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It was a Saturday in the apartment – or the day for sleeping as Winston called it. It was 9:30am. Everyone was still asleep. The past couple of weeks had been hard on everyone. Nick had announced he was moving in with Caroline causing tensions to be high in the apartment until he left. None of the other flatmates agreed with his decision – especially Jess. This lead to the previous night being spent in the desert. Nick had freaked out and driven a bit off-route, and then when they stopped, he wisely threw his keys in the desert. Not his smartest idea ever. Luckily, Jess and Cece hadn't come with them, and they were still able to come and save the day, but Jess followed Nick's lead, 'throwing' her keys into the desert – resulting in an eventful night of people breaking up, and others fighting off coyotes in ridiculous ways, like pretending to be the Road Runner in front of a coyote, not normally considered a good idea but then again, this is Jess we're talking about.

On Friday, they went back to their normal lives apart from Nick was moving in with Caroline. It was happening. Well, that's what the flatmates thought.

Jess felt disconnected from the guys right now, they were all in their rooms, alone, barely having spoken to each other the whole night. As she walked over to the window to draw her curtains, she noticed the moving truck – thinking Nick had left his toothbrush or something. Until she heard the click of his boom box and the music began, which resulted into an impromptu dance fest. Nick had gone into his room, and just as he was going to leave his room and take the cushions off the sofa as a make shift bed – Jess had opened her door. "Welcome back you clown", she said – not bothering to question him – as they both smiled, with the music blasting loud from behind him, momentarily making him forget the reason he opened the door in the first place.

After their dance party in their bedrooms, and getting Neil to leave (who, in all honesty, they had forgotten about), they all went their separate ways and went to bed, due to the fact they got barely any sleep the previous night.

And this brings us up to Saturday morning.

Jess was the first to wake up. She lay in bed for about 10 minutes after she woke up. She rolled over onto her side, and looked at her clock – 9:42am – about time she got up, she never normally got up this late. She picked up her glasses from next to the clock and put them on her face and pushed the up her nose. As she walked out of her bedroom, she saw the light was shining into the 'beige-y' living room – and she truly understood the first description she had heard of her apartment. She went into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. Her blue eyes glittered and her hair fell down, just as she liked it. She brushed her teeth and was just putting her toothbrush back and her stomach made a loud rumble noise. She grabbed her stomach, almost as if she was stopping anyone from being woken up by it. Breakfast sounded like a good idea.

She walked through the living room, illuminated by light, and walked into the kitchen. She opened the cupboard door and grabbed a bowl and found a spoon. She grabbed the milk out the fridge, and her cereal and poured herself some. She didn't fancy cooking breakfast, as there was normally someone else awake and she could make it for them and have a really nice conversation with them – them normally being Nick.

She sat down at the counter – alone. It was so quiet in the apartment, it felt unnatural, but if she woke the guys, they'd be mad. Let them get their 'beauty sleep' as Schmidt called it, she thought to herself. It was just too quiet for her liking and she couldn't grow fond to it. And who would expect her to? She worked as a teacher, teaching the kids to express themselves, so she was used to being surrounded by noise. She picked up her bowl and moved towards the sofa, and as she reached for the TV remote, she heard a door click open. She put her cereal on the table and peered slightly towards Nick's room and then looked at Schmidt's room behind her. No movement, she must be hearing things. She fell back as she went to sit down, as she realised there were no cushions on the sofa. As she landed, she could feel the springs digging into her behind, and decided she wouldn't be able to get very comfortable whilst the sofa was like this. She moved onto the floor, grabbed her bowl off the table, along with the TV remote, and continued to eat her cereal as she looked for something to watch, well, something that if the guys were to walk out, they wouldn't give her hassle for watching. She finally decided to pop in a DVD as the guys were used to seeing her watching her selective range of DVD's. As she moved towards the TV, and was sorting out putting the DVD in, whilst picking up the remote; Nick finally left his room, still wearing the same clothes as last night.

Nick walked into the bathroom, brushed his teeth, sorted out his hair (well, only a bit, he wasn't really fussed), and then walked out again. Everyone must still be asleep, there's normally more noise, he thought to himself as he walked into the living room. As he walked towards the kitchen, he glanced into the living room to see Jess on the floor, popping a DVD into the player. He took a moment to appreciate how beautiful she looked under the natural sunlight coming through the windows. He moved slowly, and spoke. "Hey there, clown", referencing what she had said to him the previous night, in the sentence he had been replaying in his head since he heard it.

She was slightly startled at the sound of his voice, but felt more relaxed now than she a few minutes earlier. She turned round and looked at him, stood there, with his hands in his jean pockets, with his shirt buttoned up wrong and his hair all scruffy.

