Title: If We Kiss, If We Touch, All Of This, Could Get Rough
Pairing: Kendall/Carlos
Rating: T
Word Count: 3,384 (This Part)
Summary: Kendall was a roll with the punches type guy. He took everything that was thrown at him in stride and handled problems like a champ. He was kind of badass. Falling in love with his best friend, however, scares the shit out him.
Disclaimer: I do not own BTR.
Author Notes: Here is the second and last chapter of this story. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO REVIEWED AND/OR FOLLOWED. You guys are the best. The title is song by Matt White called "Falling In Love (With My Best Friend)". Enjoy!


Once Carlos is on board, things get better but oh so much worse. On one hand, he's actually sleeping with Carlos. And that is just freaking awesome. On the other hand, he expects his feelings to dwindle, but instead the just get more intense. If he thought Carlos invaded his thoughts before, now that they are sleeping together, Kendall is pretty sure he's pathetic. He thinks of nothing but Carlos, Carlos, Carlos. It doesn't help that they spend practically 24 hours a day together between the studio, school, living together and of course the hooking up.

They lay down the ground rules: they are in no way exclusive, there is no lying, and of course, sex in the swirly slide.

About a month after they start their arrangement, Carlos snags a date.

Kendall loses his mind.

Shelby is a new girl at the Palm Woods and instantly takes to Carlos. She has long black hair, piercing blue eyes and always wore bright red lipstick. She was pretty. Kendall wants to punch her in the face.

He also wants to gather Carlos in his arms, lock him away in his room and never let anyone look at Carlos again. In reality, he assures Carlos that it's fine, they aren't together and Carlos is free to date anyone he wants.

Shelby agrees to go out with Carlos if he can bring a friend for her friend who is visiting from out of town. Of course, Carlos asks James to accompany him. When Kendall finds out, he immediately tracks James down and begs him to let Kendall go in his place.

"I thought you and Carlos weren't exclusive."

Kendall rolls his eyes, "We're not."

James waits for Kendall to expanded on that, but when it's clear that Kendall isn't going to do any such thing he says, "Then why do you care if he's going on a date?"

"I don't care."

"Then why do you want to go?"

"I just do. Please James, don't go. Let me go." Kendall is five seconds away from getting on his knees and begging.

"I can't do that. I already told Carlos I would go. Plus, a date with a hot chick... sorry, dude. I'm going."

"James," now Kendall is actually begging. "Please, please, please-"

"Carlos is my friend, too. If you're doing this just to screw with him-"

"I'm not."

"Give me a reason why I should let you do this."

"Because I'll kick your ass if you don't." Kendall gave James his best bitch-don't-mess-with-me face.

James doesn't look impressed. "Not likely. A real reason, Kendall. And you have ten seconds before I need to start getting ready."

The words catch in his throat. He opens his mouth to tell James the truth, but he can't make the words come out. Finally James says, "Sorry, Kendall. Now if you'll excuse me..." James points to the door, clearly telling Kendall it was time to leave.

"Okay, okay... Just." Kendall closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He opens at eyes to see James looking at him expectantly. "I don't want Carlos to go out with other girls, people, anyone. Just me. I've been thinking of murdering that girl ever since he told us about this stupid date. Thinking about him with other people drives me to murderous thoughts, dude."

Kendall cringed at how uncharacteristically dramatic he was being. Now James looked amused. "James, please. Please let me go in your place. I have to make sure this doesn't go past one date."

James stares at him for long minute. It was almost like he was trying to decide if Kendall was being sincere. "What if I make sure this doesn't go past one date for you?"


"You going on a double date with Carlos will just be awkward for everyone. Carlos will never forgive you if you screw up his date, then you can kiss the arrangement you two have goodbye. If I screw it up, he'll get over it. You get to keep Carlos, I get a hot date, everyone wins."

Kendall resists the urge to say except Carlos mostly because he believes Carlos does win. He gets Kendall.

"You would do that?"

"Of course. I'm not always self centered."

"Why? Why are you doing this?"

"Because it's clear you love him. You're both my best friends and if you make each other happy then I'm happy to help."

"What? I'm not... love is not..."

