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Author's Note Please Read: For those of you who are angry about the character death in this story, which is a common reaction to this prologue, keep in mind that it is a fan fiction to a movie in which anything seems possible and nothing is what it seems. Just because a character dies does not mean they can't come back into the story in a very active and present way. I did place a warning in the summary so please stop yelling at me about it. There is a difference between constructive criticism and disrespectful flaming. If you don't understand that difference please refer to the examples in the AN after the prologue. I put them at the end to avoid spoiling the whole thing.

Irene looked lovingly at the small baby in her arms, 'Oh, Sarah,' she thought, 'your daughter is truly unique.' A tear rolled down her cheek as she looked at her step-daughter lying lifeless in the casket. The nineteen year old lived just long enough after giving birth to hold her child an speak a particularly strange name for the baby.

"Jarethella," Irene brushed a blonde hair from the girls face, "My beautiful grand daughter. Where on earth did you inherit these strange eyes of yours from?"

The baby stared at her in amazement. The emotion looked odd coming from her mismatched eyes. Her hair and her eyes were the only indication of who her Father was. Everything else was like her Mother. The same skin color, the same rosy cheeks, everything about Sarah's baby pictures looked just like Jarethella with the exception of her eyes and hair.

"Mommy," Toby tugged on his Mother's skirt until the woman looked at him, "I wanna go home."

She smiled sadly and held out a hand to the seven year old. He accepted it and followed his parents out to the car. He tried to comfort his niece who had begun crying as soon as she was in the car seat. Finally he settled for singing a song he'd heard his sister singing to her belly many times while she was pregnant. He couldn't understand what the words actually meant but it seemed to calm the little girl down.

Authors notes: I know this is confusing but it will all lay itself out in later chapters. What do you think of it so far. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want. I will do my best to answer them. The actual chapters will be longer than this.

Example of constructive criticism: I don't understand why you killed her off. Can you please explain to me the point of why you chose to write the story like this?

Example of disrespectful flaming: I hate this story. I can't believe you would do that. I am not reading this anymore.

As you can see constructive criticism shows an open mind and lets me know that you are willing to try to understand the reason I chose to write the story like this. I do have my reasons. I was not writing it like that to be mean. If you ask a question though you will have to log in so I can PM you back. The flaming is just rude and annoying. If you are going to react that way to a story with a warning label on it that just tells me you failed to read the warning and that if you had read the warning you would not be reading my story. Therefore your opinion does not matter. Warnings are there for a reason. Read them before you read the story they are about. Thank you and have a wonderful day.