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Epilogue: Dreams Do Come True

After Beast Boy caught up with Raven, he suggested that they head to the carnival. To his surprise she offered no resistance and he even managed to convince her to go on quite a few rides. At first they had ridden in the spinning teacups, which had been fun although Raven was still quite dizzy when she had gotten up and almost fell upon standing. Luckily Beast Boy caught her in his arms and helped her up, causing her face to flush as she awkwardly thanked him.

The next ride they went on was the bumper cars. Beast Boy chivalrously helped Raven into her car, but once she was seated he mischievously bent down and whispered that he wouldn't be going easy on her. Raven simply said, "Likewise," before Beast Boy rushed to his car and the ride began. Beast Boy wasted no time in charging after Raven, hoping to strike before she had any time to react.

However, as he drew near she sped off to the side, causing Beast Boy to stop his car to see where she had gone. Raven was puttering by not too far to his left and waved beckoningly, daring him to come after her. Beast Boy floored his accelerator and sped after her, but Raven moved just as quickly and began ducking and weaving between the other cars. Beast Boy tried to pursue her, but he became preoccupied with avoided the flurry of cars that she had led him into. Beast Boy was bumped and nudged quite a bit, and by the time he reached clear ground he had lost her once more.

He took a moment to catch his breath when suddenly he heard an odd rumbling sound that seemed to be getting louder. Beast Boy turned to look behind him, but the blood drained from his face as he did so. Charging at him with a determined gleam in her eye was Raven, coming at him with such speed that he had no possible hope of escape. Raven's car smashed into Beast Boy's car with enough force to rival one of Cinderblock's punches, causing it to fly to the opposite end of the floor. Upon seeing this, the stunned ride operator cut the power, causing all the cars to slow to a halt. Beast Boy had a dazed look in his eyes and looked slightly greener than usual as Raven approached his car. She then leaned in and asked, "Should I have gone easier on you?"

Beast Boy shook his head to regain his senses, and then smiled as he said, "Now what fun would that have been?" The two then went on the roller coaster, which Raven merely yawned upon, admitting afterward that having the ability to actually fly had diminished the excitement for her. An impish smile spread across Beast Boy's face as he brought her to the next ride, the Log Flume. Raven's expression soured as she said, "These water rides always end with the passengers getting splashed." She looked down at the murky water before turning to Beast Boy and said, "Let's do something else."

"Sure Raven," Beast Boy answered coyly, "Although maybe I should call you Chicken instead." Raven raised an eyebrow and said, "Come again?" Beast Boy tucked his hands into his armpits and flapped his arms while making clucking noises mockingly. Raven rolled her eyes and asked, "Are you serious?"

"Depends, are you willing to prove me wrong?" answered Beast Boy. Raven simply stared at him, unyielding in her resolve. Beast Boy finally brought out the heavy artillery and morphed into a green-feathered rooster. He clucked, crowed, and flapped around Raven in an infuriating cacophony of noise until she finally shouted, "Alright already!" A nearby garbage bin exploded as Raven's dark energy responded to her mild anger. Beast Boy morphed back into human form with a shocked expression, while Raven rubbed her temples to calm herself and said, "Let's just go on the ride."

Remaining quiet as they got on the ride, a rather bored-looking carnie locked the two teens into the poorly painted, log shaped car, and recited the standard precaution of keeping their hands and feet in the ride at all times. The car lurched forward and began its' journey of twisting and turning on the rickety track. All of the sudden the car began to travel up an angled incline and Raven felt a knot in her stomach, as she knew what was coming up next. A smile crept upon Beast Boy's face as he asked, "Nervous?"

"Of course not," declared Raven as she continued to stare at the dirty water below them, internally dreading the idea of it coming in contact with her skin. "Don't worry," Beast Boy said reassuringly, "You'll be fine."

"I don't do worrying," Raven responded coolly, but Beast Boy couldn't help but notice as she instinctively pulled her hood over her head and wrapped her cloak around herself. His smile widened upon seeing this, although he continued to remain silent as they reached the summit of the rising track. Raven stared down at the drop that lay before them and went through every meditation technique she had learned through the years in a desperate attempt to stay calm. Raven then began to quietly chant, "Azarath Metrion Zinthos… Azarath Metrion Zinthos… Azarath Metrion Zinthos…Azaaaaaaaah!"

