It was a nice warm July day and the teens were in the kitchen as everyone else was outside. They were all sitting around the Brief's round table in a room right out of the kitchen as they talked and played cards. Basically, just enjoying each others company.

"So does Veggie know about you two yet?" Pan looked Bra and Goten as they finished their game.

"No..." They both said from their spot beside each other on the table.

"Don't you think you should tell him?" Trunks asked the two.

"I don't want to get murdered!" Goten said.

"You won't get murdered," Pan rolled her eyes. "I know, I'll tell him."

"What Pan, no!" They said.

"Listen you two, he's going to find out one way or another. So would you rather someone tell him, or would you rather him walk in and see it?" She said before walking out side. Trunks followed behind her and behind him Marron and Uub and slowly Goten and Bra.

"Hey Veggie," Pan wrapped an arm around one of his arms and the other around her fathers since he was so close to Vegeta.

Vegeta sighed, "Haven't I told you NOT to call me that?"

"Yes," Pan told him.

"Then why do you keep calling me that? Im the prince of all Saiyans!"

"I don't care if you are the Prince of the Land of Stench, you're still Veggie!" Pan smiled brightly. Vegeta just huffed slowly as he looked at Pan dully but he didn't say anything else. Then Pan turned her attention towards Goku and smiled. "Hey Papa want to hear a secret?"

"Yeah! I like secrets!"

"Okay," she said, making sure everyone was looking at her. "Bra and Goten are now dating!"

"Ah!" ChiChi and Bulma said happily.

"What?" Vegeta said through clinched teeth. "My daughter is going out with Kakkarots brat?"

"Hey!" Goku said, not sure if he should be offended or not.

"Um yeah, incase you're forgetting- your son is going out with me. And I'm one of 'Kakkorots brats' so what's the difference?" Pan asked him.

"He looks just like Kakkarot!" Vegeta said, flustered at not knowing what else to say.

Pan shrugged, "So? Chill out Veggie, just be thankful that he's a Saiyan okay?"

"Hn," Vegeta turning his head away, but he was still mad. He looked at Goten who paled and swallowed hard, "Listen boy, you better not hurt my daughter or I'll kill you!"

"Yes sir!" Goten saluted quickly.

"Oh daddy," Bra sighed, blushing darkly.

"What if I hurt Trunks?" Pan joked as she smiled. "Would you TRY to kill me?" She asked, letting go of the men's arms and turned around to face him with her hands on her hips.

"No, I would kill him for being so weak," Vegeta crossed his arms.

"Awe thanks dad," Trunks muttered sarcastically. "I really feel the love."

"So," Pan asked Goten and Bra later that day when the younger Z-Fighters were in the Capsule Corp living room. "Was it as bad as you guys thought?"

"No, I suppose not," Bra smiled.

The next morning Goten came down stairs into the kitchen where everyone minus Pan was at. He had a huge smile on his face, which made everyone instantly know that he was up to something.

"Hey Trunks," he stood by his best friend. Trunks looked at him dully, the only reason why he was even up was because he was suppose to be going to work. Notice the suppose to, he doubted he would. He was the boss so he could call in a day or two. "Is Pan up?"

"What did you do?" Trunks asked for everyone.

"Nothing!" Goten said, playing innocent, "I'm just wondering why my dear sister isn't up yet."

"She was fixing to go take a shower a few minutes ago," Trunks told him.

Just then they heard a high pitched scream from Pan, clearly saying I'm scared. Trunks was immediately awake and in less than a second he instant transmission to her. He appeared in her bathroom to see a paler looking Pan. Her hair was a mess from sleeping and she was still in a pair of sleeping shorts and a light blue hoody of his.

"Panna?" He asked her as she ran into his arms quickly, shaking.

"B-bees," Pan pointed to the shower.

