Chapter Five- You Will Be My Omega

"You look a mess," Pierce gibed as he walked across the room towards Calder, the red head could only shake his head, he opened his eyes, as he had been dozing on the sofa, and turned his head to where the sound of his friend's voice was coming from and gasped.

He got to his feet and took a shaky step towards Pierce; he could see a blurry outline of his friend. He babbled incoherently for a second before regaining his composure and trying to calmly organise his thoughts into sentences in his brain before he spoke again.

"I can nearly fucking see you, man!" It was as eloquent as he was going to get in his excitement. Pierce whooped with the same obvious joy. It was cause for celebration, Calder stopped and sighed heavily he'd have been happy if Matt was around too. His friend noticed that sudden lack of jubilation and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey, he might come back." Pierce tried to say this comfortingly but it didn't work, the words were laced with doubt and Calder could hear them stark as a crow call. He'd blown it with Matt, he wasn't sure what 'it' was, they weren't together and nothing much happened, but Calder definitely felt like he had lost something very important.

He was a train wreck of emotions, but his sight was coming back and soon he would be facing Killbane for their last fight. This was the fight to end it all; this was for ownership of Steelport, the one thing he had strived for since they had fallen into the godforsaken place.

"You know… you still look terrible." Pierce pointed out, Calder shrugged, it wasn't like he'd had any help getting around and dressing. He probably did look terrible but he didn't care, he was riding the wave of elation and a mismatched outfit would not bring him down.

Everyday his sight slowly returned, after a week he could see clearly again. It was good to be able to walk around and not worry about walking to in to a coffee table or worry about falling down the stairs, and his sense of style returned now he could see what he was pulling out of the wardrobe.

It wasn't long before Killbane got wind that Calder's sight was back to normal, and they cornered the red head inside Friendly Fire while he was stocking up on ammo. At first Calder thought the group that entered the store behind him were just rowdy citizens until a giant hand landed on his shoulder and he was turned round roughly to face the gang of Luchadores that had followed him in.

"Killbane requests your presence at the location of the Murder brawl. If you don't show up your HQ will go boom." Calder was surprised the 'roided up ogre could actually complete a coherent sentence. Then again Killbane probably had him repeat it so it was completely committed to memory, poor guy, he probably only had enough space in the pea sized brain of his to remember one or two instructions, something he had once learned was now lost forever. The dolt.


Where had that come from? He never used the word dolt that was Matt's word. Calder growled under his breath at the sudden ache in his chest when he remembered the teen. The ogre before him mistook the growl as a threat and pulled back his arm as he was about to take a swing a blue and pink blur zipped in and grabbed the Luchadore by the arm and pulled him to the ground.

It was one of the female Deckers on rollerblades. She glanced briefly at Calder her eyes lacking emotion as all Deckers did; she looked as vacant as a zombie in a horror flick.

"Killbane said you were not to hurt the Saint." With that she zipped off in a neon blur, the store was silent save for the quick breathing of the terrified cashier hiding behind the counter. The Luchadores obviously took this into account as they sent threatening glares his way before lumbering out of the store leaving Calder with a hyperventilating cashier.

"Big thugs with brains the size of peanuts." Calder muttered as he helped the old man up from the floor behind the counter, he gave the man a quick smile before slapping a few notes down on the counter and leaving with his ammo.

It felt good walking around with a gun in his hand again. It was just a regular pistol but it still felt damn good. He was out and breaking the law with no regard for others safety. He was in the mood for murder and facing Killbane would be just the thing to start a murderous rampage, one that would no doubt get out of control and a blood bath would creep across the city, when he was finished it would look like Hell had crawled up and taken it's new home in Steelport.

With a dark chuckle he headed to the Saints HQ, which was once again bustling with activity now the boss was back on top, to get ready for his meeting with the masked wrestler. Shaundi greeted him at the door with a smile there was a bitterness inside her, and Calder knew it was because he was back, she had been top dog while he was away and now she was slung back down to the lower ranks and she obviously didn't like that, not one bit.

"Good to see you wearing that sadistic smile of yours again, boss." She said as she snapped her gum, Calder didn't reply, silence stretched out before them before she turned and clicked away on her killer heels, pony tail swinging as she stalked across the room towards a group of girls who had obviously taken to answering her beck and call.

Pierce was sat across the room with Oleg playing chess, Calder rolled his eyes and dropped a gun onto the board sending the little pieces flying off in different directions and completely ruining the game, Pierce looked up ready to unleash Hell on the poor sucker that interrupted the game, that was until he realised it was his red headed boss. Instead he growled and looked to Oleg who simply chuckled at the man's misfortune before kneeling down to pick up the small pieces that had landed around him.

"Do you know how many times my damn game has been interrupted, I nearly had him, do you even care?" Pierce whined as he got up from his seat, Calder didn't speak a word as he watched his friend pick up the gun off the chess board and shove it in the holster on his belt.