Raven wasn't able to complete her chant as the car plummeted over edge and went careening down the track. It took all of the sorceress's self-discipline to keep her powers under control, but she could not help but cringe as she waited for the dirty water to cover her. She continued to wait and finally opened her eyes when she felt that the car had stopped falling. She looked to her right and saw that Beast Boy was no longer occupying the seat next her. She then became aware of a slight weight upon her upper torso. She looked up and saw that standing upon her shoulders was a large, green Canadian goose whose impressive wings had protected her from being sprayed by the foul water.

The carnie looked miffed upon seeing the goose upon Raven's shoulders as he unlatched the safety bar. He said in a dry tone, "Did I forget to say no pets either?" The goose hopped off of Raven and fluttered a safe distance away before shaking itself clean and morphing back to Beast Boy. Raven exited the car and stared at him as he walked back towards her. She asked in a dry tone, "Did you plan to do that from the start?"

"Yep, I told you that you didn't need to be worry," said Beast Boy as he sheepishly rubbed the back of his head.

Suddenly Raven's eyes flashed red and split into two pairs as she shouted, "And what was the point of all that?! To make me feel foolish?!"

Beast Boy actually cowered slightly as he stuttered, "N-No, I just wanted to s-show that… you can trust me."

Raven froze, taken aback his response. Her eyes slowly returned to normal as she asked, "What do you mean by that?"

Sensing that she had calmed down, Beast Boy replied steadily, "Raven, you know that I play jokes on you. It's always been like that between us and I wouldn't want it any other way. I guess I just wanted to show you that no matter what… when I make a promise I'll always keep it."

A light pink blush rose upon Raven's face as she muttered, "You have an odd way of showing it, Beast Boy."

"Hehe, don't sweat it Rae. I know you're made out of tough stuff. It's all water off of a duck's back," said Beast Boy as he morphed back into the green goose he had been before and playfully waggled his bottom.

Raven actually chuckled at this and Beast Boy morphed back with a huge grin on his face. He continued, "Well, since we got to go on a ride I chose I figure it's now your turn, though I'd rather we didn't go on the Haunted House ride. Those things always give me the heebie-jeebies."

Raven considered selecting the ride anyway just to spite him, but then she saw another ride a couple of yards away. Beast Boy turned to see what she was looking at, but all that he saw was a simple merry-go-round.

He turned back towards her with a confused expression upon his face, to which she quietly responded, "When I lived in Azarath as a child, I often read about Earth. I mostly read about history and languages, but there was always one book that had a picture that I used to like looking at. It was a picture of a little girl riding on a merry-go-round, seated between her mother and father. It was such a strange image for me at that time, because I knew about my father's plans for me and I was kept away from my mother to hone my powers. The idea that there were families like that… families that were so different from my own. That was when I first realized that I wanted to come to Earth… so that I could protect that type of love."

Beast Boy noticed that Raven drew her cloak closer to herself, even though the afternoon air was still quite warm. She wrapped herself within its' folds just like how a child would cling to a security blanket, almost as though it could protect her from the aching within. Beast Boy gently put a hand upon her shoulder and said, "Believe or not, I've never rode on one of those things either. I used to see pictures of them in my parents' books when we lived in Africa, but we never had a chance to go one… together."

Both teens stared at the ride, before Beast Boy took Raven's hand within his own and headed towards it. He handed the ride operator two ride passes and they made their way to a wide, chair-styled seat between the forest of painted horses. The ride operator pulled on a lever and the merry-go-round lurched forward. Pipe organ music began to pour from speakers hidden by the top canopy of the ride and the teens' chair bobbed slightly up and down, though not too much as for either of their feet to leave the ground. The bulbs that lined every square inch of the ride sprung to life and began to flicker in a bevy of patterns that were both enticing and dizzying at the same time.

Raven stared onward as the ride turned and saw the sun was setting. It's rich golden hues made it look like embers of a dying fire, giving off its' last wave of heat before the frost of night snuffed it out completely. Raven felt so peaceful at that moment that she did not even notice her head shifting ever so slightly and resting itself upon the crook of Beast Boy's neck. Beast Boy however, was very aware of this and despite the bright red shade that his cheeks had suddenly adopted, he leaned over a little as well, resting his cheek lightly upon the crown of Raven's head. Together the two teens went around again and again until the sun finally fell and the stars began to dot the sky.