"It's cool. I won't say anything." James turns to make his way out of the room, but turns and says, "But you owe me."


Three hours later, Carlos and James come back from the date and it is clear Carlos is not talking to James.

Kendall and Logan are sitting on the couch, when Carlos storms in tries to slam the door in James' face before giving up and dropping straight down on Kendall's lap.

"How did it go?" Logan asks.

"Terrible!" Carlos shouted at the same time James says, "Awesome!"

"James highjacked my date! One girl wasn't enough for him so he stole mine. He convinced them to have a threesome and left me sitting in the restaurant for almost an hour while he banged both of them in the bathroom."

Kendall rubbed a hand up and down Carlos' back, while hiding a smirk. James really was the best friend ever. He felt bad Carlos was upset, but not enough to say anything.

"James!" Logan chastised.

"Sorry Carlos. Couldn't be helped."

"Yes, it could. You just care more about getting laid than you do about me. Starting now, I am no longer talking to you."

Carlos jumped off Kendall's lap, stormed down the hall and slammed his door shut hard enough to shake the whole apartment.

James' smirk immediately disappeared as he turned to Kendall. "You owe me so big."

"Dude, you had a threesome. I think that's payment enough."

"I did not have a threesome. When Carlos got up to go to the bathroom, I explained that there was this crazy person, desperately in love with him. Then I paid each of them $40 to follow me into the bathroom and stay there. I had to hang out in the bathroom for almost an hour, an hour, Kendall and I didn't even get to have sex. That's gross. Now Carlos hates me."

"What happened to if you mess this up, Carlos will get over it?"

"Guess I was wrong. Tell him how you feel, and soon or I will."

Kendall narrowed his eyes. "You wouldn't."

"Try me." James stood up, "I'm assuming Carlos locked me out of our room so that means I'm sleeping in your bed. You can have the couch if Carlos doesn't let you in. Tell him how you feel." With one more pointed look, James left the room.

"You got James to sabotage Carlos' date?"

Kendall looked at Logan sheepishly. "I didn't have a choice. I tried to get him to let me go in his place but he wouldn't let me."

"As he shouldn't have. James is right, you need to tell Carlos how you feel."

"I... I don't know how."

"You'll figure it out."

"What if he hates me?"

"He won't hate you." Logan stood and placed a reassuring hand on Kendall's shoulder, "Just be honest with him. Since when are you afraid to take a risk?"

Kendall has been wondering the same thing for weeks.


Kendall knocks quietly on the door. "Carlos? It's me. Let me in." No response. "Carlos?" The lock finally clicks but the door doesn't open. Kendall waits a few seconds then peers in cautiously to see Carlos sitting on his bed throwing sharpened pencils at the large poster James has hanging of the four of them from one of their photo shoots, over his bed. Kendall thinks it's creepy that he has this hanging in his room, but the one time he brought it up, James practically bit his head off. "You okay?"

"No, James is stupid." Carlos throws a pencil at the poster, missing James and hitting Kendall's face right between the eyes. Ouch.

Kendall sits next to Carlos on the bed, taking the pencils out of his hand. "I'm sorry your date was ruined. I know you were excited."

"James doesn't get it. He can get any girl whenever he wants. He just flaunts his stupid face, flicks his stupid hair and flashes a stupid smile and girls come running. I don't have that luxury. Shelby probably only said yes to a date with me because she hadn't met James yet. As soon as she did, she jumped into bed- or bathroom- with him."

"Hey, that's not true." Kendall puts his finger under Carlos' chin, turning his head so he can look in him in the eye. "She said yes because you're amazing. You sell yourself short Carlos. You're funny and charming and sexy as hell. Any girl or boy... body, anybody would be lucky to go out with you." Just because he could, Kendall leaned down to give Carlos a sweet kiss.

"Thank you," Carlos whispered. He turned his head and gave Kendall a peck on his palm. Kendall's heart races. "About that sexy as hell part... Are you going to do something about that? James got to have sex with two girls, I should get something out of this night right?"

Kendall smirks. "Oh, you'll get it alright," then kisses him hard.

