I didn't really want to start another story until I finished Perfectly Imperfect (which is drafted but needs tweaking to bring it all together they way I see it in my head) but I had this idea, after watching Stand Alone By Me, on a long car ride this weekend and boom I wrote a chapter. This is going to be the last new story for a while (I don't want to confuse the storylines), but I couldn't get the idea out of my head. I hope you guys like it. It's a different writing style for me, less dialogue more narrative. You guys know I love my dialogue, lol but I needed to try something new. Please review if you want to see more. xoxo CBD

It had been nearly a year since that horrible day when Eddie and Rory kissed on the porch and Janet had drunken sex with Rooster. A year since Eddie verbally tore her apart in his hospital room, his words cutting her to the core, causing her to flee in tears. In all that time Janet had made one single attempt to explain her side of what happened. It was few day after Eddie got out of the hospital, he was there for just over a week, the longest one of his life, waiting for Janet to walk into his room, wishing she would come, but she never did. For the first few days he thought every footstep was hers, until finally he gave up hope. He wanted to call her, Owen had offered to bring her, make her come. But he just said no, that she would have to come back on her own, and warned Owen to keep out of it.

She couldn't take the separation from him, she needed to see him, make sure he was ok. The last time she time she had seen him, she was so badly beaten that she couldn't muster an image of him in her head without the bruises. She felt an overwhelming sense of guilt not only for Rooster but that fact that Matt and Eddie's first fight in the shop was about her even though Eddie wouldn't tell her what he said. Knowing that Eddie's beat down was Matt's form of ultimate payback. The only solace was Steve's assurance that he would be spending time in jail.

Janet had it all planned out in her head, what she was going to say and how she was going to say it, but it went horribly wrong and drove an even larger wedge between them. Eddie was heartbroken though he didn't dare admit it, not even to himself. He told his friends that had broken up and made it look like it was his kiss with Rory that was the instigating cause. He was too embarrassed to admit the real reason, Rooster. He could not imagine a world where his Janet, the only woman he ever really cared for could give herself to another man. Just the thought made him angry, crazy angry. The images of Janet in bed with Rooster playing over in his head like a bad pop song you couldn't escape. Torture, abject torture. He was grateful for his physical injuries, the pain was the only distraction from his thoughts of Janet. Her smile, her laugh, how she looked sleeping next to him in the morning. Her hair, her eyes, making love to her. He was grateful for the pain killers that helped him sleep, another needed refuge.

Janet was despondent, she took a few days off from work, unable to look at Rooster and ward off his advances. She was so grateful a week later when Rooster finally quit to work at the Johnson Inn, realizing that his friendship with the woman he loved since childhood was over. Realizing what he had done. Using her despair, her sadness, her drunken state to get want he wanted. He had loved her for years, always wishing she would see him the way he saw her. He hated himself for using her weakness to his advantage and hoping he could help her by leaving Sully's.

Janet thought about seeing Eddie all day, she had mustered up every ounce of energy and bravery she had, knocking on the door at 32 Gelson. She went to plead her case, tell her side of the story fully, to purge it from her brain. Not to save the tattered mess that was their relationship, she knew that was over and could never, ever be saved. Janet wasn't sure if she could ever forgive Eddie for his lies of omission and the part he played in that day, his unwillingness to admit he too was in the wrong. The ball he got rolling, that ended up with her knee walking drunk in bed with another man. He was so flip about his kiss with Rory, so arrogant, so sure he had done thing right thing because he stopped before it went to far, but he really didn't. It had gone too far the moment he decided to keep Janet in the dark about Rory's arrival. No, she didn't think their relationship could be saved but she had a small shred of hope that their friendship, something they had spent years building could be salvaged. The town too small for two people who couldn't stand to see one another, their friends too interwoven, their lives too intertwined.

Phil let her in, not really knowing what was going on between them, all he knew was that Eddie and Janet were in love and making each other miserable. Eddie was sitting in the sofa, watching the TV, he didn't realize it was Janet at the door until he caught a whiff of her perfume, vanilla and flowers. The scent brought him back to their first date, sitting next to her in his truck outside her house. He wanted to kiss her so badly, but something made him hold back. He felt different around her, and wanted to treat her differently so he gave her a kiss on the forehead, pushing his dirtier thoughts out of his mind. Just thinking about that moment, the moonlight on Janet's face, how she knew him so well, really knew him, for a brief moment he felt happy. His eyes locked with hers in the doorway, and his heart jumped, having her so close. She looked tried, sad, contrite. His first instinct was to hold her and tell her everything was going to be ok, that they could fix this mess but his mind reminded his heart that they were over and she was to blame. He asked Phil to leave, his voice full of anger and hostility. Phil wasn't sure if he should go, Janet seemed so fragile and Eddie so hell bent on breaking her, and himself, but he made his way upstairs to his room, hoping that they would work it out.

"What Janet? WHAT?" Janet stood there paralyzed, her mind flashing back to how Eddie treated her in the hospital not sure if she was ready to take another round, instantly regretting her decision to come. Everything that she wanted to say flew out of her mind, all that was left was a hum of sadness and utter confusion.

"I… uh… Just wanted to talk about what happened." She fiddled with the hem of her shirt, unable to look him in the eye. Eddie wanted to hear what she had to say, he wanted to understand how it happened. Why it happened. But his temper took over, his ego, his broken pride.

"What do you want to tell me what positions you did it in, or maybe how many times you came?" His voice was eerily calm and steady, almost indifferent and it made Janet's stomach turn. "Or maybe you want to tell me how happy you and Rooster are together?"

"Eddie, please it was not like that. Not by a long shot and Rooster and I…"

"Enough Janet!" He didn't want to hear the rest of a sentence that started with Rooster and I. "You had some stones to show up here, I will give you that. But you and me, are over. Done. I don't need to talk to you about a damn thing. So get the hell out of my house!" Eddie stood abruptly, wincing at the pain in his ribs and stormed out of the room, passing Janet. Her perfume filled the space that surrounded her and his body reacted. He fought the overwhelming urge to grab her and take her upstairs with him. He looked at her, just for a moment. The tears in her eyes, her blue eyes. He lips pressed together, her head nodding slightly. The slump in her shoulders, he knew she had given up any hope. He could see the realization on her face and in her body. It was what he wanted to happen, until he saw it happen. Janet stood there for a few moments when she heard his bedroom door slam shut. She allowed herself a few deep breaths, wiped the tears away, before turning to leave knowing she would never return to his house on Gelson again.