"Morning!" she exclaimed, whilst trying not to be too loud, as she didn't want to wake the others. "Oh, did you want some breakfast? I didn't cook anything this morning as I didn't think anyone was awake. I can make you something if you want?" she asked, sounding panicked, as if it was something she had to do for him.

"No, no, no! It's fine, I'll just have some cereal, because yours looking rather appealing right now!" he said, gesturing towards Jess' bowl sat on the table. "Oh, I should get the cushions! Sitting on it like that surely isn't fun, just give me a second!" he mentioned as he darted back to his room. During the time it took him to get the pillows, she had poured him a bowl of cereal and placed it on the table next to hers. As he walked back into the living room carrying 4 cushions, one of which blocking his view, he almost bumped into the coffee table – apart from the fact there was a Jess in between him and the table. "Whoa, easy there sailor, let me take some of them off your hands." She said, laughing and taking two of the cushions off of him and placing them in their place on the sofa, whilst he did the same with the two he still had.

"Hey, do you fancy watching a DVD with me? Like old times? I made you cereal!" She squeaked, eager for him to accept her offer so she could push play.

"Hmm.. let me think.. and with the bonus of cereal poured for me? That may just push me into accepting." He said sarcastically. She gave him a look and he laughed at her. "So, what are we watching?"

"Well, I was going to watch Lilo & Stitch, but if you don't want to.. You can pick the film." Jess questioned. She sat down on the sofa, grabbing the blanket from behind her and placing it over her legs. She looked back at Nick, who was watching her.

"No, that sounds good to me. Wait, don't tell the guys that I said that." Nick said. Jess laughed. Nick moved the blanket that wasn't on her out of the way so he could sit down next to her and then once he was comfy, he placed the blanket over his legs. She picked up the remote she had placed on the table and pressed play. The movie began and the pair picked up their cereal bowls in sync and starting eating, whilst still staring at the screen.

"Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten," Jess sobs along with the film, not realising how much it applied to her situation. She considered the guys as family, and the fact they almost split up, was one of the main things that made her cry so hard, she just didn't realise. Nick leaned towards her, "Aww, come on, it's alright, don't cry!", as her put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her in for a hug.

She missed this. She missed not fighting with him. She missed just two friends sitting on the sofa. She was glad he came back even if she didn't know why. She wrapped her arms around him, pulling in for an even tighter hug.

They sat there for 20 minutes, until the film ended, with their arms around each other. As the credits began to roll, they pulled away from each other. Jess stood up, stretched and began dancing to the music playing over the credits making Nick smile. He looked down trying to hide his smile as Jess picked up the bowls from in front of him and moved into the kitchen. Nick sat still for a few minutes, pondering about what just happened. They were sat on the sofa comforting his friend, yup, 'friend', when she put her arms around him too, like she never wanted to let go. It was nothing, he convinced himself, finally moving off of the sofa into the kitchen. He leant against the counter as she stood washing the bowls. He watched her slight movements, thinking about his real motif for coming back.

Her. But he didn't need to tell anyone that.

She turned around just as she finished drying off the bowls and placing them on the side, and then dried her own hands. He was still watching her. She looked at him quizzically, "Yes?". He came out of his daydream and smiled. She continued to talk, "I need to ask you something, why did you come back? I mean, you seem so convinced that you wanted to move in with Caroline but then you came back - and you didn't even make a big deal."

He looked at her, yeah, this was one thing he didn't want to be asked. He looked at her legs, covered by her polka dot pyjama outfit and slowly worked up her body until he made eye contact with her piercing blue eyes. He glanced at his hands and then back at her, "You."

"What?" What did he mean 'you'? Was it the speech, the idea of being apart, or just.. her?

"You." There it was again.

He stared into her eyes. "You. You're the reason I came back. Saying goodbye was painful enough, I mean, we didn't even hug. That probably would have actually made me more comfortable to go, if we'd hugged because it would have been a proper goodbye. It's just- I- Your speeches, too. Especially, the one you made in front of the coyote. It just hit me in here." He put his hand on his chest.

She had moved towards the counter and her mouth was hanging opened slightly. When she realised he was looking at her again, she closed her mouth. "Thank you."

"For what?"

"The truth. And sitting through Lilo & Stitch with me, whilst I cried like a baby. That film just hits a chord." She said, giggling, looking away for a brief moment then looking back into his eyes. She moved round closer to him. "Now, let's get this truck unpack, shall we?" She chirped patting her hand on top of his and placing a kiss on his cheek and skipping over to the door.

Nick sat there for a moment more, savouring that kiss. "Sure, let's go."

He wouldn't tell the rest of the reason he stayed.. yet.

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