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~+*Order I, Kin of my Kin, Blood of my Blood*+~

Alucard quickly realized the bother with informing his fledgling that Integra was pregnant: she had a death grip when excited.

"I can't believe it! I'm so happy for you two!" Seras cried happily, as she was giving Alucard the tightest grip in human history.

"Police Girl…you don't know your own strength," Alucard let out as he could feel his spinal column begin to snap.

"Oh, ah, I'm sorry about that," she said sheepishly, releasing her sire as his joints began mending themselves.

"I don't think it's wise for you to give Integra one of those, after all," he said with a smile, now looking upon his master, "We don't want anything to happen to the child."

She was with child; it was a pleasant and shocking surprise for the Hellsing to find out, especially considering who its father was. Though Alucard was the unborn Hellsing's father, the child was conceived when Integra knew her servant as a mortal; the child was 100% human.

"I can only imagine the thoughts of the Round Table. I don't think they believed me to ever produce an heir," Integra said, holding a hand to her stomach where the child would be.

"It is much more than an heir, Master; it is so much more…" the elder vampire replied, putting his gloved hand over hers.

"I know, I just think of what a life my child will be born into. From the organization of vampire hunters, to the Council of Twelve, the Iscariots-"

"It's best not to let your mind wander on that, Sir Integra," Walter stated, "I know your son or daughter will be as strong as you. These will be troubling factors, yes, but that does not mean all is lost."

"When will you know which it is, Sir Integra?" Seras asked, the grin stuck upon her innocent face quirked upward ever so slightly.

"It's probably too early to tell just yet, but I will cherish them all the same if it is a boy or a girl," Integra said, now also adorning a smile at the thought of what the child would be.

Alucard spoke up as well, "We all will."

+*~7 months later~*+

The last meeting the Council of Twelve had was nearly 6 months ago, which was why the knights were not surprised too much when Integra stated she was pregnant.

That is, until now.

The men stared at the young Hellsing, their wide eyes focused on her round belly.

"Good evening, gentlemen. I apologize that I am underdressed for the meeting," she said; because her suits were too thin for the time being, she wore a long, white button shirt, but still wore the grey suit pants.

Finally, after a long silence, one of the knights stood, "I see the child is soon approaching."

"Indeed, Sir Henry, I would say only another month or so to go."

"Then -if I may be so bold- would it not be more prudent if your suitor were here, considering your condition?"

"About which I am curious," Sir Seward added, speaking up "You failed to mention at our last meeting who your new husband is and who the child's father is."

Integra chuckled, "Well he is certainly not my husband," as her mind drifted to the thought of the two being married, thoughts of when they WERE married. That was in another age; another time, but could it happen again? She smirked at the thought of a marriage in this particular time frame with him. No priests would dare perform their ceremony; they would be too frightened of him.

Well, we could always get the Judas Priest to do it, Master, her servant's words echoed in the back of her mind. After all, he's not scared of the big bad bat.

Yes, but where he's not fearful he's hateful. I think he would rather drown you in holy water than wed you and I into holy -or, in this case, UNholy- matrimony.

But it still tugged on her mind…

"Sir Hellsing?" asked Sir Seward.

At the sound of an interruption, Integra fell out of her personal thoughts as she sat up, once more holding the strong demeanour she held as a Hellsing.

"I apologize. If you would, please repeat your last statement, Sir Seward."

"I am merely curious of your heir's father. Who is the fellow -if you don't mind my curiosity getting the better of me?"

"Not at all," came Alucard's deep voice as it cascaded throughout the room, "It is only just for you to know, there is nothing to hide from us…"

As she saw the eyes of just about every single man in the room widen in recognition of the vampire's statement, Integra wanted to be angry of what he just said. But, it was better that he said it here and now; it would do them no good to hide the child's origins and family roots. This would only cause suspicions and dark looks toward their child, and, if she wouldn't admit who the father was, she knew Alucard would not hesitate. However, she still didn't expect the moment to be right now.

"Sir Integra! Am I correct on what I believe he just said? That he is, indeed, your child's biological father?"

"Yes," Integra sighed, "But I assure you gentlemen, my heir is nothing but human."

"I'm quite sorry, Sir Integra, but I have a VERY hard time believing that. I demand an explanation," exclaimed Sir Islands.

