Midnight Shadows

Again, just a one-shot. I'm trying to get my mojo following again.

Summary: Meeting her at midnight in the Garden Houses may worry him, but he will do anything to see his love. AU

I own nothing.


Harry paced around Greenhouse Number 3 as he waited for her to show up. He'd brought his father's cloak, yes. But that didn't keep him from worrying that he might get caught.

The door opened and in with it brought the shadows of the moonlight, as well as his love.

He took off the cloak and walked over to greet her. He said, "Hey Tonks."

"Whotcher Harry." replied Tonks as she pulled him into a tight hug, as was their custom.

"How was your day?" asked Harry, accepting the hug gratefully.

"It was good. Got to see my Aunt Bella and Uncle Rod today. Those two are crazy!" declared Tonks.

"Yeah, they are. Hard to believe they're helping our side out!"

They remained in their embrace for several minutes before Harry asked, "When do you think we can finally go public?"

"After the War. From what my sources say, You-Know-Who is in it for the long-haul."

Silence plagued them for a few more minutes before Harry ended the hug and said to the Auror, "I hate having to keep this a secret, you know that right?"

"I know. But until you're 17, and this war is over, we'll have to keep meeting in the Midnight Shadows, love." replied Tonks, before pulling Harry back in and giving him a sweet, soft kiss on the lips.

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