Title: If We Kiss, If We Touch, All Of This, Could Get Rough
Pairing: Kendall/Carlos
Rating: T
Word Count: 2,518 (This Part)
Summary: Kendall was a roll with the punches type guy. He took everything that was thrown at him in stride and handled problems like a champ. He was kind of badass. Falling in love with his best friend, however, scares the shit out him.
Disclaimer: I do not own BTR.
Author Notes: So this is the first part of one of the two stories I'm going to be posting in the next couple of days. Part 2 of this story is almost finished so it should be up soon. The title is song by Matt White called "Falling In Love (With My Best Friend)". Enjoy!

- X -

Fear was not something Kendall had much experience facing. Mostly because there weren't many things that scared him.

He had been fighting mythological creatures since the day Katie turned 3. He had to make sure the closet and under the bed were monster free.

He didn't have time to be scared when his dad left. Kendall was barely 8 but he was suddenly the man of the house. He had responsibility.

He wasn't scared when Carlos fell out of the tree house in Logan's backyard and broke his arm. He threw Carlos in the old, rusty, red wagon and pulled him as fast as he could to Carlos' house, where his mom understandably freaked out. (His bone was practically sticking out of his skin.)

Kendall was a roll with the punches type guy. He took everything that was thrown at him in stride and handled problems like a champ. He was kind of badass.

Asking for help was also something he didn't have much experience with. With his family and his boys by his side, Kendall is fairly confident he could take over the world if he wanted to, but he never asks them for help. He is the leader. He is the hero. He is the knight in shining armor. Asking for help was a good way to shatter that entire image.

Instead, Kendall shakes off nerves and faces adversity head on.

Falling in love with his best friend, however, scares the shit out him.

- X -

At first, Kendall chalks it up to lust. Jo has been gone a long time. A teenage boy can only hold out for so long.

He's playing Super Mario Kart with James when it starts. Carlos comes sweeping down the swirly slide. He's shirtless with helmet is firmly in place on his head.

Kendall can't help it as his eyes roam from Carlos' face, down his body and Yoshi drives right off a bridge. Carlos' dark caramel skin provides a nice contrast to the red board shorts that cling to his body in all the right places. It's clear all the dance rehearsals have paid off. There is a playful smile on Carlos' face when Kendall's eyes make their way back up.

Thoughts of pushing Carlos against the wall and shoving his tongue in his mouth fill his mind, until he realizes he's thinking about Carlos. Kissing Carlos. He then tries to push all thoughts from his mind.

"Who wants to come to the pool with me? I'm going to jump from the rafters again, only this time I'm going to do a flip in the pool."

"Yeah, no you're not," Logan calls from his place at the table, textbooks and papers scattered around him. They have the day off from the studio which means Logan has been studying since the moment he woke up.

"Uh, yes I am. It's going to be awesome."

"Carlos, that is really dangerous. If you don't calculate your timing perfectly, you could hit your head, give yourself a concussion, bleed out and die."

"Wow, way to be dramatic there, Logan." James speaks up. "I say go for it buddy. You want to jump, you jump."

"I'm not being dramatic. I'm being realistic. It's way too dangerous, especially the flip. Besides, the last time you jumped you got everyone wet and they all hated you."

Carlos rolled his eyes. "First of all, you weren't there-"

"I wasn't there because I was busy doing your homework!"

"Second of all," Carlos continued as if Logan hadn't interrupted him. "If they didn't want to get wet, they shouldn't be hanging out by the pool. Third of all, I'll just give everyone a heads up this time."

"Let him go, Logan," James said. "He'll be fine."


The sound of his name snaps him out of the staring contest he was having with Carlos' abs. "Hmm... yeah? What?" When he stutters, James snickers.

"Jump or no jump? You're the tiebreaker." Carlos is looking at him with hopeful eyes and now all Kendall can think about is giving him a hug.

Even if he wasn't the tiebreaker, there is a good chance Carlos wouldn't jump if he said no. His word is law. Kendall says no, then the answer is no. He knows that Logan is right and he probably should say no but apparently his ability to deny Carlos anything disappeared when he walked in the room shirtless.

"Compromise. You can jump but no flip. Oh, and Logan goes with you to make sure nothing bad happens."