"If you all recall the incident which transpired approximately 10 months ago, that I was missing for an 'urgent cause?'. Well, it was not what you all perceived. A vampire, trained in the dark arts of Black Magic, managed to evade our defences and I was transported to another place… or rather, another era -one dating back four centuries."

"And you felt it unnecessary to alert us of this news upon your return? This all sounds like utter nonsense -even from you, Sir Integra! You expect us to believe this child of your is entirely human with- with HIM as its sire? I know your father wouldn't-"

"I wouldn't finish that sentence if I were you, Islands…" Alucard retorted coldly as he phased through the wall behind Integra looking very displeased. "That you would dare to disrespect my Master or my child astonishes me; after all, you're not in a position to talk." Watching a stunned look come over the men's faces, he added with a sly grin, "For if I recall correctly, the 'nonsense' you and Arthur performed in your younger years makes quite the hypocrite of you now, boy."

Watching Islands swallow his tongue angrily, the vampire added while crossing his arms, "Besides, the child will now have the bloodline of a long reigning culture, dating back to even before your Queen."

Islands had a consuming urge to stand and tell the inhuman man off, but he knew giving into the vampire's goading remarks and throwing such a tantrum would disgrace him before the others. Thus, he simply clenched his fists under the table.

As though waiting to break the icy silence, a small, gruff voice broke the silence, "Well, Sir Integra, whether Alucard is your child's father or not, you both have my best wishes," Sir Penwood said sheepishly but with a kindhearted smile.

Integra returned the smile, knowing Penwood was, likely enough, the most honest and kind member of the firm and strong Convention of Twelve. "Thank you Sir Penwood," the Iron Lady replied, "I appreciate those words more than you know."

"You always were my favourite, Penwood" Alucard smirked, giving Islands a dirty look, which the elder gentleman flashed back.

"I must insist though, Sir Integra, that you tell us how this all came about, if you please. This is now a pressing matter the Convention of Twelve should be aware of," another member added simply.

"Of course, Sir Isaac. All questions will be answered to avoid confusion."

~+*5 weeks later*+~

It was a cool October early morning when all Integra Hellsing felt was blind, agonizing pain as she lay on the operating table. Only a few short hours ago, her water broke and the child was on the way. Her vampiric servant immediately rushed her to Dr. Trevelyan in the medical wing of the manor.

Walter and Seras followed, and Alucard had not once left his lady's side, allowing her to tightly grasp his hand hard with every push she gave. Originally, she had thought it was Braxton hicks -false labor. Once her water had broken, she knew that the pain was coming on.

They rushed her to the doctor, and since the pregnancy's hard contractions were already on the way she was given no time for a sedative and forced to endure. At first, it was her lower back suffering from the contractions, but it felt much worse once she felt it all around her stomach.

"You're doing well, Sir Integra," Dr. Trevelyan assured her.

"Remember to take good, deep breaths, Sir," Walter said calmly as Integra breathed in and out, as she cried out again at the sudden pain.

"I can see the baby's crowning now," the doctor stated and told the knight to continue pushing.

All of it felt nearly too agonizing for the Hellsing to bear; for over 15 minutes she had been pushing as hard and as long as she could.

No, you're doing fine. Alucard answered in her mind, his voice and words soothing the pain.

"Okay, we're almost there; just one more hard push."

Finally she yelled out as she gave one last push. It was all over as she heard a soft, screeching cry and looked over to see the doctor wrap something in a soft bundle.

Trevelyan smiled, handing Integra the bundle.

"It's a girl, Sir Integra. Congratulations."

Integra felt as though the clock froze and time stood still as she looked upon her daughter; her baby girl.

There were small smears of blood on her, but she didn't care. Her eyes were closed and she listened to the baby's small breaths. She was truly beautiful.

"She's adorable, Sir," Seras gasped in awe of the new arrival.

Integra finally took her eyes from the enfant in her arms and beckoned her servant over.

"Alucard, come here."

He walked over, his eyes widened as she extended the blanketed child to him, "Would you like to hold your daughter?"

His daughter…

He gently grasped the enfant as he looked at her small face; it all felt like a dream, a wonderful dream.

"Stăpânului meu nou, fiica mea frumoasa," he spoke. Though most did not understand, his Romanian Integra did, and she smiled as he held their daughter with pride and joy.

Stăpânului meu nou, fiica mea frumoasa – My new master, my beautiful daughter

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