A/N: This is an AU that is based off the Gakuen Basra universe, but with my own little twist. I hope you all enjoy it! I can promise a lot of Yukimura/Masamune fluff in later chapters. As of now, just setting things up. Again guys, enjoy!

First day of the new school term. It seemed like Sanada Yukimura had been up all night, getting ready. He was standing outside of his long time friend's, Sasuke, house. Yukimura started knocking at the door, loudly.

"Sasuke!" He called. No answer. He knocked again, "Sasuke! Are you ready."

A teenager opened the door. He looked like he was half asleep. He let out a huge yawn. "I'm ready now." He said as he rubbed his eyes. "I think the whole neighbor hood is up and ready."

"Sorry Sasuke." Yukimura said, with a huge smile on his face. "But aren't you excited! Not only is this the first day of the new term, but the first day of high school!"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, "You're the only one I know who seems to be actually excited for school."

"You're not?"

"Lets just say that my bed is calling right now." He let out another loud yawn. "And I'm ready to answer it." Sasuke put his hands behind his head, and closed his eyes. Then one popped open. "Oh, you're joining the soccer club, aren't you?"

"You know it!" Yukimura said, giving his friend a big smile. "After all, Shingen Sensei is the advisor, I wouldn't miss it for the world!"

Takeda Shingen basically helped raise Yukimura since he was a child. He was someone Yukimura always looked up to, and admired. In fact, Yukimura chose this school specifically so he can join the soccer club under Shingen.

Sasuke let out a small laugh, "Doesn't surprise me at all."

Yukimura was feeling great about everything. He continued on walking with his friend. He was imagining what a great school year he was going to be having.

When out of nowhere, he was brought out of his daze, but Sasuke yanking on his jacket.

"Sasuke, wha..."

"You got to be more careful." Sasuke said, as two other students rode past him on bikes, nearly hitting them.

Yukimura frowned and broke away from Sasuke's grip. "Hey!" He called to the two teens. "Watch where you're going! Someone could have gotten hurt!"

The two of them stopped, as one turned around. He had chin length brown hair, with an eye patch over his right eye. The other one had his hair slicked back. The eye-patched teen had a smirk on his face.

"Sorry there, Red" The teenager said. "But maybe you should have watched where you were going. Hanging out in the street like that, with that goofy grin on your face, it was bound to happen."

"Goofy grin?" Yukimura said.

"Yeah, don't know why you're so excited about. First day of school. What are you some type of dweb?"

Yukimura frowned and started to walk toward the teen. Sasuke tugged on his arm.

"Come on, Sanada." He said. "Lets not start this."

The eye patched teen let out a laugh. "You should listen to him." He let out another laugh. "It's not worth it. Come on Kojuro."

"Yes, Masamune."

Yukimura still stood there in the streets with his arms folded. "That jerk thinks it was my fault. He should have watched where he was going."

"Well the eye patch might have not helped with his depth perception."

"Walking around with a goofy grin like a dweb he says." Yukimura said, as he continued to walk onwards. "If I see him again, he'll get it for sure."

"Hey Yukimura, maybe it's not best to start picking fights on the first day."

Yukimura took a deep breath. "You're right Sasuke. I don't want to get in trouble."

Date Masamune rode along side his friend Katakura Kojuro. It was Masamune's first day of high school; needless to say he was not looking forward to it. He hated routine, and the idea of sitting in the same room all day bored him just thinking about it. He wish his friend could have been there by his side in class. Sadly though, Kojuro was a year older. For most of his life, Kojuro was always right there by his side.

Masamune still was laughing about the kid who he ran into before. "Can you believe that guy."? He said with a laugh, "Trying to pick a fight with me."

"I would be careful of him though, Masamune." Kojuro said.

"Huh?" Masamune said.

"That kid's got spirit. He was ready to pick a fight with you over something small like you calling him a name."

"I'm not going to let it worry me." Masamune said, pulling into the school grounds.

"Whatever you say, Masamune." Kojuro said as he chained up his bike along with Masamune's. "I hope to see you at baseball practice today." He said looking up to his friend. "I told the other members about you, and we are in need of a pitcher."

Masamune gave a grin, "No problem." He said, "It'll be one fun party."

Kojuro smiled, "Good," The two began to walk, "First things first, we need to see what class you'll be in."

Masamune only pouted at that.

Yukimura and Sasuke entered the school grounds, Yukimura immediately ran to the bored that listed the classes. He wanted to be in class with Sasuke, he just had to. Sasuke walked up behind him.

"Hmm..." Sasuke said, "Well, looks like I am in class 1-C."

"And so am I right?" Yukimura said.

He was quite as he just looked at Sasuke. Hoping he would give him good news. "Uhh...hate to tell you this..."

Yukimura smile faded, "We're...not in the same class?"

Sasuke rubbed his head, "Don't worry Sanada." He said. "We'll still see each other at Soccer club." He was right, but Yukimura still was really disappointed. He wasn't in class with his best friend. "Oh found your name here." Sasuke called out. "Looks like you'll be in 1-B." Sasuke looked over to his friend who still had a pout on his face. Sasuke stroked his chin, "How about this. For lunch we'll meet up and eat together. "Hmm?" That made Yukimura smiled a little bit, as he shrugged. "Hey cheer up, I'm sure you'll be able to meet new people in your class." The two of them walked away to their own respected classrooms.

Masamune walked up to the bored. His arms were folded as he looked over each class for his name. He smiled as he found it "1-B." He said.

Kojuro smiled, "That was the class I was in last year." He said. He gave his friend a shoulder grab. "You'll have a good year." He face fell a bit, "Promise me this one thing though?"


"Don't get in any trouble again. I...I don't want to bail you out like always."

"Kojuro, come on. I'm not the type to..." Masamune stopped his sentence as he looked over at Kojuro's face. He had a stern look on it. Masamune sighed. "Fine fine, I'll be a good little boy. "

"Good, you better keep your promise."

Yukimura walked into the classroom. It was filled with a lot of students that he had never met. He swallowed hard and went to sit down in a seat. He looked around at all the other students. They all seemed to be really friendly and know each other. He took a deep breath, and sat up straight. The bell rang, as everyone took their seats. There was only one empty seat in the class and it was right next to Yukimura.

"Alright everyone." The teacher said. "Welcome to class..."

The door flung open. Yukimura looked up to the door, his eyes widened and then narrowed at the site of the student coming in.

"Whoops." The student said as he walked in. "Sorry didn't realize I was running late there."

The teacher sighed. "Being the first day, I'll let it slide. But be aware, next time you are late, you'll be punished."

The student walked to the empty seat, and sat down. He looked to the boy sitting next to him.

"You!" Yukimura hissed.

Masamune gave a small laugh, "Hey again, Red."