- - -

The next morning at breakfast, Carlos is still not talking to James. Instead he ignores James completely and even goes so far as to ask Logan to ask James to pass the orange juice.

James glares and Kendall, mouthing, "Tell him," pointing to Carlos.

Kendall gestures back a give-me-some-time-man.

When Carlos bumps James' chair on his way out of the room, James snaps. "You're out of time. You have until the end of the day to tell him how you feel."

"What? No way. That's not fair."

"Fair or not, sun goes down, I tell Carlos everything. This silent treatment is ridiculous."

"He thinks you slept with his date!"

"Yeah, but I didn't."

"Dude, I thought you weren't going to say anything."

"Changed my mind. Save yourself the dignity and tell him yourself."

- - -

All hell breaks loose when James finds Carlos mid-Cuda-napping.

Kendall is startled from his afternoon nap by banging doors and loud voices. Thinking of what to say to Carlos was seriously stressing him, he needed to relax. Napping was clearly the best solution.

He walks out of his room to see James and Carlos doing an odd tug-of-war in front of the bathroom door while Logan grins at the scene from the barstools. "What is going on?"

"He's stealing all my Cuda, Kendall. Tell him to give it back!" James pulls hard at the can, causing Carlos to lurch forward but not let go.

"Tell him not to be the worst best friend ever!"

"Guys-" Kendall tries to butt in, but they aren't listening.

"I thought you weren't talking to me."

"I'm not. Fuck you."

"I would but you're already fucking Kendall."

Carlos and Kendall's eyes narrow at the same time. Logan laughs.

"You and you're dumb face just think you can sleep with everyone and anyone. I'm sick of it." One last tug sends James off balance, the Cuda slipping from his grasp. Carlos pops the tab open and squirts the hair product all over the front of James' shirt.

James freezes, as his face grows red with anger. Kendall is a little afraid steam is going to come out of his ears. "Alright, that's it. Carlos, I didn't sleep with your date, or mine for that matter. When you went to the bathroom I paid both of them to pretend like we were all hooking up in the bathroom."

"Why would you do that?"

"James, please-"

James completely ignores Kendall's plea and he points right at him, "Because this fool, who is going to pay me back the $80 plus the cost of dinner and the dry cleaning bill of my current outfit, couldn't handle you going out with someone else."

Kendall watches as Carlos' mouth dropped open like a cartoon character. He turned away as Carlos turned to face him. He didn't want to see the confusion in Carlos' eyes. Confusion could lead to rejection and Kendall was not prepared to deal with that.

Instead he focuses his attention on James. "You son of a bitch." He leaped, tackling James to the ground. "You really are the worst best friend ever."

He winced when James' elbow caught his jaw just before Carlos and Logan managed to pull them apart. Kendall was stronger than both of them and could have easily shrugged them off but he stopped when he felt Carlos wrap his arms around his waist from behind, rubbing soothing circles on his hips.

Logan grabbed a napkin and held it up to James' bleeding nose. "I can't believe you just said that."

"Someone had to, this is getting ridiculous. I'm being punished for being the best friend ever." He threw a pointed look at Kendall as he emphasized the word "best".

Logan tugs James towards the door, "Let's get out of here before Kendall murders you."

The door of the apartment clicks shut and Kendall and Carlos stand in silence. Kendall is breathing heavily, trying to calm down. Carlos's arms are still around his waist. It's a good five minutes before either spoke.

"Is what he said true?" Carlos words are whispered but it made Kendall jump all the same. Carlos stepped around to look up at Kendall's face. "Why did James say that?"

Kendall shuts his eyes tightly. "Because he's an asshole."

"Tell me, Kendall."

Kendall takes a deep breath and opens his eyes. "It bothers me that you went out with that girl. I was jealous. I tried to get James to let me go in his place but he wouldn't let me. Instead he offered to sabotage it for me. I know it was an immature thing to do but I didn't have a choice."

"I thought that was what you wanted. You made such a big deal out of the fact that we aren't together. "

"I know. It's my fault, all of it. I think I said that stuff more to convince myself than you. At first, I chalked this whole thing up to being horny. Every time I saw you I just wanted to push you up against a wall and bang you. Then once I had, it wasn't enough. You're all I think about anymore, Carlos. I realize that makes me a total girl but I'm over caring. You kind of snuck up on me and took over my world."