"Deal!" Carlos races back upstairs to get a towel.

"No deal. I am not going with him. I'm studying. Why don't you go with him and make sure nothing happens?"

"Because I am not an aspiring doctor. If something happens I would have no idea what to do. James and I are in the middle of this game. We'll be down as soon as we're done. Plus, you need a break from studying. You've been at that all day."

"Don't tell me what I need."

Sometimes he hates how stubborn Logan can be. Not that he has much room to complain, he can be just as bad. "Just go with him, Logan."

Logan throws his pen down as Carlos comes back down the swirly slide. "Fine. Let's go Carlos. I'll watch you plummet to your death."

When the door clicks shut, James turns to him. "So, Carlos huh?"

Kendall stiffens. "I know, right? Always doing crazy stunts."

"That's not what I meant. You were pretty obvious with the staring."

"I don't know what you're talking about." He can feel himself starting to blush, which rarely, if ever happens. "Shut up so I can finish kicking your ass."

- X -

It gets even worse when they finally make it down to the pool. Carlos isn't in the pool but he's wet. He is standing with Logan and Guitar Dude at the edge of the pool, water slowly dripping down his chest, arms, legs. When he throws his head back and laughs at something Guitar Dude says, Kendall immediately stops walking and his heart quickens.

"Oh God."

James slams into Kendall's back from his sudden stop, "Dude, what is with you? Since when do you get a hard on every time you see Carlos?"

Good question.

"Shut up."

When did Carlos go from overactive kid to sexy man he wants to put his hands all over?

Carlos wouldn't be the first guy he's checked out but it has never been more than an I'm-better-looking-than-that-guy way. It has never, ever been an if-I-don't-touch-him-I-might-die way.

Logan and Carlos head their way, Carlos practically bouncing like Tigger. "You guys should have seen it!"

Kendall can barely concentrate on Carlos' words even though he is staring at his mouth. He is pretty sure he needs to kiss Carlos. Like now. He is lucky he is able to catch even part of what Carlos is saying. "Biggest splash... adrenaline rush... round of applause... so awesome... starving... corn dogs..." Then he's gone.

When he looks up, both Logan and James are staring at him.

"Kendall, you're drooling," Logan smirks. He and James share a laugh as they walk away.

Shit. Apparently he is obvious.

Whatever. Like they know anything.

- X -

Over the next couple of days, Kendall does his best to avoid Carlos. He dodges his touches, does his best not to look him straight in the eye and blows off his requests to hang out. He gets crap from James and Logan the entire time. Of course.

Kendall barely has time to glance at Carlos before he's yelling something about short skirts and the Jennifers and running out the door. James and Logan, however, seem to catch it.

"So, when are you going to grow a pair?" James asks.

Kendall makes a noncommittal noise. Better to not agree or deny. They could bury him either way.

"Seriously, Kendall." Logan says. "The staring is starting to get creepy. Either do something about it or back off."

Kendall scoffs. "Why don't you to back off?"

"Carlos thinks you're mad at him."

Kendall snaps his head up to look at James. "What?"

"You've been majorly avoiding him, dude. What is he supposed to think, that you're having some sort of crisis about banging him?"

Well, shit.

"I'm not having a crisis, I just... I don't know what to do. I don't know when, or why or how but I can't stop thinking about him. Whenever he's around I just want to push him against a wall or table or the fucking swirly slide and have my way with him."

"So why don't you?"

"James, we're talking about Carlos here. I can't just treat him like all the nameless girls you sleep with."

"I should probably be offended by that but I have sex way more than you so I'm just going to take that as a compliment."

"Kendall," Logan starts carefully. "You should talk to him. Maybe he'll be on board."

"Yeah, I can imagine how that conversation would go. 'Hey Carlos, don't freak out but I kind of can't stop thinking about fucking you.' He would run away from me so fast."

"Carlos is desperate. I don't think he'll have a problem messing around with you."

"Thanks man," Kendall spits out sarcastically while glaring at James, "But Carlos can't concentrate on anything that isn't corn dogs, the Jennifers and the swirly slide."

"Which is why you should lead with your swirly slide fantasy. That is a sure-fire way to get him on board."

Kendall sighs. He can't believe he's actually thinking about it.

