Chapter one: Five to one, seven thought lost.

September 1st 1993.

The platform was crowded with parents well seeing their children off the screech of owls from cages, the hiss of steam escaping the bright red train engine for one group of students for one year to be precise it was years ago they had all met, years before where houses did not matter. This group of students had managed to do something that no other year or house had done but that was one closely guarded secret.

The summer had been an interesting one in the community secret whisperings, Black's escape it had been eventful. Bidding her Mother farewell a fifth year by the name of Kayleigh Cassadia Edwina Rosier, with long blonde hair a snooty attitude with the perception of looking down upon everyone beneath her after all she was a Pureblood witch from noble standing and birth stepped aboard the train nodding once to a carriage filled with other fifth years before taking her place smirking at the person she classed as her best friend, at 11am the train pulled away from the station parents waving goodbye younger siblings running alongside the train, "So what did you do with your summer?" she asked quietly as the door closed another 5th year sitting down.

"Nothing much watched Dad run around like a headless chicken the ministry is apparently in an uproar not only about Black's escape but about an old dusty piece of parchment that they found down in archives," Eike Vanderwild smirked, "We have a perfects meeting shortly as well."

"I heard whisperings," Kayleigh shrugged, "But no one seems to know what it says or what it is in regards to."

The smirk grew on Eike's face as he pulled his bag towards him pulling out a rolled up scroll, "Well I do."

Kayleigh grinned taking the offered scroll it held three lines only,

'Five lines converge on one, seven lines thought to be lost

The seven shall step into the Light

Belief they knew, they did not.'

"That's what has the community in an uproar?" Kayleigh asked lowering it looking confused, "Seriously it could mean absolutely anything and who to say it is true?"

"I do not know but Dad was saying that everyone in the ministry is taking it seriously and going through old records they are concerned considering Black's escape and then this comes to light at the same time," Eike placed the scroll back away, "Come on perfects meeting."

September 1st 1993 – 4:34pm.

As the train shuddered to a holt Kayleigh broke off midway through her sentence, "Why have we stopped we are not there yet."

Eike stood up shrugging, "Engine problems?"

"Has the Hogwarts express ever been known to breakdown," Kayleigh shook her head joining him at the door both looking out and up and down the carriages seeing most of the students doing the same before the lights flickered out, "I don't like this…"

The truth of why they had stopped was soon noticed as black hooded figures glided down the hallways, the train growing cold Eike pulled Kayleigh back as people started to scream, "Dementors," he whispered quietly as one stopped by their door the compartment growing colder as it drew a rattling breath before moving on, leaving them both cold and shaky.

"Why the hell are dementors upon the train?" Kayleigh hissed as the lights flickered back on the train pulling forward once more.

"Black would be my guess," Eike sighed falling back in his seat.

September 1st 1991 7pm.

When I was but a thought, before I was newly sown

Four friends founded this school, the searched far and wide

To bring the magical children and hide

No matter what status, they all wanted to learn

Then came the day, where I arrived I would sort those

Few, who held traits of all four, yet from there the sorting starts

Four houses, four friends, four united

So listen my students and know from this forth

Five turn to one, four convert the houses thus;

Slytherin for those you are cunning and ambitious

Ravenclaw for those who value wit beyond measure

Our loyal Hufflepuff stand proud and tall

The house of Gryffindor is for those of brave and daring

But remember my song, I only sort you as I must.

The hat bowed to each of the tables to the scattered applause given, though many had raised eyebrows including the staff, "If he had sung that our first year…"

Kayleigh laughed softly as the names were called out, "Hear the line though, 'Five turn to one, four convert thus?"

"So even the Hat is talking about it," Eike clapped as a student was placed within their own house.

"This is going to be a strange year," Kayleigh sighed.

The start of term announcements held a warning of their guests for this year the Dementors were apparently staying making many whisper harshly to their neighbour, "He cannot be serious?"

"I would say he is, if the look on our head of houses face is anything to go by."

September 2nd 1993 11:00am.

"Begin," Severus glared at the students within his classroom the fifth year OWL students of Slytherin and Ravenclaw, it had been a painful summer holiday between Black's escape a feat that had never been achieved until that year and the ministry going on about some dusty piece of parchment causing them to step in on his own classes determined to find the 'ones' by any means necessary they had even passed a piece of legislation to allow them to do so, requiring all students to partake brewing a potion which was not normally taught within school due to the backgrounds of some. He had been informed by the ever eye twinkling Dumbledore that ALL students were required to do it, creating the argument of just how in Merlins name were they going to force a group of 6th and 7th years who no longer took his class thankfully to brew this potion.

Feeling the headache coming on Severus remained behind his desk the normal glare on this face, his first class of the day had managed to blow up three cauldrons in brewing this potion causing two to need the hospital wing.

September 2nd 1993 11:47am.

"Kay," Eike hissed glancing once up to see their Professor snarling at the other side of the room, "Hide it."

Kayleigh nodded scrunching up the parchment and shoving it in her pocket her heart still beating a million miles an hour from the names that had appeared at the top, still thinking on her feet she grabbed a few left over ingredients on the desk adding them haphazardly and stirring in the wrong motions it left the potion the same colour thankfully yet there would be no reaction to her blood.

Performing the test again as her head of house approached she kept her breathing slow allowing a confused look to appear on her face as it did not work, "Rosier," Severus spoke seeing the blank parchment with two drops of blood before glancing at the potion, which he knew two minutes ago had been perfect, "See me after class."

"Yes Sir," Kayleigh nodded breathing out slowly as he walked away her eyes glancing at Eike's parchment that was only three pages long though she could have sworn before it had been four.

"I'll see you in Charms," Eike smiled stealing the scrunched up parchment from her pocket and slipping it into his bag.

"Yeah," Kayleigh nodded glancing up seeing her head of house watching her.

"Do you mind telling me," the silky voice sounded as Severus approached the desk, "Why two minutes before when you had a single ingredient to add which you added correctly and stirred correctly you ended up with a failed attempt of this potion?"

Kayleigh swallowed slowly her heart starting to race again, "Sir?"

"Be warned Miss Rosier whatever it is you are trying to hide will be of no use, the ministry shall be collecting the parchments and any failed attempts by the students will result in them taking your blood by force and standing over you while it reacts to the potion."

"Yes Sir," Kayleigh nodded, "Just when are they coming sir?"

"Friday class," Severus answered.

"Thank you Sir," Kayleigh grinned her mind working in overdrive, she had until Friday to come up with something.

September 2nd 1993 4:15pm

"Merlin Kay what are we going to do?" Eike sighed as they continued to walk around the lake after classes homework forgotten for the moment.

"I'm not sure," Kayleigh sat down on the rocks facing the castle so they could see if anyone was approaching, "And why are you so bloody worried?"

Eike smirked pulling out the parchment, "I am one of the Seven it would seem, we are screwed."

Kayleigh sighed looking out over the lake, "Snape said they are coming on Friday, if we can find the other five we might have a chance, do you think they are here?"

"I would guess so if the ministry is stepping in, though if they do not find us here then they will search further."

Kayleigh nodded, "We know the names a folklore and legend once thought but apparently real, the ministry is going to collect the results and I am damned if I am letting them know."

"So we need to find the rest before they do," Eike growled, "how do we find the other five?"

"We pass it around quietly, we need to keep up our appearances especially now given Snape suspects something," Kayleigh stood up tapping her fingers against her side, "We pass it along that should any of them notice any of the names to hide the parchment, with Snape's suspicions to begin with if more potions get botched, but if we can hide the pages then we might be safe for now."

"We only have three days," Eike sighed standing up, "Well Milady we better get to work."