Eventually Beast Boy and Raven had returned to the Tower and found the rest of their friends, along with the Titans East, all having a good time in the common area. Bumblebee and Cyborg had taken their cook-off a little too far after they had finished upgrading Titans East Tower, and thus they had prepared more than enough food for both teams. Deciding to turn a negative into a positive, Cyborg rounded up the Titans East and brought them back to the Tower so that everyone could enjoy the food together. Bumblebee had even prepared a delicious salad and roasted corn for Beast Boy to enjoy.

Starfire had excitedly led Beast Boy and Raven to the couch to join the rest of the teens, where she told them all of the wonders that she experienced at the circus. Robin had a light blush upon his face as he explained that Starfire had almost released all of the circus animals because she had thought they were captives of battle. He further explained that the animals were all being treated humanely and that the ringmaster was so excited to have two superheroes present during the show that he had given them a private ride on one of the elephants after the performance.

Starfire suddenly noticed how close Raven and Beast Boy were sitting to each other and a happy gleam lit up her eyes. She then asked in as innocent a tone as she could muster, "And how was your day friends?" Beast Boy's cheeks flared up like a fire hydrant as he hemmed and hawed, uncertain of how to even begin to answer that question.

"It was a very nice day, Starfire. I had a good time. I hope I will have another day like it in the near future," said Raven nonchalantly as she rose from the couch and went to help Bumblebee set the table. Speedy looked at the surprised, but pleased expression Beast Boy's face before asking, "So are you two dating or what?"

Needless to say no one was surprised when a flurry of dark energy blew by and caused the redheaded Robin look-alike to have his hair standing completely on end. Beast Boy chuckled at Speedy's bewildered appearance and said, "Dude, I think that should answer your question."

The rest of the night went relatively smoothly, except for a small incident where Bumblebee held up a bowl filled with a lumpy white substance that had caused Cyborg to flee from the room screaming at the top of his lungs. Bumblebee asked what Cyborg had against mashed potatoes and Raven volunteered to bring her mildly traumatized friend back to the table.

Dinner was followed by a videogame tournament that surprisingly Aqualad won, though the boys griped that his victory was unfair because the girls had seemed rather distracted whenever they played against him. Mas and Menos then won a round of charades for their interpretation of "Bye Bye Birdie," which involved locking Robin in a closet so that they could each have a seat next to Starfire. Finally everyone voted on a movie and decided to watch, "The Zombie Dog That Could Shoot Hoop." Everyone had been pulled in by the catchy tagline: A story with a whole lot of heart… and a decent proportion of brains."

After the movie, Cyborg prepped some guest rooms for the Titans East and said that they could head back to their Tower early the next day. Everyone then trudged to bed after a long but happy day, and Beast Boy walked Raven to her room. Upon reaching her room, he awkwardly scratched the back of his head as he said, "Um… Goodnight, Rae."

Raven nodded and said, "Goodnight… Garfield." While Beast Boy had never been particularly fond of his given name, it sounded different when Raven said it. He almost thought he might actually enjoy being called by it… well, almost being the key word. Raven let a small smile grace her face as she gently closed the door and made her way to bed. She sighed heavily as she reflected on how her day had been with the green shape-shifter as she closed her eyes and felt herself slip into slumber.

After a few moments within the complete darkness of the room, Raven's jeweled chakra began to glow with Light energy. It was a faint glow that seemed to pulse in tandem with Raven's very heartbeat, and with each pulse the glow only seemed to get brighter. Suddenly, a small fragment of the Light energy rose, floating in the air uncertainly over Raven as she lightly dozed.

It was soon joined by other small fragments of Light energy, making it look as though Raven had a cluster of stars hovering directly above her. The bits of Light energy then began to move, first travelling together but then branching out after a certain point, each heading to its' own end of the tower. Other fragments of Light energy passed through the glass windows of the Tower and began to pick up speed, racing to the far corners of the Earth. Eventually each piece of Light energy found its' destination in front of the sleeping form of one of the many Titans that protected the world both within and outside of Jump City, including Bushido in Japan, Hot Spot in Africa, Pantha in Mexico, and Jericho in Tibet to name to a few.

Each speck floated before its' respective Titan for a moment before it phased into his or her forehead. As this happened all over the globe, within Titans Tower Raven's body began to glow. A familiar sensation swept over Raven as she felt a warm wind blow around her. She opened her eyes and immediately recognized the starry sky overhead and the cityscape from the rooftop that she had visited so often in her dreams. From her left she heard someone call, "Raven?"

Raven turned and was shocked to see Starfire, Robin, Cyborg, the Titans East, and all the Titans from around the world surrounding her. They looked confused about what they were doing in such a strange place and by the fact that they were not wearing their combat uniforms, but were wearing casual dress clothes that wouldn't have been out of place at a high school dance.

