Chapter 17 Welcome back to life.

St Mungo's 5:00pm.

The group moved silently throughout the halls of the hospital, sticking mainly to out of the way hallways so as not to draw attention to themselves the press had gained wind of where Sirius was being treated yet thankfully none had managed to find him within the hospital.

One guard was standing quietly by a door to a private room though they stood more to attention when the group approached, "At ease Mel," Kayleigh smiled, "Any trouble?"

"None he is ready to go though, he has kept asking me when you were all coming," Mel answered smiling.

Kayleigh laughed, "Well let's not keep him waiting any longer, you can head back we have it from here," stepping into the room the first thing Kayleigh noticed was Sirius looked better, he was still thin and pale but not the bedraggled creature he had been when they had brought him in, "Lord Black?"

"My Lady," Sirius stood bowing once.

"Come let us leave here," Kayleigh smiled holding out her hand to the man, "Given your manor is still unfit for habitation and also you yourself are still recovering we are going to retire to the Alliance manor."

With the tea tray lying between them Kayleigh nodded once to the guards in the room all of whom retired elsewhere until it was time to leave, "I am about to include you Lord Black in one of the biggest secrets there is at the moment, this is not my real identity nor is the identity of the rest of the Alliance we appear like this for we have to."

Sirius nodded slowly placing his cup down, "Why are you including me?"

"You would work it out and rather quickly," Kayleigh laughed smiling, "Until we can repair your manor you may stay here, but considering the rest of the world believes we are these versions and live here which I assume you have been told," Kayleigh waited for the nod before continuing, "It would not take you long to work it out we do not actually live here, so this is our secret Lord Black," taking the vial out of her pocket Kayleigh downing it quickly her appearance changing back to normal. "I am Kayleigh Cassadia Rosier, before you state my father was a death eater I do know this and I have been looking into his files lately. My line descends from him and my Mother between the two of them I became the one of 'five lives converge on one'. My official title is High Lady Kensiskikov, Lady Rosier – Ravenclaw – Slytherin – Hufflepuff – Gryffindor, the rest of the Alliance bar our protector are also school aged, we as the Alliance come from across the four houses of Hogwarts. The other secret to let you in on is the guards of the Alliance are the rest of my year 5th year to be precise, we formed our own alliance back in first year and have been working together ever since though none of the Professors bar two now know about this, one of them course being Professor Lupin."

"You all work together no matter of house?" Sirius asked slightly shocked.

"We do," Kayleigh nodded picking up her tea cup, "The other piece of information you should know is Severus Snape is the 7th he is our protector, we understand your differences in school but he is willing to work with you if you are willing to work with us."

"What would you like me to do?"

"Train and teach us, there is only so much we can do on our own we are playing in an adult world the youngest Alliance member is 11 so you can understand we need greater control over everything and our own reactions and actions, most of us also need to be brought up in the ways of etiquette when attending various functions which for the time being we have been putting off but if we keep doing so it will raise a great many number of questions. Your upbringing like my own would have been based upon high society as it were and though we see it that no one person is better than the other we still need to know the ways."

Sirius nodded finishing his tea, "I am guessing you are all form different walks of life?"

"We are," Kayleigh smiled, "But it is just not us the Alliance that needs the help it is also our guards."

"I would be honoured to help," Sirius smiled.

"Excellent," Kayleigh sighed in relief, "I was hoping you would as none of us really have the memory charm down pat yet and Severus warned us he would not do our dirty work for us."

Sirius laughed, "That I shall help you all work on, if the time calls for it."

"This use to be a broom cupboard," Sirius laughed as he looked around the room.

"It can be anything we want," Eike answered walking over, "Eike Vanderwild also Lord Hiviskonse."

"Sirius Black," Sirius shook his hand.

"This is Natalie she is a 2nd year Gryffindor also known as lady Anglement, Samantha 4th year Hufflepuff is Lady Norvesk, Mark 3rd year Hufflepuff is Lord Ghoulshed and Michael is Lord MacNervensk 1st year Ravenclaw," Eike introduced the rest of the alliance members.

"Padfoot," Fred and George raced over grinning.

"Do I know you?' Sirius asked taking a step back from the identical grins that seemed to spell trouble.

"No but you have helped so many of our adventures over the years," they spoke alternating each word with each other.

"Moony told us you were Padfoot," Fred laughed

"We worked out James Potter was Prongs"

"Meaning Pettigrew was Wormtail"

"Gred, Forge," Kayleigh laughed entering the room, "Leave Lord Black alone and go back to wherever you are meant to be at the moment."

"Yes Ma'am," they both grinned before racing back to the other side of the room under the banner of Prank Headquarters – try our new candy!

"You will get use to Fred and George they always talk like that,' Kayleigh shook her head.

"I see you have all been busy," Sirius looked around the room spotting his godsons name, "Harry…"

"We have a division for Harry," Eike spoke, "There is a lot to do with your godson."

"How is Harry?" Sirius asked.

"Good," Kayleigh answered, "we will arrange a time for you both to meet properly."

"So where are we going to start?" Sirius asked though his eyes kept glancing to the sign.

"Wherever you think would be best and how to approach it as well, would it be easier to work with one large group or smaller subgroups?"

Sirius looked back around the assembled people in the room, while the alliance themselves were standing in front of him various 5th years were all working at tables, "Smaller subgroups,' he finally answered.