They headed for the lift; Calder didn't speak until they reached the garage. He turned to Pierce and smiled as he lit up a cigarette, he offered his friend one he gladly took it.

"Killbane has requested my presence at the murder brawl arena. I know it'll be empty; well it will be full of Luchadores but no one of great importance. Thing is I'm going alone-"

"What, no way. Are you fuckin' crazy, don't answer that, we all know you are bat shit insane." Pierce paced for a second before looking to Calder and shaking his head.

"You know we won't let you go alone."

"Yeah, maybe I shoulda have just left without telling you guys." Calder muttered as an after thought to himself, he received a hard punch in the arm for that, he laughed and brushed it off.

"Come on, I'll be fine. I've survived a fucking plane crash or two. I can survive some crazy old wrestler on a power trip." The red head smirked as he said this, he was smug, and after all he had come out of things that would have killed others. Pierce wasn't convinced in the slightest.

"This is a suicide mission, man. That guy can crush your skull with his fucking bare hands. That not a little scary?" Calder shook his head, his smile pasted across his face like he truly didn't have a care in the world.

"Wait, you aren't going just to see if Matt is ok, are you?" The question surprised Calder and the Saints boss found himself at a loss for words, he wasn't doing this to find the teen, was he? He hadn't thought of Matt since he bought ammo down at Friendly Fire earlier that day. His whole reason for going was that if he didn't the Saints HQ would go out with an almighty bang, it had nothing to do with the skinny, pasty, whiney cyber goth that had practically lived with him when he was blind.

"No, don't be so fucking stupid. I'm doin' this to save the HQ that is all." Calder spoke uncertainly, his hands now shoved in his jeans pockets he was so angry with himself; he had set himself up for a fucking fall. He'd planned to go into the viper's nest alone and it was all because he worried about the fucking Deckers boss too fucking much. He was going crazy over that guy and it was not fucking funny.

Pierce took the uneasy stance his boss held as a sign he had just lied his ass off. With a one last look at Calder he headed upstairs to get Shaundi and the gang, if there was one thing he was sure of, it was that he was not letting Calder do this alone. If he really cared for the kid he should at least live long enough for him to be able to tell him how he felt. Even if it meant nothing happened between them after it all.

Not twenty minutes later thirty of the Saints, including Calder, Pierce and Shaundi, stood outside the murder brawl arena, some with shotguns slung over their shoulders casually, as if they were carrying fishing poles, while others stood tossing grenades back and forth between their hands waiting impatiently for the signal to start this all out war.

Thirty wasn't enough for a street war but it was definitely enough to thin out Killbane's lackeys long enough to get a foothold on the way to the top, the big time. He felt a hand on his shoulder, looking round it was Oleg.

"You are not really here to fight, I know this, but still we will make a clear path for you. There are more important things than blood and death in your life now."

"Uh, what?" Calder's elegant reply earned a chuckle from the Russian.

"You're not here to fight, I think most of us know that. I do not know why you constantly ignore the fact that you are in love." Calder felt his cheeks heat up, as he blushed scarlet at Oleg's words.

"Spout your rubbish somewhere else." Calder stuttered before turning to face the door that swung open. Killbane stepped out with Matt close behind. He looked fine, he looked safe, Calder felt at ease and suddenly all he wanted to do was go home.

The fight in him had dissipated as soon as he saw that Matt was fine and it hurt just a little that he was fine and doing well without him. His wall almost crumbled until Shaundi pushed him forward, he had forgotten why they were there.

"Listen Killbane, you might as well start packin' up your shit because we are gunna run you outta this town!" Pierce called out, Calder had been lost for words since Killbane stepped out of the arena. There were Luchadores everywhere, their obnoxious green cars and outfits made them look like an army of bulky green peapods. Calder held back a laugh at this ridiculous thought, he had to pull himself together he couldn't giggle like a fucking girl at such a serious moment.

Shaundi gave Calder a worried look, he wasn't himself, she nudged one of the girls next to her and whispered something in her ear, before he had a second to realise it about 12 members of the Saints pulled him in to the crowd with them and surrounded him. Clearly Shaundi thought he wasn't safe on his own.

"You tell me to run and hide with my tail between my legs like a wounded dog but there you are hiding your boss for fear you will lose him in this clash, that is not fighting behaviour. You are all scared little boys and girls, you've only gotten this far due to your boss's insanity, something none of you have picked up on until now." Shaundi clenched her fists and bared her teeth before pushing past Pierce to face Killbane who had taken a step closer to the Saints.

"Go to fuckin' hell, Eddie!" A fire ignited in his eyes upon hearing his real name and Killbane took no time in striding forward to grab the woman that had insulted him, Calder had other ideas and pushed his way through the human shield around him and pulled Shaundi to safety all the while taking the painful blow in her place.

Calder's world went black after the first hit.