Kendall watches as different emotions flit across Carlos's face, trying process his words. "I don't know how I snuck up on you, you've known me your whole life."

Kendall tries to laugh but it comes out more as a huff.

"What do you want from me?"

Kendall has never been more afraid to answer a question in his life. "I... I want to be the only person you go on dates with."

"That's how you're going to ask me out? I want to be the only person you go on dates with?"

Kendall blinks. It takes him a few seconds to realize that Carlos is saying yes. There will be no dating other girls or boys. Just Kendall. And Carlos is perfectly okay with that.

Kendall smiles, "Carlos, will you go on a date with me?"

Carlos looks like he's debating for a second before asking, "Where are we going?"


"Funburger? No."

"What do you mean no?

"We are not going to Funburger on our first date."

"Where do you want to go?"

"Some place fun."

"Funburger is fun." Kendall resists the urge to say duh.

Carlos ignores him, "Some place we haven't been before. You asked me out, you get to plan the date."

"We can still have sex, right?"

"I don't put out on the first date, dude." Carlos leaned up to give him a peck on the lips. "Happy planning," then turned and walked out of the apartment.

Kendall couldn't help but wonder what he got himself into but Carlos wasn't going to be dating other people, that's all that mattered. He still had to kill James for spilling his secret but he had a kick ass date to plan.


A few hours later, Logan and James returned to the apartment to see Kendall sitting on the couch, alone.

"Where's Carlos?" Logan asked, hesitantly.

"Not here." Kendall didn't look up. He decided to make them suffer.

"What happened?"

"You mean after James told Carlos my biggest secret ever?" Kendall stood up and faced his friends. "What the hell, man? How could you do that?"

"I'm sorry but I just couldn't take him being mad at me anymore. He was stealing my Cuda products, Kendall."

"So that validates telling him I was jealous? I trusted you, man. You could have ruined everything."

Logan stepped in the middle of them, trying to hold off another fight from breaking out. "Where is Carlos?"


All three turn their heads to see Carlos coming in the door. "Any luck planning our date?" He asks as he slides his arms around Kendall's waist.

"Damn it, Kendall!" James shouted. "You made it seem like Carlos was mad at you."

Kendall smirked, "That's what you get for being such a giant douche bag."

"Dude, you should be thanking me. If it weren't for me, Carlos would still be out there chasing the Jennifers and every other girl at the Palm Woods. It's not like you would have ever found the courage to tell him yourself."

Questioning, Kendall's courage was not one of James' smarter moves.

"Shut up, James. Now."

"It sounds like you don't appreciate what you have, Kendall. I can always find a hot girl to set Carlos up with, someone who appreciates Carlos for who he is."

Kendall tightens the hold he has around Carlos' shoulders. "Do that and die."

Carlos put a soothing hand on Kendall's cheek, turning his head so Kendall was looking directly at him. "I don't want to go out with one of James' hot girls. I want to go out with you."

Kendall smiled and leaned down to kiss Carlos soundly.

"Aww," Logan and James both cooed. "Look at our boys. They grow up so fast."

Kendall swung his head around to glare at Logan. "I will kill both of you."

Carlos pushes Kendall gently until his knees collide with the couch and he falls down onto it. "I can only hold him for so long, you two better get out of here."

When James and Logan bolt back out the door, Carlos climbs on Kendall's lap, straddling so his legs are on either side of Kendall's.

He knew Carlos could see the fear in his eyes. Carlos was looking at him questioningly, silently wondering why Mr. I'm-Not-Afraid-Of-Anything, looked so terrified. Kendall was afraid of the future, afraid of what could possibly go wrong, afraid of losing Carlos.

Carlos lifted his hand to run along Kendall's cheek and he couldn't help but lean into the touch.

"You believe me, right?" Carlos whispered against his lips as he leaned down to kiss Kendall. "I only want to go out with you."

Kendall only nodded and crashed their lips together, putting a hand on the back of Carlos' neck to hold him there.

Carlos moaned and Kendall smiled.

And just like that, the fear subsided.