"What?" He asked her as he slowly made his way over to the shower, Pan still in his arms. He opened the curtains up a little and sure enough there were about ten bees in her shower. Trunks immediately thought of one person... Goten. Ever since he found out Pan was scared of bees he thought it was funny, and Trunks knew he was up to something earlier. "Goten did it," he told Pan.

Pan stopped shaking and her right eye started twitching. "GOTEN!"

From downstairs Goten's face paled and his breakfast fell back out of his mouth and into his plate. Everyone turned their head to look at him, as he leaned against the counter. Everyone heard loud foot steps and Pan appeared in the kitchen, Trunks right behind her. Pan's eyes were burning with anger and Goten swallowed hard before sitting his plate down. All the Z-Fighters watched wondering what was going to happen.

"You," Pan said in a strained voice as she pointed to Goten. "You put bees in my shower!" Goten screamed like a little girl before running out of the house. "I'm going to kill you!" Pan yelled after him before running out as well.

"Pan no! You can't kill your brother!" Bra said as her and Marron ran out.

Bulma sighed, "Trunks, go save Goten." She told her son, knowing that he was the only one who would be able to stop Pan.

"Why should I?" Trunks whined. "Goten deserves it, plus I like Panna when she's like this."

"You like Pan all the time," Videl told him in a matter of fact tone.

"True," Trunks nodded

Outside you could hear Goten screaming and Bra yelling, "No energy balls Pan! No!"

Bulma sent a look to her son and Trunks sighed. "Fine," he said going outside. Everyone followed him, curious as to what Goten and Pan were doing. Goten grabbed Bra and was hiding behind her.

"Goten!" Bra yelled at him.

"She won't hurt you," Goten said trying to cover himself up, which was hard to do considering how much taller he was than Bra.

Pan lifted her fist forming an energy bast as she did and aiming at Goten. Right before she could hit him Trunks wrapped an arm around her stomach from behind and brought her to his chest as he grabbed her fist with his hand. Pan knew she couldn't escape so she glared at Goten.

"Trunks! Buddy, thanks so much for helping a brother out," Goten said coming out from behind Bra a bit.

Trunks looked at him dully, "You're lucky, I'm not killing you."

"And I'm guessing you're on Pan's side," Goten said, stating the obvious.

"Duh," Pan hissed. Goten did a face to mock her, making Pan growl and try to attack him. Goten yelped and hid behind Bra again as Trunks tightened his arm around Pan.

"Goten say you're sorry," Bra crossed her arms.

"What, why?" He whined.

"Do it, so Pan will stop trying to kill you!" Bra told her boyfriend.

"Fine, I'm sorry Pan," he told his sister.

"You're not forgiven," Pan said stubbornly, looking away as Trunks still held her tightly. Now he was doing it because he wanted too.

"What?!" Goten said, his mouth wide with shock. "Stop being stubborn!"

"No," Pan told him, shaking her head. "I will forgive you... After you be my slave for a day."

"WHAT?" Goten said again. "No way!"

"Momma!" Pan looked at ChiChi, Goten followed her gaze.

ChiChi sighed, "Goten you know your sister is afraid of bees. So you should have to do whatever she tells you for a day-"

"Haha," Pan told her brother.

"But you're not," ChiChi finished. Goten stuck his tongue out at Pan who rolled her eyes. "But you will have to get all of the bees out of Pan's shower," ChiChi told her son.

Goten's shoulders slumped, "Awe do I have to?"

"Damn right you do!" Pan hissed at him, "You're the one who put them in there in the first place, now get them out!"

"Fine," Goten whined.

"Oh Goten," Pan called to him as he started walking back to the house.

"What?" He looked at her.

"Pay backs a bitch," she told him smirking. Pan knew for a fact that her brother was terrified of Snakes.

Trunks laughed once everyone started going inside. "I have taught you well."

Pan turned around and smiled at him "Yes you did. Thanks from coming to save me from the bees."

"What are Princes' for?" He asked her with a smirk before he kissed her.