva connected from his mouth to Misaki's mouth. As he pulled away, he couldn't resist the wonderful sight of Misaki that he had in his amethyst eyes.

Misaki was lying weakly on the bed while breathing heavily, gasping for air. His face was flustered red and his emerald eyes were glazing by his tears.

Feeling that his sexual desire was highly tensed up, Akihiko forcefully took off Misaki's pants and threw it on the floor.

"Ah... Usagi-san, no..." Misaki could clearly tell Akihiko's next actions as the older man strip himself shirtless, only wearing trousers.

"Don't resist to my touches. You actually want it for a long time, am I right...?" Akihiko licked the tears that were trailing at Misaki's cheeks. The brunette shivered as the older man's tongue touched him.

"Baka Usagi... I'm... not...!"

Despite of Misaki's stubborn denials, he actually DOES want Akihiko to touch him and have sex with him as usual.

Akihiko's hand reached for Misaki's cock and groped it, while his tongue shifted to Misaki's nipples. Of course, the brunette could do nothing but moan with pleasure as his wall of pride as a man collapsed.

"Ah... Usagi-san... It... Feels so good..."

Despite of Misaki's stubborn denials, he actually DOES really love it whenever Akihiko doing a sexual intercourse to him.

Akihiko could tell that Misaki is secretly enjoying it, judging from his moans.

"If you let out such a masturbating moan like that, I'm not going to stop." said the older man as he planted touches, kisses and licks all over the brunette's body.

"Just... Stop it already! I'm not your sex toy!"

"You're not just my sex toy."


Akihiko leaned closer to Misaki's ear. He whispered,

"You're my everything."

Misaki had a bunch of mixed, yet confused feelings in the moment. He felt angry, he felt sad, he felt touched, he felt nervous, but importantly he also felt very happy, all of them at the same time.

"Misaki, I'm going to put it in."

"Eh!? Ah...!"

Akihiko hoisted Misaki's legs over his shoulders and thrusted his cock inside Misaki's opening, causing the brunette to let out loud moans of pain and pleasure.

"Ah...! Usagi-san...! Ah...! Unh...! Ah...! AH...! AHHHH...!"

Akihiko couldn't stop himself. He was losing himself, enjoying everything as his ears were stuffed with the most beautiful and heavenly sound in the world, which was Misaki's moans, especially the loud ones.

"Misaki... I love you!" said Akihiko, putting Misaki on his lap and hugged him as tightly as he could. "This time... I'm not going to give you away that easily... again. No matter what will happen, you are mine for the rest of your life."

"Usagi-san... You will never stop only thinking and caring about me, aren't you?"


"Umm... Yes...?"

"I will regain my powers back and take over the world. The Human World, the Celestia and the Netherworld, I will conquer them all."

Misaki had the usual comical chibi-wide-round-eyes expression whenever he was surprised on his face. "Wha-...!? What was that!?"

"I'm serious."

"But why!?"

"Because I want to, so that I can restore it from its corrupted state. Not only for that, I can make sure that no one will get in the way of our relationship, and you can be as selfish as you want."

"I can agree with the first reason, but I cannot agree with the rest! Plus, how could you regain your powers back!?"

"By drinking your blood and having sex with you. I am half vampire and half succubus after all. You can't stop me, Misaki."

"It's not that I don't approve of it, it's just because of the other reasons...! And the way you regain your powers back is just too...!"

"It's all for you. I will become the Tyrant once again, and it's all for the sake of you."

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