Raven looked down and to her own mortification, she was wearing her usual dream attire of her short red dress and her hair was once again long. Raven immediately shifted her hands in a vain attempt to cover herself, but then she felt a strange energy surrounding the other Titans. Things only became stranger when she raised her hand to determine what it was and all she detected was… her own energy. Each Titan momentarily glimmered with a white aura that Raven recognized as her own energy when she was in her White Raven state.

If all of the Titans had some of her own energy, did that mean that Raven herself had brought them into her dream? Even if that was true, what reason could she possibly have for doing so? Just then on the far end of the roof, the door that her Dream Boy had always entered from burst open. Everyone turned to see the silhouetted figure come into the light. Raven's eyes widened as she saw green skin, eyes, and hair accompany the black jeans, black undershirt, and purple button-up collared shirt.

Beast Boy emerged from the doorway and looked around, just as confused as the rest of the Titans. He then spotted Raven and walked directly towards her, making his way through the crowd. Raven stood frozen as a hundred thoughts flew threw her mind at once. Why was Beast Boy dressed as her Dream Boy? Was it because she had learned about his feelings for her? Had he always been her Dream Boy? Did that mean that she had always felt that way about him? Why was this all happening now?

Beast Boy finally reached Raven at the center of the roof and asked, "Rae, what's going? Why are we all here… and what's with the dress?" Raven felt the blood rush to her cheeks at the mention of her attire, but then despite herself, she actually laughed. Her eyes met Beast Boy's and suddenly the answer to all her questions became quite clear. The answer was that… it didn't matter. It didn't matter if she had loved Beast Boy before peering into his dream. All that mattered was that he was here right now and she knew how she felt. For as long as she had had this dream, she had wistfully wished for true love. Now before all her friends, she had finally been given the chance to write her own happy ending.

Without saying a word, Raven took Beast Boy's hands into her own and began to dance with him. At first Beast Boy was stunned, but upon seeing the peaceful glow within her eyes, he began to move in sync with her, letting their bodies naturally respond to each other. Music began to waft through the air, with the sweet notes of a violin being carried on the wind, drums beating in time with their heart, and piano keys tinkling in time with their footsteps.

The other Titans present stared on utterly perplexed, with those knowing Beast Boy and Raven well being flummoxed by the site before them. Starfire stared at her two dear friends and a smile spread across her, and a sense of understanding lit up her eyes. She then stepped forward and took Robin's hand within her own. At first Robin hung back, still baffled by everything around him, but then Starfire tilted her head towards Beast Boy and Raven and gave him an imploring look. Robin stared at the two and then back to Starfire. A smile spread across his lips as well as he surrendered to Starfire's loving gaze and joined her on the dance floor. Bumble Bee looked out at the pair, then up at Cyborg who seemed pleased by this new development. Coyly she asked, "That give you any ideas Sparky?"

"Hm, you've got a point, girl. You think they got a buffet at this shindig?" Bumble Bee then proceeded to sharply elbow Cyborg in the ribs with enough force that caused even the metal teen to double over.

"Umph! Uh, what I meant is… Bee would you do me the honor of joining me on the dancefloor?"

"Why Sparky, I thought you'd never ask," said Bumble Bee coyly as she grabbed the young man by his fore arm and led him onto the dance floor. Other couples such as Kid Flash and Jinx came forward as well, and even couples who only knew each cursorily decided to take a chance, such as Jericho and Kole. Soon most of the Titans present were dancing with a partner or simply moving with the music. At the center of festivities was Beast Boy and Raven, eyes locked upon one another and arms intertwined. Beast Boy then brought his arms around Raven's waist while she gently wrapped her arms around his neck. The two drew closer and finally Beast Boy felt his lips land upon her own.

That moment seemed to a last for some immeasurable moment of time between eternity and a second, but the spell was quickly broken when the pair heard a pair of hands clapping. They both turned to see Starfire clapping her hands, who was quickly joined by Robin, then Cyborg, and soon the whole crowd of heroes were applauding the young couple within their midst. Beast Boy blushed crimson and then turned back to Raven as he whispered, "Raven… is this all just a dream?"

After a moment of silence Raven said, "It doesn't really matter, Beast Boy, for sometimes… dreams do come true in the end." With that said, she brought her lips onto his own and waited for the true dream to begin once the sun rose and heralded a bright, new day for them both.


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