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"Tony, what are you up to?" asked Steve suspiciously as Tony led him and Becky down a corridor of Stark Tower that they were not acquainted with.

"Did you know that the point of a surprise is for the person to be surprised?" retorted Tony sarcastically. "Relax, old man, you'll find out soon enough."

Steve frowned in displeasure, while Becky squealed in her excitement; unlike her boyfriend, Becky loved surprises as much as she loved Shakespeare and cheesy romance. Tony finally paused in front of the door at the end of the hallway and turned to face Steve with a stern glare.

"Wait one minute," ordered Tony, indicating the dire consequences of violating his command with the ferocity of his stare and the strictness of his voice.

Tony slipped inside, and Steve and Becky could hear rushed rustling, muffled bickering, sudden clattering, and exclamatory cursing. Finally Tony called for them to enter, and they obeyed; the lights in the room were dimmed to twilight, allowing just enough light for them to see the wide expanse of a dance floor before them. A stage was at the back of the room, with a band of obscured figures standing atop with their instruments. The poor lighting cast mysterious shadows on the figures, but Becky and Steve could still recognize them by the silhouettes of their physiques. The roll of the drumbeats and the flow of piano notes began to spread their sound across the room, intertwining with the chime of the tambourine and the rich voice of Tony commencing to sing.

Tony nodded at Steve, who got the idea and encircled Becky's waist with his inviting arms. She in turn wrapped her thin arms around his neck and beamed at him with a regard that none but a lover could provide. Oblivious to the eyes of the band members resting on them, the couple swayed to the beat of the music in a sentimental daze. Becky, who felt a sort of serenity that she had not experienced for a long time, rested her head on Steve's muscular chest in contentment. Steve knew he would have to suck up his pride and thank Tony for this later, but for now he simply relished the feeling of Becky in his arms.

"Thank you, baby," Steve whispered in Becky's ear, causing a delicious shiver to trail down her body.

The music softened to a soothingly slower tune, and soon Steve sensed the presence of two other couples joining him and Becky on the dance floor. Clint was leading a tenderly smiling Natasha by the hand, and Bruce was doing the same with a blushing Betty Ross, who had recently rejoined him in a science partnership. Tony, abandoned at the stage, continued to play on his keyboard without complaint; this was highly uncharacteristic, but Tony decided to stuff it for once and appreciate the moment. The music did not fade in Steve and Becky's hearts even when they stepped out of their romantic getaway, and it would not fade for a very long time. The sweetness of their affection could be savored by their swelling hearts in the greatest feeling known to humanity, and to the world.

I was originally going to put the lyrics to "How Sweet It Is (to be loved by you)" by James Taylor on this, since that's what I imagined Tony singing during this scene... but then the FanFiction rules say you can't put music lyrics so... -.- Life stinks. Anyway I felt that the song pertained well to the sentiment between Steve and Becky.