Easier for you to see.

Chapter One- Find Your Way

"Doc's said you'd get your sight back after a few weeks." Shaundi said as she flopped down on to the sofa, Calder could hear the amusement in her voice. He fumbled around in his pockets for this sunglasses, he slid them on his face after poking himself in the eyes several times.

"Yeh well until my sight comes back I am not leaving this fuckin' place." Calder moaned as he sat back on the sofa, he could only imagine what the Saints would be like while he was out of action. HQ was quiet, most of the guys had moved to different places leaving their boss to recuperate in peace.

"You are gunna get real bored round here, boss." Calder frowned at Shaundi's words just as he was about to ask he heard the click of heels and a door creak open before slamming shut.

"Shaundi? Shaundi?!" He called out to her a few times before he realised his Saints had left him to fend for himself.

"Those motherfuckers. I can't believe those jack-asses left me to fuckin' sit here alone BLIND!" He got up from his seat and slowly took a tentative step forward, his shin connected with the coffee table and he let out a string of loud curses as he rubbed the spot where the wood had hit bone.

Too angry to think rationally he hoofed the coffee table across the room, it made a satisfying crashing noise from somewhere across from him, he smiled and took a step forward and promptly tripped over the box Pierce kept chess set in.

Someone chuckled darkly from behind him.

"When I heard you were blind I really didn't believe it. I just had to come see for myself." The accent gave the, uninvited, guest away immediately. He couldn't find the words to explain how fucked he felt right there and then.

"Miller?" Calder spat as he slowly forced himself up; he didn't realised how unbalanced his body would be without his sight. Once on his feet he turned to the direction he thought the voice was coming from only to hear another amused laugh.

"I'm behind you." His British accent peppered with mild laughter again, Calder blushed he was helpless and his fucking Saints had left him defenceless! Well, when they found him dead they would surely be sorry. No good fucking-

He stopped his thoughts mid flow and turned slowly as not to lose his balance again. He was confused, not sure where he was now, he moved his foot slowly in front of him and felt nothing but the floor, he moved forward a step.

"I'm not armed." Matt said quietly, Calder thought this odd.

"I did after all, only come to see if you were truly blind, interesting. How does it feel to be in the dark so suddenly?" He moved and Calder instantly went on guard, his hands clenched. He may not be able to see but if he swung his arms around he would get lucky and punch the scrawny little bastard eventually.

"Urgh Jesus shut your whiny little mouth and attack me already." The gang boss snapped his fists still clenched awaiting the first blow. He heard Matt let out an uneasy sigh before he spoke.

"I'm not going to hit you. You've seen me right? I'm not exactly built for fighting at all. I'm a cyber goth. I hack computers and play video games." The hint of bitterness revealed to Calder that he had perhaps hit a sore spot.

"Ok so now you know I'm blind you gunna run off to your master and be a good little bitch and tell him all about it?" There was a moment of silence and Calder really wished so damn hard that he could see Matt's reaction to his words, they probably stung. He, of course, meant Killbane when he said master and he was sure that Matt was not pleased with being called a bitch.

The Decker's boss huffed lightly and scowled until he realised the Saints boss couldn't see his reaction, the smile on Calder's face made his blood boil, or race, he wasn't sure.

"I'm not his little bitch." Matt finally replied a little weakly, he bit his lip and turned quickly to hide his frustration, he blushed scarlet when he realised once again that Calder was now blind, he turned back to the Saints boss.

"I'm going, I do not have to explain myself to you." His words didn't have much of an impact and only made the red head before grin and relax his fists. He lifted his hands as if to surrender.

"Sure, sure course not. Hey, before you go, can you help me find the bedroom? Might as well get some sleep." The question hung in the air for a few seconds before Matt sighed as if inconvenienced by this.

"Fine, just because I have this place bugged doesn't mean I know where your stupid bedroom is, so give me a second."

"Not what I wanted to here." The red head muttered as he felt a gloved hand grab his and begin dragging towards the stairs, at first, Matt was just going to lead him off the roof but he knew Killbane would be angered greatly if Matt was the one to finish him off.

"Ok, I think they are up these stairs." Matt muttered as he guided Calder up the stairs, Calder snorted holding back his laughter.

"I really thought you would guide me off the roof." He admitted sounding too relieved, he really did not want to consider Matt Miller a nice guy, but right now he was nicer than his Saints.

"It's no fun to kick a man when he's down. I'm sure Killbane will wait until you have your sight back. That is if it returns." The Decker's boss replied easily as they slowly took on the stairs. "I would upgrade your security systems just in case, seeing as there is not one single gang member here to protect you." Matt reminded Calder of his lack of support.

He couldn't get over how easily they had left him he was blind God dammit!

He let out a growl of frustration out and Matt let go of his hand. His loss of connection to the world, his eyes had gone and he reached out again to Matt who let out a surprised yell as they both crashed down on to the landing floor.

"Jesus fucking Christ, what the fuck Miller?" Calder got up and roughly pulled Matt up too.

"You tripped over me! It's not my fault you great oaf!" Matt hissed as he rubbed the sore spot where he landed on his elbow. He winced as he bent his arm; he was far to thin and weedy to be hitting the floor like that.

"Whatever, are we near my bed, I'm so fucking tired right now that if I don't get there soon I'll sleep right here on the floor." Calder whined as he reached out for Matt who had every intention in leaving him there.

"I have to go." The Brit stumbled over his words and almost his feet as he dashed down the stairs, Calder closed his eyes and dropped his outstretched arm to his side. All he wanted was to get to his bed, he held both arms out in front of him hoping to find a door or a wall he could use to guide him to the closest bedroom. He didn't even care if he ended up in a tiny fucking cleaning cupboard as long as it had a damned bed in it.

After what seemed like hours, but was only twenty minutes, Calder found a room and a bed. Without even trying to undress he fell asleep not caring that he may be surrounded by Decker and Luchadores in the morning.