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Prologue: Breaking the Confines

Boston, Massachusetts, Third Person Point Of View

The room was completely bare and completely monochromatic. Half way up the wall was tiled with white porciline squares and the rest of the way up was plaster the color of a stormy sea sky. There was a small metal table that sat in the center of the room and two metal chairs sat on either side. In one chair sat a man in an orange jumpsuit, his head bent, staring at his handcuffed hands, which were also attached to the table. His blond hair was cut short and messy, seeing as he had no reason to brush it after waking up in a prison cell every morning. The room was unbearably silent and he didn't understand why exactly he was brought into a visitation room; he knew no one who would want to visit him.

Just then a buzzer sounded and a heavy door opened and in stepped a man with dark hair that was slicked back with hair gel. His eyes were a dull green-blue and he wore a pristine suit with equally pristine shoes. He sat across from the prisoner, who then lifted his light blue eyes to meet the man who sat in front of him.

" Who the hell are you?" Asked the prisoner, the British accent to his voice ringing clear and true.

" Mr. Howe, I understand you don't know who I am," Replied the dark haired man as he rested his elbows on the cold metal of the table. Ian Howe gave his mystery visitor a look and raised a blond eyebrow.

" Obviously, otherwise I don't think I would have asked who the hell you were," Ian told him in a monotone, leaning back in his chair. The dark haired man smirked.

" My name is Travis Ratchet and, Mr. Howe, I think that you could help me with something; something I know you've had experience in before."

Those words sparked Ian's interest and he leaned forward a bit.

" Continue."

" Mr. Howe, how familiar are you with the Lost City of Atlantis?"

" Not much, why do you ask?" Ian inquired.

" I think I may have a brand new treasure hunting job for you, Mr. Howe."

Ian grinned.

Afterword: And there's the prologue! =D Sorry it's short, but it's just a bit of a set up for the next adventure. IAN HAS RETURNED! OMG! I kinda just… had to, I find him a rather awesome villain! And there's also a new villain, Travis Ratchet, I wonder what he's after that's in Atlantis… We'll find out! Anyway review to tell me if you're excited about the new story! Let me know what you thought of the prologue, Ian's return and the new villain! Reviews would be loved! Thanks again!