He really wants to bang Carlos in the swirly slide.

- X -

When Carlos returns to the crib, Kendall is alone in the living room. He's been so wrapped up in his brooding, he wasn't sure when James and Logan disappeared.

"Hey man. Any luck with the Jennifers?" Kendall asked when Carlos dropped down next to him on the couch.

"No. We went shoe shopping and they made me carry all their bags. I couldn't even get a hug out of the deal."

"I'm sorry, buddy. You deserve better than that."

"I know, it's just... they're really hot."

Kendall felt a pang in his chest. Apparently Kendall is the jealous type. Who knew?

Most people would say they knew after the whole Jett trying to steal his girlfriend thing but that was more of a pride thing than a jealous thing. He wasn't jealous of Jett, he just wanted to punch him in the face.

"I miss sex."

Kendall swung his head around to stare at Carlos. "In order to miss sex, you have to have had sex."


"Who did you have sex with?" Apparently Kendall is the super jealous type.


"What? When?"

"We hooked up for like a week right before she moved to New York."

"That was over a year ago. How did I not know about this?"

"Because unlike James, I don't feel the need to brag."

"Yeah but dude you lost your virginity, that's a big deal."

"Yeah it was pretty awesome. I liked Stephanie, a lot. I miss her sometimes. And like I said, I miss sex."

So Carlos isn't a virgin. He had sex with Stephanie. Kendall was under the impression that the four of them told each other everything, guess he was wrong.

He knew he should have sided with Logan when he said he didn't like Stephanie. After the ghost at the Palm Woods thing, Logan never really opened up to her.

"I know what you mean. I haven't had sex since Jo left. It's hard going from getting laid on a consistent basis to celibacy overnight."

Carlos snickers, "It's hard..."

Kendall couldn't help but laugh. "Grow up."

"Couldn't be helped. It's not like I need a serious commitment or anything. I'm not saying I wouldn't be open to the idea of a girlfriend, but we're so busy, I'm not sure I would have time to actually date someone. I just miss the companionship I guess. Does that make me sound like a girl?"

"Little bit, yeah."

"Whatever. I know I only hooked up with Stephanie for a week but turns out, I really like sex."

"Everyone really likes sex." Talking about sex with Carlos was making Kendall really horny. "Maybe what you need is a friends with benefits type situation."

Carlos lifted his head to look at Kendall. "What?"

"Like you said, we're really busy, too busy to properly date someone. Friends with benefits is the perfect set up. Sex without any of the complications."

"Doesn't someone always end up getting hurt in those type of situations?"

"Not if you set up ground rules."

"And what kind of ground rules would these be?"

Kendall paused, thinking it over. "You know things like, both parties are free to date and/or hook up with other people, no getting jealous, no lying, that sort of thing."

"What about location? Are designated places to have sex found somewhere in the ground rules."

"They can be. For example, if it was me, I would say that the Palm Woods pool, the recording studio and the swirly slide are a must." Carlos' eyes darkened as he looked up at him. Kendall smirked down at him as he got the reaction he was hoping for. "Are you thinking about banging me in the swirly slide?"

Carlos, for his part, immediately blushed. "What? No!"

"It's okay, nothing to be embarrassed about. I'd be lying if said I haven't thought about it, too."

"You've thought about banging yourself in the swirly slide?"

"That's not what I meant and you know it."

"You've thought about banging me in the swirly slide?" Carlos sounded genuinely shocked and curious.

Kendall makes sure he looks directly into Carlos' eyes when he says, "Maybe."

Carlos doesn't respond but he doesn't look away from Kendall. Kendall pauses, letting him think it over, letting him play out the scenario in his head. He hopes Carlos' fantasies are half as good as the ones he has thought up because his are really good.

Kendall lets Carlos' eyes roam his face as he searched for the answer to the unasked question but Kendall makes no move to answer it. After a few minutes of silence, Carlos breaks, "I can't tell if you're actually offering or if you're just being a jackass."

Kendall just shrugs. "Think it over. If you're interested, come find me."

He stands up but doesn't make it two steps before Carlos grabs his hand to stop him.

Outwardly, Kendall smirks arrogantly but on the inside, his heart flips and his mind screams YES!